This is Us, episode nine

Randall is upset about the letters. He’s pacing.He’s making a list of all the reasons he’s mad at his mother. He’s going to make sure she hears the whole list.

Jack and Rebecca take the kids to the grocery store. Randall asks strangers if they can roll their tongues. That’s an inherited trait and he thinks he can find his birth parents this way.

Kate and Kevin talk about Randall and their mother.Then her stomach surgery. Kevin is stressing out about all sorts of things, including that Rebecca is selling the cabin. Kate wants to go there. She talks Randall and Kevin into going too.

Randall is wiping his hands of the whole thing. He has no intention of reconciling with their mother. Kate just wants to cherish the time for the three of them to share. Only that’s not going to work out because Kevin invited Olivia, and she brought friends.

Jack and Rebecca are talking to one of Randall’s friends parents. They mention the tongue rolling thing and she figures out that Randall is telling her kids stories about his birth father in jobs that he has seen other black men hold. She thinks he needs black male role models.

At the cabin they are playing a board game. Randall isn’t interested. He actually hears something and heads outside. Kevin, Kate and the others play and it is revealed that one of Olivia’s friends is actually her ex. It doesn’t sit well with Kate but Kevin tries to play it off. Outside Randall hears the sound of a drill and turns to find Jack repairing the roof.

Randall’s hallucinating. He drank some mushrooms unintentionally. He vents to Jack about Rebecca’s betrayal.

Young Jack takes Randall to enroll him in karate classes. Later that night he talks to Rebecca about hiring a PI to try and track down Randall’s biological parents. She is very opposed to it. Rebecca goes to visit William. He’s cleaned up his act.

Kate and Olivia fight about people being fake and Kate being jealous of Kevin.

Randall is still talking to hallucination Jack. He’s always felt unwanted. He was a replacement baby for the dead triplet. He was meant to be thankful for them taking him in. He wants Rebecca to hurt as much as he does.

Rebecca and William talk about what he’s been up to and how he’s clean. Then the conversation turns to Randall. She describes him, his interests and what he’s like. He’s a sweet boy she says. William talks about meeting him and Rebecca gets scared. Cut to Rebecca telling Jack she’s scared because she doesn’t know what legal rights Randall’s biological folks would have. William turns around and Rebecca is gone.

Kevin talks to Olivia’s “friend” the playwright. She hates Olivia but has to be nice because she is the lead in her play. She just wants to go be with her sister, who is in labor.

Kate calls Toby to talk about her family situation. He starts out by lending an ear but asks if they are still broken up and when she says yes he tells her he can’t be this person for her and hangs up.

Kevin, Olivia and the ex are watching an old home video of Kevin and Kate. They are mocking though and Kevin hits his limit. He calls them out on being fake and they make a hasty exit. The playwright’s sister had the baby.

Kate and Kevin talk. She is second guessing herself about the weight loss and the breakup and everything.

Randall is in the house with his parents and siblings when they were younger. He tries to yell at Rebecca but it doesn’t work. She can’t hear him. He pops back outside and Jack talks to him about maybe seeing the bigger picture, seeing how much Rebecca did for the family and the sacrifices she made.

Randall is repairing the house and cleaning the gutters. Kate hears the racket and wakes up Kevin (and the playwright in his bed) to talk to Randall. He’s not helping his mom. He’s helping his dad.

At karate, the teacher is asking Jack to make sure he will do everything he can to help Randall. The rest of the community takes part as well.

Randall tells Rebecca he made the list. He’s still mad but he’ll see her at Christmas.

This show gets me every week. Kevin and Olivia aren’t done. Kate and Toby will totally get back together but Randall is consistently the best part of this show. I felt really bad for young William and to an extent Jack. He’s trying so hard to help Randall but it seems like he can’t win.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.



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