Westworld, episode nine

Maeve is in the lab again. This time Lowe is going to be the one questioning her. He wants to know why she malfunctioned in the last episode. She perceived a threat to Clementine. When he looks into her profile he sees that it has been messed with and tries to alert Ford but she stops him. He doesn’t know they are the same. She freezes him and explains it. He does as she asks but seems unsettled.

William and Dolores are at a soldier camp with Logan and his men. William wants Logan to use his contacts to help get Dolores out of the park. Logan is amused by this but Dolores isn’t. She doesn’t want to leave. Logan tells William he will help him “but not in the way he wants.”

Lowe meets with Ford to discuss their code and his origins. He knows that Arnold is the one that wrote most of it so his intentions are the predominant ones. He wants Ford to access his old memories so he can find out what Arnold planned. He has Pennyfeather there to shoot Ford if things get out of hand. The journey into his mind.

He sees his son and his wife. He’s in bed with Cullen and then he’s killing her again. Lowe did hurt someone else too. Hughes was attacked by Lowe. He snaps out of it but wants to go further back.

Logan is mocking William. He tells him they aren’t really friends and that William seems to have completely forgotten his sister. He shows a picture of her. It’s the same picture from earlier in the season that was found at the Abernathy ranch. Then he cuts deep into Dolores’ stomach and shows William her wiring. She tells Logan that Arnold made the world beautiful and then fights back. She cuts him and shoots a few guards before William tells her to escape. Some of the soldiers give chase.

Hector is out in the wild when Maeve turns up and talks to him. She tells him she knows his future and recites his narrative. They hear her prediction start to play out and she saves him. She wants his help taking down hell.

Logan talks to William about Dolores not being alive to begin with. William tells him that he can’t believe he got so caught up in it and Logan cuts the rope he was using to tie William to the chair. He explains that the park sucks people in.

Flood comes to with a girl watching over him. He’s tied up and so is the man in black. They talk about Wyatt and his strange ideas. They mutinied and killed all the soldiers before Wyatt turned on him. Only that’s not how it played out. The girl asks him to try and remember it but it plays out differently this time. She then kills Flood and smashes the man in black’s head on a rock.

When the man in black comes too its daylight and he’s still bound only this time its rigged up with a noose that’s connected to a horse. The only knife is in Flood’s dead body which he has to crawl over to. He gets the knife but the horse gets spooked and takes off. He gets company. Charlotte tells him about Cullen and says that not everything is about the game. They talk about the narratives and Ford and the board, which apparently he’s on.

Stubbs finds out there is a behavior tech chip firing in the park. It belongs to Hughes. He goes out to talk a look. He tries to contact the control room but can’t get through. He then gets ambushed by some tribesmen.

Logan wakes up bruised and bloodied, surrounded by his troops. They are all dead. William is still there. He tells Logan that he’s going to find Dolores and that Logan is going to help him.

Lowe is still trying to decipher his memories with Ford. They discuss Arnold’s desire to create consciousness. Ford talks about host malfunctions and Dolores goes to confession, only when she closes the door to the confessional she is taken into the lab and it looks destroyed. Ford says the hosts were supposed to be purer than human emotion. Lowe wants to know why he was given a child’s death. It’s the basis of his whole identity.

He wants to go back under and meet Arnold. He wants to go all the way back to his very first memory. He sees his son die again but changes things. He stops the doctors and brings the son back to life. He talks to him about the pain of the loss holding him back.

Ford wakes Lowe up for the first time and gives him his first personality traits. They talk about who he is and Ford names him Bernard, because he can’t give him the same name. He is Arnold.

Dolores waits to be debriefed and in walks Lowe/Arnold. She says the maze only brought her pain. He can’t help her but tells her to remember. He asks her why he can’t help her and she tells him because he’s dead, he’s just a memory. She killed him. She’s sitting in the debriefing room alone and starts to cry.

She steps out of the confessional and into the empty church. She hears someone coming. It’s not William though. It’s the man in black.

Lowe wants to set the sentient hosts free but Ford points out that if they remember they’ll know he hindered them. Ford says that Lowe is the real problem. He asks if he can roll him back. Lowe tells Pennyfeather to shoot Ford but there’s a backdoor. She can’t kill Ford. Lowe demands to be reset but Ford changes the game. He doesn’t like the technical. He likes narratives and give instructions for Lowe to shoot himself.

This show is insane. I feel bad for Maeve and I’m glad that she and Hector are teaming up. I feel like they should track down and recruit Stubbs because he has to see that things don’t add up. I think Stubbs is a host too though. I half expect them to all be hosts except Ford. I’m most interested in that story line. I am curious about how the man in black fits in to all of this too.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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