Saturday Night Live, episode ten

I’m not a fan of Casey Affleck. If this wasn’t the Christmas episode, I wouldn’t watch it.

Cold open: Loved it. Especially John Goodman.

Monologue: I’m glad he didn’t sing.

Dunkin Donuts: It was okay.

Demo: Fred Armisen was there and McKinnon should be in all the skits always.

Last Christmas: Highlight of the episode. Easily.

Miraculous encounters: McKinnon kills it in this every time but Cecily Strong is just amazing too. She manages not to break. That’s impressive.

First song: Sounded great. Stage wasn’t too flashy.

Update: Trump must have like voodoo dolls of Jost and Che somewhere.

New York Now: This wasn’t funny.

Love, Actually: This was spectacular.

Second song: He’s great.

Mrs. Claus: Awkward.

Bar: What did I just watch?

Yeah. He wasn’t funny. I had no use for this overall.

SNL returns Jan. 14.


Conviction, episode nine

There’s a man at a desk. He’s drinking and working on something. He gets shot in the head. Someone else is posting photos of the man’s desk on a board.

Hayes gets to the office and finds Wallace already there setting up the board for a case. The man from earlier. His killer is on death row and making last minute appeals. Oh and the deceased was a close friend of Wallace’s. His widow comes in and thanks Hayes for taking the case. Once alone she rips into Wallace for setting her up but it’s too late. They are taking the case.

The team shows up and is shocked to find Wallace helping with the case. Sam recognizes the case and the debate turns to the death penalty. Hayes is very opposed. The facts are discussed and the team heads separate directions to follow up.

The prosecutor that locked the killer up is in Wallace’s office. He thinks that they are wasting time but Wallace won’t relent. Hayes’ phone rings. It’s Frankie and Tess. They found an unopened confession letter amongst the documents the widow sent over. Hayes tells them to do a full workup and then tells the prosecutor she is heading to Indiana to stop the execution.

Wallace and Hayes meet with the prison superintendent about Earl (Richard Thomas) before going to see the man himself. They are told that he’s not like other death row inmates. He;s personable. Without the jumpsuit he would be mistaken for “one of us.”

They talk to Earl and he’s thankful that Hayes is trying to help him and he’s used to people treating him like Wallace does. Hayes wants to believe him and tries to delay the execution. Tess and Sam meet with a judge but there isn’t proof of innocence so she won’t delay.

Outside the prison Hayes runs into Bill Newton (Matthew Bennett). He thinks she’s being nuts and that there won’t be any way to save Earl. She meets with superintendent Jack (Kevin Hanchard) again to go over the formalities of the execution. She wants him to make a mistake on purpose to delay the process.

At the hotel Hayes gets a call from the office. They have DNA from the letter of an ex-con. Only problem is he died two years ago from cancer. They look into his history and find that he served alongside Earl for white collar crimes some years earlier. Wallace thinks this makes Earl look all the more guilty.

Hayes barges into Wallace’s room, again, and the conversation turns to Naomi. She’s transferring to New York. Hayes tells him she needs to talk to Earl alone. She heads to the prison. He denies hiring a hitman. He talks about his integrity and then heaven. He tells her to talk to his ex-wife and son.

Maxine and Sam question them and there is no love lost. She mentions an affair that Earl had and Sam decides they should try and pursue that. They are still looking into all the major players’ financials and add the alleged mistress to the list. Sam tracks her down. She thinks he’s innocent of the fraud charges and that the dead guy, who was a prosecutor in that case, withheld evidence.

Hayes confronts Bill about the fraud case and while he stands by the deceased he admits that there was talk about him fixing cases. Hayes says that this opens up a whole new list of suspects and that an innocent man may be on death row as a result.

Sam is on the phone. He’s going back to the judge with the new information. Hayes is talking him through the meeting. He knows what he’s doing and eventually hangs up on her.

Wallace talks to the widow about her husband and their monetary situation. Frankie and Tess are tracking them down the hitman’s money. He received money order payments that are untraceable. It seems suspicious so they are trying to track that. Sam asks Maxine how she is coping with her habits and she says that she is fine.

It’s the middle of the night. Hayes’ phone rings. It’s Sam. The dead man’s accounts were all clear AND they got their stay of execution. She and Wallace decide they are awesome. Long pause. She wants to know why they aren’t really. They have issues though. Naomi comes up again.

Morning comes. Wallace lets himself into Hayes’ room. He has news. Bill filed an appeal and the Supreme Court ruled. The stay was lifted. Earl is being executed that day. They confront Bill but he just tells them that this is how the game is played. Hayes goes back to the superintendent but he’s following the book. He doesn’t agree but he doesn’t get a choice.

The team is trying to figure out some last minute move. Hayes calls her father to see if there is someone he can call. He shoots her down. She and Wallace go to see Earl. He talks about remembering his wife and son. He also tells them not to go to the execution. He wants them to go and live.

Hayes’ mother is winning her election. Earl eats his last meal. Frankie and Tess are still trying to connect the money orders to someone other than Earl. Hayes looks at the map and figures it out. She confirms with the accountant that may have been the mistress. It was Bill.

Earl prays. Hayes calls Wallace to explain it to him but he’s already at the execution. He turned over his phone. He doesn’t get the messages until after its over. He listens to it as Hayes walks in. They both turn to see Bill exit the offical witness room.

Sam catches Maxine popping pills. He stops her. He doesn’t want to clean up her mess.
Wallace and Hayes talk about doing everything they could. She’s crying. They hug. And then they kiss.

I was upset about Earl, like deeply so, but I kept seeing him as Agent Gad from The Americans. He was like a high ranking FBI agent and was being spied on right under his nose so that’s really all I kept picturing. Also, Hayes annoys the crap out of me but I felt bad for her too. Her family, besides her brother, seems to have like no use for her and Wallace only uses her to increase his own political capital. She can’t win.

Saturday Night Live, episode nine

I like John Cena. I don’t watch wrestling and I think his movies are crap but he does a lot of charity work and just seems like a personable guy. That being said, I don’t know how well this translates to being host.

Cold open: It was pretty funny. McKinnon has really been owning the Conway role and its great. The Cranston was a fun surprise too.

Monologue: I’m glad he didn’t sing. It was amusing but I didn’t love it.

Hook a Hunk: I laughed a lot at this. Probably a lot more than I should. Cecily Strong needs to be used more.

Karate Teen: Kenan is spectacular.

Final projects: Cena was very believable and yeah it is mocking the double standard at big schools for college athletes which is a terrible thing but he was just so aw shucks that you just had to smile through the whole thing.

Dyke & Fats: This is quickly becoming one of my favorites. They should have this every week.

First song: She sounded good.

Weekend Update: I love everything about Update. I truly do. McKinnon as Merkel is aces every time and Jost and Che will probably end up in Trump’s next Twitter rant.The highlight of the segment was Cecily Strong though. Calling Trump out. Everything about it was spectacular.

Where’d Your Money Go?: The impressions were spot on so I was a fan.

Office party: I’m glad they pointed out that Cena is busting through his shirt like all the time. Poor tree,

Through Donald’s Eyes: This is a documentary right? Like this is actually what he thinks his day is like.

Second song: She sounded good. The set was a little flashier too.

Scorched Corset: Fabio in a bookstore.

United States Talent: What was that?

Overall this was an okay episode. The skits made me chuckle but for the most part weren’t particularly memorable. Update was above and beyond the best part.

Next week features Casey Affleck as host and musical guest Chance the Rapper.


Timeless, episode nine

May 1934. Bonnie (Jacqueline Byers) and Clyde (Sam Strike) are cruiding down the road. They see a car that seems to be having trouble and pull over. It’s an ambush. They are killed.

Lucy is having dinner with her new future fiance, Noah. He’s trying but he doesn’t understand why she’s being distant and uncomfortable with him.

The team is getting debriefed on something that happened in 1934 which is where Flynn headed. There is a key that Rittenhouse is after. They are headed to get it.

Wyatt talks to Lucy about Noah. He tells her to cut him loose but she is hesitant. Jiya tells Rufus to be safe and kisses him.

Back in the thirties they talk about stealing cars and then cut the recorder that Rufus is carrying for Mason. Wyatt and Lucy want to tell Agent Christopher about Rittenhouse. Rufus is hesitant.

Wyatt and Lucy head into a bank to scope out the area and look for the key. The bank gets held up…. by Bonnie and Clyde. Out on the street, Rufus sees Flynn and waits to see what happens.

Bonnie and Clyde leave the bank and Wyatt gives chase with Lucy too. Flynn has the police on his side and a shootout ensues. Lucy tells them the cops are after them too. They make a break for it together, leaving Rufus behind.

Once they are in the clear, the fugitives swap stories. Wyatt wants to steal the key from around Bonnie’s neck and make a run for it but Lucy thinks they should chat some more.

Rufus is being questioned by police. They think he’s involved. He doesn’t know how his day could get any worse, until Flynn walks in.

Mason wants to help analyze new data. He talks to Christopher about it. She deflects.
A cop talks to Rufus on the advice of Flynn the bounty hunter. He tells Rufus that he knows his name but Rufus produces a driver’s license with the name Wesley Snipes. Cop decides to let him go.

Wyatt and Lucy are sharing engagement stories with Bonnie and Clyde before conversation turns back to the key. It’s stolen from Henry Ford himself and its got a Latin inscription on it. Lucy figures the bandits have about 11 hours before the ambush. They want to grab the key and take off when Bonnie and Clyde pass out.

A man from the Barrow gang snitches on the bosses to the cops. Rufus is set free and a plan is put in motion to take them out.

Mason meets with the Rittenhouse agent to talk about Christopher. Rittenhouse will take her out if she becomes difficult. As they go their separate ways, a car down the street takes photos. Christopher has been staking them out.

Flynn finds out Rufus got away and that the cops are moving in on the others.

Lucy and Wyatt are sharing a bed waiting for Bonnie and Clyde to go to sleep so they can grab the key. In the meantime they talk about fate and love. The others fall asleep and they make a move for the key but its too late. The snitch turns up and talks to his bosses in private.

Rufus has also made it to the cabin and warns Lucy and Wyatt about Flynn and the cops. Clyde catches them and thinks they are conspiring against him. He brings the three of them inside at gunpoint. Rufus calls the snitch out and plays a recording of him at the police station.

The cops are moving in when a Clyde shoots the snitch. Wyatt tries to reason with them to get the key but its no use. The cops arrive and Bonnie and Clyde try to make a break for it. He gets killed and Flynn nabs her, snagging the key and then taking off. She goes back to his body and ends up dead as well. Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt flee through the back door.

In the present they explain to Christopher that they were just outgunned and that Flynn has the key now. Lucy and Wyatt have an awkward talk about the kiss they shared at the cabin. They were just playing the roles. Rufus is eating when Christopher crashes his dinner. She asks him about Mason and the mystery man. He tells her that he will tell her everything about Rittenhouse.

Flynn is on the move again. He knows that the key is for and goes to open the chest it looks. Inside is a sealed parchment. He reads it.

I thought this was a good episode. I know they were bad guys but I was kind of pulling for Bonnie and Clyde. The actors in those roles were very convincing and I felt bad that they got sold out by a friend. There wasn’t enough Rufus in this one but he’s my favorite so that might be a bit biased. I’m glad that someone is looking into Mason. He’s so sketch.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.

Pitch, episode ten

Ginny is on the mound. She’s pitching a “very nice game.” One of those kinds you can’t comment on but she’s six outs away from finishing it without giving up any hits.

36 hours earlier

Evelyn knocks on Ginny’s door for all the deets on her date with Noah. She tells her that it ended early and then things got weird with Mike. Amelia comes in and the conversation stops.

Oscar and Ross are talking about Ginny’s innings count. Because she pitches so many screwballs, it throws off the count. She’s actually way over the limit.

On the way to the park, Amelia gives Ginny a run down of her schedule and it includes an interview with Mike’s ex-wife. Evelyn also tells Amelia about Will messing with the money. Amelia says she will talk to him.

Mike walks into the clubhouse and chats with Blip, who is under the impression Mike called off the trade. Mike and Ginny have an awkward encounter before Mike ends up in Al’s office. They talk about Ginny’s pitch count. Mike wants her to keep going but Blip interrupts and says they should shut her down. Mike then tells Ginny.

She goes to confront Charlie and Oscar and they argue about inning counts. Compromise is reached. One more start. She complains to Amelia and Will but they both have their own agendas and she ends up storming out. That’s when Amelia tells Will she knows about the restaurant money. He blows her off.

Ginny has her interview with Rachel. It goes well. Afterward when they are walking they bump into Mike. He and Ginny are still being weird but he talks to Rachel fine. Ginny leaves and texts Noah. Rachel tells Mike she broke up with her fiance.

Al and Mike drink in his office and talk about the team coming back to Mike. They will. Even Blip.

Eliot tracks Noah down. He’s singing in a coffee shop. When his set ends he approaches and offers to buy her a drink. She tells him she will buy the drinks. They walk and talk before ending up sitting on a bench talking about doing what scares them. He goes home with her.

Mike makes up his mind and heads to the hotel. He knocks on a door. Whose is it? Rachel. She lets him in and they kiss.

Noah wakes Ginny up. He wants to move to fast. He asks her to go on vacation with him during her break. She tells him she’s never been anywhere but she’ll consider it if he goes to get her coffee. He runs to get it.

Mike is getting ready leave Rachel’s room and head to the park. They chat and he thinks they are getting back together. She doesn’t seem to be on the same page. He leaves and rides the elevator down with Noah.

Blip and Evelyn talk about the missing money. She still wants to do it without Will. He wants to have more kids. She’s done having kids. They argue.

Will tells Ginny that Amelia got in his face about the restaurant. She sees through his lies. They fight because he stole from her and doesn’t seem to see it that way. She tells him to go home and that she’s out. He leaves.

In the clubhouse the next day Ginny is confronted with paparazzi pictures of her with Noah. The guys tease her a bit. Mike sees and she goes to apologize but he pretends there is no need. Mike tries to make plans with Blip. That’s no go. Amelia goes to talk to Ginny and they end up fighting about Will and Ginny and what Amelia’s job is. Ginny basically fires her.

Gametime. Ginny is on a roll. Everyone else is a mess though. Blip and Mike practically come to blows in the dugout. Oscar calls down to tell Al to pull her. Ginny tells him its not happening. She walks a batter and Mike comes out to deliver one of his movie style speeches. She shuts him down. She doesn’t need a man. She’s pitching a no hitter and she’s doing it herself. Things straighten out and she gets a few more outs but when she tries to field a bunt she messes up her arm. She’s done.

Amelia sees it on the tv at the airport. She boards the plan. Blip is sleeping on the couch. Mike is home alone and Ginny is at the hospital undergoing tests.

I really wanted them to let her finish the no hitter. I was rooting for it so hard. I loved the speech she gave Mike on the mound. She doesn’t need anyone. She’s got herself. Boom. Mic drop.

Pitch, episode nine

Mike walks into the clubhouse. The news is talking about him waiving his no trade clause. His phone rings. It’s the Cubbies GM. He wants Mike at Wrigley in two days. Ginny walks into where Mike is taking his call. She teases him about the coverage and says that she doesn’t expect him to go anywhere.

Ginny is getting recorded pitching for a video game. The tech Noah (Tyler Hilton) spends some time chatting her up, even asking her out to dinner, but she says no. Turns out he’s not just a tech. He’s the billionaire CEO.

Ginny and Will are having dinner with Blip and Evelyn. They discuss Noah and Will’s restaurant idea. Evelyn wants to invest and pleads with Blip until he agrees. He is still visibly hesitant.

At the stadium, Mike walks in to applause. Amelia is waiting for him. She tells him that if its true and he’s leaving he should tell Ginny. He keeps his mouth shut. She believes it’s true.

Oscar and Charlie are talking about what they can do with the Mike deal. Oscar keeps pointing out that fans will be upset but Oscar doesn’t care. Mike comes in. He’s got a final request. Keep things quiet on the Padres end until it is finalized.

Ginny and Amelia talks as she walks in. Amelia warns her against getting caught up in Will’s schemes. Ginny tells her that she will always have her brother’s back.

Oscar talks to Livan and then Natalie all about the Mike trade. Natalie also tells him about a job opportunity in San Diego. He asks her to stay.

Mike is getting ready for the game when Ginny walks in. She talks to him about staying but he doesn’t want to hear it. He’s running out of time and he wants a ring.

Oscar goes to talk to Al about trading Mike. Al thinks it is a bad idea. He also gives Oscar a chance to admit he’s dating Natalie. Then he gives him the talk.

Amelia confronts Evelyn about Will. She says she has it under control.

Blip and Ginny are chatting while Mike takes BP. Blip tells her that there isn’t an i in team. There are 25 so you can’t blame him. They start razzing Mike and he fixes his swing to his some home runs.

Charlie and Oscar are on the phone with the Cubs GM. They are discussing salary. He also wants Mike out of the lineup so he doesn’t get hurt. The edict comes down and Al scratches Mike. He is very upset.

The game starts and Mike is restless. Amelia tries to mend fences with Will and Evelyn. Livan ignores a sign and brings the Padres within one in the bottom of the ninth. Al isn’t putting him in but Ginny orchestrates it so the fans demand it and Mike gets his way. He pinch hits and strikes out on three pitches. Fans don’t care though. They still cheer for him and demand a curtain call.

After the game Mike is upset. Ginny tries to talk to him but he’s not in the mood and she tries to make plans for later but it’s no use. She leaves. Blip tells Mike to be a better person but he’s wasting his breath. Livan shakes Mikes hand and then they argue about him ignoring the sign.

Al and Natalie are talking in his office when Oscar comes in. He says he will leave
Ginny goes out with Noah. They talk about investments and he tells her to avoid them, especially family and friends.

Evelyn notices some discrepancies in the books and goes to talk to Will about them. He says that it is for promo materials and kitchen equipment. She lets it go.

The date is going really well until Ginny gets a text. Mike wants to meet up in a bar. She ditches Noah to go see Mike. She gets there and finds out that it’s just the two of them, not the team. They talk about missing each other.

Evelyn calls Amelia for advice. Oscar pitches a bad deal to Charlie. He doesn’t want to trade Mike.

Outside the bar, they are waiting for their cars. Ginny’s gets there first. As she goes to get in the car he calls her back. They come very close to kissing but don’t. He has an early flight. Mike’s phone rings. It’s Oscar. The trade fell through. He’s staying with the Padres.

I liked this episode a lot. I felt bad for Mike because that’s gotta be tough. I also felt bad for Ginny because she seems so naive. I don’t like Will at all. I do like Noah though. He has like two lines so he really isn’t an actual character. I get that. But I’ve had a soft spot for Tyler Hilton for years so it’s nice to see him on anything really.

Frequency, episode nine

A young man starts a fire in 1996.

Raimy and Daniel spend the night together. She wakes up alone and texts him.

Frank hears about the fire on the news and gets a call from his girl from when he was undercover. He tells her to stay stuff.

At the office, Raimy finds out about the tip from Megan. She follows up at Bellevue and she was transferred to long term care. She finds Megan claimed to know who the nightingale was and that she thought her father, the deacon, was going to kill her.

In 1996 Frank meets up with his girl and finds out Stan is still after her because she’s dealing again. They make a plan to move forward with and she tells Frank that once this is done they are even.

At the long term facility there is no sign of Megan but Raimy’s phone rings. Dispatch has Megan on the line. She tells Raimy that she ran away and where to meet up before seeing something upsetting. Raimy rushes to where Megan was but its too late. She’s gone and the pay phone isn’t even on the hook.

Raimy and Frank talk via ham about Megan and his Stan problems. She tells him to track down Megan. On her way back inside Gordo intercepts her and asks about Daniel.

Frank is setting up gear to bug a meeting that Stan is holding. Just as his buddy is clearing out, Satch comes in. He fights with Frank about staying safe and ditching the residuals from his time undercover, namely the girl.

Young Megan is found. Frank talks to her about Deacon Joe (Kenneth Mitchell). She tells him that he was physically abusive for years. One time he beat her brother really bad and she went after him. Her mother backed Joe and she was committed. In the years since, she believes Joe murdered both of them. She also let’s slip that her mother was a nurse.

Daniel and Raimy are on date number three and it is going really well. Them the phone rings. It’s Daniel’s girlfriend. She’s coming over and obviously doesn’t know about Raimy.

Time for another ham chat. Raimy is all for killing the deacon but Frank is hesitant and he has the final say. He’s the one doing the killing after all. He tells her to find more evidence, and Megan. He’s got to handle his Stan problem.

Frank goes to meet up with the guy listening in on Stan’s meeting. He reiterates the need to wrap this up.

Deacon Joe turns up at the station and seems aggravated. He answers questions for Raimy and Satch but isn’t very forthcoming with it. He also gets agitated at the mention of his wife. They have to let him go and Raimy tells Satch that Megan thinks Joe killed her mom before leaving to follow a hunch.

Frank is on a stakeout. Satch has checked out a the deacon’s alibi and its legit. A man that used to be in his youth group was worried he would fall off the wagon. Raimy is still heading to his house though.

On the stakeout, Stan knows that Frank is listening and he talks to him. He tells him to rethink this crazy idea he’s got. Turns out Satch gave him a heads up and when Frank goes to see Satch he confirms it. He tells Frank he doesn’t want to get dragged down in this too.

Raimy is at the deacon’s house. She breaks in. There’s a banging noise and she is following it upstairs when her phone rings. She silences it pretty quickly but after the ringing, the banging noise stops. Satch leaves a message. He found a flaw in the alibi and local cops are headed in now. It’s too late though. The deacon sneaks up on Raimy and they fight before he runs away. She gives chase but he makes it to the car and away. She goes back in to sort through the house and finds a crawl space with some bags. One of which has photos of the deacon, Megan and the rest of the family. The other has her mother’s body.

Satch is annoyed with Raimy. All the evidence is inadmissible because she didn’t have a warrant. He’s not upset though because now they know who it is. They can get him.

Frank turns up to talk to Julie. He wants to tell her everything. He needs to because she’s the only one that ever had his back.

Daniel shows up at Raimy’s place. She talks about seeing his fiance. She didn’t realize they were that serious and she isn’t signing up to be a mistress. He tries to explain it. He wants her there with him when he breaks it off with her.

Frank kisses Julie and then apologizes. She kisses him.

Raimy walks away from Daniel and when he starts to leave she pulls him back and kisses him.

Another ham chat. Raimy tells Frank that she confirmed the deacon is the nightingale. She found the body.

Frequency returns in January.