Chicago Fire, episode six

Sylvie is at Antonio’s door. She tells him that she’s a good girl and lists all the reasons why. She’s also the embodiment of a cliche. Coat over just her bra and panties. They don’t spend a lot of time talking once she opens the coat.

Boden is at breakfast with James and a friend. They talk about James being a firefighter and then something important happening in New York.

James goes to the station with Boden. He’s going to shadow for a shift and see if its for him. Herrmann is up for promotion and Gabby suggests Casey put in a good word for him. Casey says that Herrmann can run truck this shift and they will talk again after.

Severide comes in and calls Casey aside. The husband that became a widower last week is still being harassed by OFI. Severide seems to think Casey had something to do with it but before he can call him on it, the alarm goes off.

On scene a girl has glass in her stomach from a fall through the skylight. Herrmann radios 61 and they answer that they are on there way. Traffic is a mess and no one is paying attention to the sirens. Dawson glances away from the road for a second and hits a man.

Dawson calls in that she hit a guy and ambos get rerouted for both 81 and the 61 victim. At Med, Dawson has to undergo a sobriety test.

81 rolls with their victim and takes her to Med, saving her life. Herrmann fills out the paperwork and Casey wan’t to sit with Dawson. He can’t though. Union rep only so Mouch goes in.

The report is being filled out and Dawson is pressed for specifics. She doesn’t back down though. She snaps back. Boden asks the chief why he’s gotta be so hard on her and he says that the victim’s lawyer is already talking lawsuits and the guy is in a coma. Boden says that it sounds like the department doesn’t have Dawson’s back.

Dawson gets back to the house and she’s rattled. She quickly excuses herself and when Matt goes to follow it Severide intercepts him and brings up the widower OFI case again. They continue to butt heads.

Boden is in his office fighting with someone on the phone about having Gabby’s back. He leaves the office and Connie mentions his New York trip. He tells her to cancel it. Mouch comes in and tells him there is a lawyer taking pictures.

Gabby is trying to explain that the damage to the rig is months old but the lawyer keeps taking pictures. She tries to plead her case to the victim’s son but the lawyer tells her not to. He also presents Boden with a letter of intent to sue. $5m for the department and another $1m for Gabby personally.

She’s freaking out. Casey tries to calm her down. He doesn’t want her to make things worse for herself. Antonio calls her back and she leaves to take the call. Herrmann calls Casey into his office. He needs help with the call report forms.

Dawson ends her phone call and Sylvie approaches her. Dawson extends a hello from Antonio and Sylvie smiles. Dawson guesses, correctly, that she slept with him and asks for a distraction but when Sylvie starts describing Antonio’s touch its too much and she has to walk away.

Severide is called into Boden’s office with Casey. OFI found an accelerant at the scene but it still doesn’t prove anything. When Casey and Severide start to go at each other again, Boden has had enough. He wants a statement signed by both for OFI about what happened.

Herrmann gets a call. The chief wants to see him. Cruz has been running drills with Boden’s stepson but its clear he’s not a fan of the firefighter life. Matt and Gabby are at home with Antonio talking about the victim. He has a history of attempted suicide and wasn’t exactly close to the son that is suing the city on his behalf.

Casey and Severide return to the scene of the arson to investigate before writing there report. Casey keeps trying to make his point but Severide is adamant until Casey finally just says he’s done. He tells Severide to write the report and he’ll sign it but before he can leave Severide finds evidence proving Casey’s point.

It’s time to meet with the chief so Herrmann is trying to calm himself with some lamaze breathing exercises. Mouch is waiting with him and asks to transfer if Herrmann gets promoted so they can keep riding together. In the interview, the chief gives Herrmann some liability paperwork about the situation earlier and Herrmann goes off on him about leadership and loyalty.

Severide, Casey and the OFI agent go to see the widower. They confront him about starting the fire. He admits to it but says that his wife wasn’t supposed to be there at the time. He’s arrested.

At the house, Boden talks to Herrmann about what had happened in the chief’s office. The alarm goes off. There’s a girl wedged under a truck and Severide has to climb into where she’s trapped to free her. Everyone else is needed to hold the truck up while he does that. After struggling, they do manage to get her free.

Dawson goes to the hospital and gives the son information on victim’s suicide attempt. She wants him to get the help he needs if he pulls through.

Back at the house, Boden’s friend is on hand to yell at him for cancelling the New York trip. He calls Boden a coward and says that he can see the fear in his eyes. He hands him a letter and walks out, telling Casey and Severide to get Boden to go.

Boden goes and opens the envelope. He then walks into the common room and shows his stepson a picture of himself at ground zero and explains the work he did in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and how it affected him.

I feel like Casey is always right and Severide is always wrong. Is that the case or is it just me? Are they going to follow up on the lawsuit? Last week spilled into this one and they never really established what the son decided. Also, I like that they used the platform to share the Sept. 11 story, which was actually a true story, but it seemed kind of preachy toward the end.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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