Timeless, episode seven

Flynn is in the 1750s during the French and Indian War so the team gives chase but trouble ensues and the traveling trio becomes trapped in the past. Things are still tense between Lucy and Wyatt.

Rufus is doing what he can to fix it but the tools needed just don’t exist. He tries a protocol that is yet untested. Leave a note and hope the problems are fixed before they happen.

They venture away from the ship and end up arguing again. Wyatt feels alone and abandoned. They come across the French who are not fans so they walk in the water to avoid leaving tracks. They find a dead body that is still warm which can mean only one thing. It’s fresh and sure enough they are cornered by Native Americans in moments.

Tied up in a hut, they talk about how they could possibly escape but the prospects look dim.

Mason and the rest of the lab folk are in the suburbs somewhere digging up a yard. This is to help bring the team back. Jiya is there as well. She wishes she and Rufus were closer but he doesn’t actually talk to her.

Rufus is talking about the things he’ll miss including chocolate covered twinkies. He also would regret not telling Jiya how he feels about her. Lucy is upset because of all of the things that she didn’t get to do and Wyatt is in that same boat.

The chief enters, only its a chieftess by the name of Nonhelema (Karina Lombard) instead. Lucy tries to talk their way out of it but its no use. She orders death for Wyatt and Lucy but thinks Rufus was forced to be there and spares him. He tells her he is there friend and she lets them all go because of his honor.

The team digging finds the capsule Rufus buried. It’s blank. That means he’s gone.

Lucy tells Rufus his speech was brave while Wyatt comes up with a plan. He and Lucy will distract the French while Rufus gets the tools he needs. They get to camp and do what they can.

Back in the present the team is trying to see if there is anything on the paper they found in the capsule.

The camp doctor tries to interfere with Lucy’s “care of Wyatt’s injury” which was their cover story for being in the camp but they eventually get away and make an escape with Rufus.

Rufus is doing what he can to fix things but he needs help on the other end too which doesn’t seem likely because Jiya and Mason are out of ideas. They talk about when they first met Rufus and Jiya gets a new idea, thanks to a Star Wars reference. It’s exactly what Rufus was trying to explain in his note.

The French attack their traveling machine but Rufus is able to navigate the takeoff before it is too late. Jiya is able to handle the navigation and they make it back, though they are a bit banged up. Rufus and Jiya have a bit of awkward interaction before she kisses him.

Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus are enjoying their time back in the present, having drinks when the conversation turns to the journals. Wyatt calls them a cheap fake whereas Lucy isn’t so sure. She believes in fate and it seems likely she would do something like that. He tells her that if she doesn’t agree with that history, she can choose to make a new one.

I think Rufus is hysterical. His snarky one liners crack me up every time. I also agree with Wyatt about choosing to rewrite the history that Flynn has. I don’t understand why Lucy is so worried about it. If anything she is better equipped to not do that now. It makes no sense to me.

Timeless is on Mondays at 10 p.m.




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