Quantico, episode eight

Dayana, Alex, Doyle, Sebastian and Leon are hiding out in an NYPD bunker. Alex calls Shelby to find out about the phone jammer. FBI found a lead and Alex, and her team,

Ryan and Alex are in bed together. His phone rings. The AIC phone. He calls Nimah in to talk about it and Alex has to go. Ryan and Nimah talk about the other suspects.

Alex talks to Doyle about the phones and laptop she found in Owen’s house. He’ll use his MI6 contacts. She needs to get in touch with Shelby.

Lydia is headed back in the field, unless Owen wants to spend legitimate time with her. The class has to create cover stories to hold up during the holiday break. Lying to loved ones is hard.

10 months later

Alex is convinced that Shelby can help. The terrorists are on the move right outside the bunker. Doyle wants to know how they will turn the weapon off. Sebastian suggests frying it. They gather supplies to take with them to do that.

Nimah is brought in to face the lead terrorists. It’s her twin Raina. She’s joined the citizen’s liberation movement to bring down America.

The military has moved in to run point on the operation. Shelby offers Alex’s help but the general (Laila Robins) isn’t interested.

The class is presenting their cover IDs and with the exception of Dayana they all do well. They have an assignment to cut ties with the person in their life that can’t let things go. Alex asks Ryan to make plans for the long weekend. He tells her to talk to Miranda,

10 months later

Alex and Co. have heard that the weapon is on the roof so the make their wait into the building and up. The general wants to blow the building up.

Nimah fights with Raina about being too dark. Alex, Sebastian and Doyle are climbing through the vents. Dayana and Leon walk back to the bunker.

Doyle is in London for the holiday break talking to MI6 folks. Lydia comes up with a cover for Dayana and tells her to go home and use it or she’s out. It includes cutting ties with her whole family and she won’t do it.

Owen comes home to find Lydia gone but confidential information is still there.

Shelby calls Leon and appeals to his guilty. Nimah shows up to see how it went and Shelby tells her its time to wait. Alex turns up too.

They continue through the vent after making sure the terrorists have clears out of the room. The device they need to disable the weapon falls down a shaft to the basement. Sebastian and Alex keep going while Doyle goes to find a new blowtorch.

Doyle is talking to his handler about acquiring assets on the farm. She asks about Sebastian and he deflects.

Ryan is following directions from his burner phone. He kidnaps a man.

Alex gets mad at Shelby and Nimah when she finds out she’s being pulled from the program and sent back to New York. Ryan was making more progress and now Shelby is in the field too. Alex yells at Shelby but she stands her ground saying Alex wasn’t cutting it.

Doyle talks to his handler’s husband about taking down her father. Her brother was Doyle’s partner, Elliot.

Ryan is following the instructions from the phone, as is Leon.

Lydia left a trap for Owen. His crusade against the agency will never end.

Leon shows up at Shelby’s house and asks what the worst thing she’s ever done is. She answer sleep with her boyfriend’s father. He tells her he killed a man and shows her his bloody hands. She tells him she doesn’t care and then asserts that he didn’t have a choice.

Alex and Sebastian find the weapon. It is set to kill everyone in the building, not outside. When they leave they run into the others, and get cornered by the terrorists.

Alex and Ryan are in the safe house talking about what happens now. She needs answers. He needs to know he can come home to the truth. He proposes and she says yes.

Lydia is leaving. She tells Owen he got burnt because of his own mistake. Then she leaves the farm.

Miranda turns up to tell Alex that she’s being placed in the New York office but Alex says no. She plans to stay at the farm and take down the AIC herself.

Ryan turns up at an abandoned garage.

Raina tells Nimah that if she doesn’t join up she’ll die and Nimah says she’d rather die. Shelby tells the general “she’s still got time.” The terrorists separate the group. Alex is led away and into an alley. She fights back and pulls the mask off. It’s Ryan. He shoves her back and enables a sensor wall. If she crosses it the weapon goes off.

Wait, Ryan is a bad guy? I don’t buy it. He’s doing this for some noble cause. The ultimate mole or something. I want Alex, Doyle and Shelby to be the heroes. Now it’s like two months until it’s back. Damn these hiatuses.

Quantico returns Monday, Jan. 23 at 10 p.m.



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