Lucifer, episode ten

Charlotte wants to blow up Chloe’s car and kill her but Amenadiel interferes and tells her that she will turn Lucifer against her forever by killing Chloe.

Lucifer meets with Linda and she tells him that he’s lying to himself. He goes to Chloe’s house to try and explain himself but she doesn’t give him a chance. Also, her mother is there. It’s the first day of the trial of her father’s killer.

Dan is awfully happy for a Monday and Ella calls him on it. She figures out that he got laid and they decide that the mystery package on his desk is from his lady friend. It’s not. It’s the severed head of the key witness in the case of Chloe’s father’s killer. Oh and Charlotte is the counsel for the defendant.

The judge asks Charlotte if she plans to proceed. She does.

Lucifer threatens  his mother after she reveals that she was planning on killing Chloe. Charlotte says that Lucifer goes great lengths for Chloe but she doesn’t return the favor.

Ella reveals that the head had it’s tongue cut out. There was some swine DNA on it so they have to investigate a butcher.

Lucifer volunteers to act as a witness for the defense. In court he helps paint quite the picture as to the type of detective Chloe is.

Amenadiel snoops for the bomb his mother left and comes across Maze instead. He tells her he misses her and she goes with it, before blowing up a car up the block and sending a message to him and his mother.

Dan is on the stand. He answers the questions and leaves. Charlotte then recalls Lucifer and makes a point that Chloe might be a less than stand-up detective. Chloe thinks that Lucifer had divulged intel to Charlotte. She gets mad at him. Outside the courthouse Dan and Charlotte talk and she admits to going through his texts.

Amenadiel and Linda talk about Maze and Charlotte.

Lucifer wants to know who actually leaked the information to Charlotte. Dan turns up to go over leads in the chopped head case. They head out to follow one and Maze keeps prodding until eventually Dan admits that it was him that leaked it.

It is a Chinese gang they are trying to talk to. Lucifer brokers a deal. Maze and a representative of the gang fight. If Maze wins, they get the information they need. Maze wins.

Chloe talks to Dan and finds out about the lead. She tells her mother that she just wants to make her father proud and get him the justice he deserves.

Dan and Lucifer follow the lead and find the body that belonged to the head as well as the disowned Chinese killer.

Charlotte wants to make a deal with Chloe. She will get her client plead if she calls Lucifer a liar. On the stand she doesn’t do it. She calls Lucifer a great many things but not a liar. The defendant walks.

Amenadiel goes looking for Maze and finds Chloe’s mom instead. They talk about fate. As she speaks something clicks. She thinks he looks familiar and he looks worried. He leaves quickly after that.

Dan tracks down the defendant at a club and turns him over to the Russians before riding away with Maze.

Charlotte comes back to her office to find Amenadiel. Father sent him to earth 35 years earlier to create a miracle child. That child grew up to be… one Chloe Decker. He was a pawn. She recognizes this as a ticket home and Chloe is the key.

Chloe goes to Lucifer’s apartment to find him on his way out. He was going to visit her. He owes her a dinner. They talk about what she said on the stand and she tells him she means it. They lean in and the episode ends.

I’m glad that she didn’t betray Lucifer. I was happy with this episode and generally like it when Dan and Lucifer have scenes together. I’m not all that invested in this storyline with Amenadiel teaming up with his mother. I don’t want to see him betray Lucifer.

Lucifer returns Jan. 16 at 9 p.m.


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