Designated Survivor, episode seven

Hannah and the forensics team are at Nassar’s cell. Whoever hired him took him out before he could talk.

Kirkman is addressing the media about a track and field team going to compete in Moscow. He takes the time to shake hands with coach Brad Weston (Jeff Teravainen) and wish him luck before he’s pulled away. The Kirkman’s are having dinner with the MacLeish’s and chatting about how they met.

Emily and Aaron are killing time waiting for Kirkman to pick MacLeish. Aaron gets a call and rushes off to speak to the president. He pulls him out of the dinner and tells him about Nassar’s murder. He ends the dinner and calls Atwood in for a briefing.

Hannah and Atwood talk about telling Kirkman about MacLeish but when Atwood shows up for the briefing, MacLeish is there too so he can’t speak freely.

Kirkman is up before the chickens and headed to the office. Alex wakes up and they talk. He mentions that he feels like Atwood is hiding something from him. He gets to the office and Emily tells him that Weston was arrested on drug charges upon arrival in Russia. A lawyer is en route to talk about it.

Atwood and Hannah talk about how to track the lead Nassar gave them as well as what to do about talking to the president.

Emily and Aaron are in his office talking about what to do about Weston when Seth interrupts. He needs to talk to Kirkman about something personal. Aaron says he doesn’t have time but Seth says it’s not personal for him, it’s for Kirkman, about Leo’s biological father. They go to talk to Kirkman.

He explains the saga of Jeffrey Meyers and he tells Seth to hold the reporter off so he can talk to Alex and Leo. Aaron says that Alex already knows. Kirkman rushes off to talk to her and they don’t know what to do. The phone rings. He’s needed at a briefing.

Two intelligence agents approach Kirkman. They tell him that he needs to get Weston back and Kirkman is ready to agree when they explain that it is more important than that. Weston is a CIA operative, a spy. For drugs the sentence is life but for espionage, it’s death.

Hannah goes to find a friend in the CIA talk about the only lead she has. He tries to blow her off until she drops the name. Then he’s quick to tell her to steer clear. The guy is an American mercenary.

Kirkman heads in to talk to Ambassador Petrov (Vladimir Jon Cubrt). They speak vaguely at first but drop the pretenses soon enough. Russia wants all the American nukes out of Turkey. Kirkman isn’t willing to let it happen. Weston will face trial.

Seth is holding media briefing. The press wants to know about Nassar and Weston and he dodges that artfully. Afterward he talks to the reporter about holding the Leo story. She gives him 24 hours.

Hannah talks to Atwood about Catalan. He’s American but the conversation doesn’t get far because MacLeish shows up. They talk about the vetting process and making sure the right person is in office. He leaves 10 years off paperwork for Atwood. Hannah comes back in and they both agree that this means he’s hiding something.

Weston goes on Russian television and confesses to the drug charges. Kirkman has to fix this but he doesn’t know how. Emily suggests a three way trade. He likes the idea.

Alex goess to visit Meyers (Erik Palladino) in prison. He wants to be released with time served as payment to keep his mouth shut.

Emily finds a third trade partner. The Saudis. They have to act fast though.

Hannah and Atwood are talking about MacLeish when his phone rings. His son never made it home from school. His wife is freaking out. He has to go.

The Saudi ambassador (Hrant Alianak) is waiting for Kirkman who pitches the release of four industrial Saudi spies by the US for the release of a Russian spy by the Saudis for the release of Weston. Both countries agree to Kirkman’s terms but nothing is done yet.

Kirkman meets with Alex to talk about Meyers. He thinks that no one will understand why he did this but he thinks Leo has the right to know who his father is. He has to go down to command.

Atwood talks to police about his missing son. He wants them to step it up and find his son.

Kirkman is watching the spy exchange but it doesn’t go as planned. Weston never made it on the plane.

Atwood calls Hannah. It doesn’t seem like a coincidence to him. MacLeish is responsible. Hannah tells him to calm down. They’ve got this. They’ll find his son.

Intelligence arrives from Moscow. Weston didn’t get on the plane because he had to go meet his handler, his Russian handler. He’s a double agent.

Hannah goes to see her contact again. People that she loves are in trouble. He tells her he’ll see what he can do.

Petrov comes to the Oval. Kirkman tells him that he knows he was played but that it’s a long chess match ahead of them.

Seth goes to talk to the reporter, Lisa. He tells her why he doesn’t think she should run the Leo story and suggests the true story of Weston instead. She’s listening.

Kirkman is heading out when he sees Aaron and Emily still hard at work. They want him to announce MacLeish but he wants to wait until after the FBI is done. On his way through the residence he stops and talks to Leo.

Hannah is alone in a parking garage. She hears something and is walking around in the garage trying to find the source of the noise. When she gets back to her car, there is an envelope with information on Catalan. She calls Atwood but he’s trying to find his son.

He tries the ball field but there’s no sign of him. A woman stops him. She has a video of his son and is basically holding him hostage. She wants Atwood to make an appointment with Kirkman and then follow her instructions, or his son dies.

I did not see that double agent twist coming. I feel bad for Kirkman because he just seems to try so hard but it doesn’t ever seem to work out for him. I hope Hannah and Atwood can stop MacLeish before its too late.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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