Chicago Fire, episode seven

Matt and Gabby are on a double date with Antonio and Sylvie. Gabby mentions their parent’s anniversary party the following week. The whole family will be there. On the way into shift Sylvie asks for details but Gabby doesn’t supply many.

Boden mentions to James how good it is to have him around and James mentions making it a permanent thing. They agree to talk to his mother. In the locker room changing for shift, Cruz notices James looks beat up and goes to talk to Severide about it but before he can the alarm goes off.

At an abandoned factory two kids are messing around. One if on the floor, conscious but bleeding and not movie. The other is dangling from above. Not moving. Casey and Severide work together to get the boy down so Casey can perform CPR. It works.

Back at the house, Herrmann needs a favor from Otis and Kidd. He needs them to run a mudder as publicity for Molly’s. Severide and Cruz talk about the James’ bruising. Severide is going to talk to

Sylvie is asking Gabby more questions about the party. She wants all the specifics. Gabby tells her the family won’t even notice. They don’t pry and everyone will be drunk early. Sylvie suggests pre-gaming but Gabby is reluctant. She’s uncomfortable around Antonio and Sylvie as a couple. She also overhears the condition of the kid from the factory. He’s in a coma.

Severide talks to James but he says that he’s fine. A call comes in for squad. It’s a car wedged under a truck and the truck driver is not keeping quiet about how he feels about the whole thing. Severide tells James to get him out of there but he doesn’t really do it. When the passenger, a young man, is out of the car he runs and tackles the truck driver.

They get the driver, a young woman, out as the police and an ambulance pulls up. Severide asks James to pack up but James seems scared from watching the fight and startled.

Otis and Kidd talk about the run and put a bit of a wager on it.

Severide tells Boden about the bruising on James and that he was scared at the scene.

The father of the kid at the factory stops by the house and says thanks. He’s broken up about his son and his wife told him to take a walk.

After he leaves, Casey is second guessing himself. He goes to talk to Severide who assures him that he did  everything he could to help the kid.

Boden looks in on the bunk room and sees James asleep. The next morning he asks him about the call that shook him up but James just tells him he likes it at the firehouse.

Gabby gives Matt instructions for the day, pick up the dry cleaning, buy her flowers, etc. etc.

Kidd reveals that she might have done a mud run already. Herrmann ups his bet with Mouch.

Matt stops by Med to get an update on the kid from the factory. He passed away overnight. Maggie assures him that he did all he could and he gave the family a chance to say goodbye.

Boden stops by to talk to James’ mother. He mentions that James wants to finish out the school year with him and she is quick to agree. She has a new live in boyfriend, who steps in to introduce himself.

Matt gets home and Gabby is almost ready for the party. She needs help picking out earrings. She notices that he seems off and asks him what’s wrong. He tells her the dry cleaners was a nightmare and she buys it..

Sylvie and Antonio walk into the party just ahead of Matt and Gabby. Antonio mentions that their mother called him earlier in the day but that when he called back he couldn’t get ahold of her.

Their father starts giving a speech but halfway through changes his tune. He announces they are getting divorced. It does not go over well and Antonio rushes the stage to give him a piece of his mind. Matt jumps in to hold Antonio back and Gabby runs out of the room, Sylvie close behind her.

Matt finds Gabby sitting in a back stairwell. He tells her that Antonio took her mother to her room and her father is drunk at the bar. She just cries. She is blindsided and can’t believe they didn’t call her. Matt tells her he loves her and will be there for her.

Herrmann and Mouch are hanging out at Molly’s when Kidd and Otis walk in, covered in mud. Otis won, and invited the participants to Molly’s to party. Herrmann does not appreciate that.

Boden tells James that he is welcome to stay with them. The house has rules though, honesty being one of them. He asks about the bruises and James tells him he slipped and fell down some stairs.

Later on, James approaches Boden and asks for help. Someone hit him, more than once. It wasn’t someone at school though. Boden goes and beats up James’ mother’s boyfriend. Boden gets himself suspended though its only for one shift. Severide tells Matt he is throwing the chief a suspension party. Gabby is still in a daze and Sylvie gives her a hug. Gabby just doesn’t know what to do. The alarm sounds.

There’s a man stuck in a truck of grain. It’s like quicksand and the more he moves, the faster he sinks. Matt stands on the ledge of the truck trying to reach him but has trouble. He eventually gets a grip and truck digs him out but he’s been suffocating.

Sylvie and Gabby bring him to Med and while Gabby fills out the paperwork Maggie asks about Matt. She mentions the death of the kid but Gabby knows nothing about it.

James’ mom comes by Boden’s house. She had no idea her boyfriend was hitting her son and when he confessed she left and isn’t looking back. She’s going to stay with her mother, and James offers to go too.

Otis and Kidd are talking about a rematch but Herrmann is more worried about keeping Molly’s in the black. Severide and Antonio talk about the Dawson divorce. Boden shows up and Severide announces he is buying drinks all night.

Gabby goes home and kisses Matt. She tells him she knows the boy died and that he didn’t tell her because he wanted her to have fun at the party. He tells her that’s what they do. They lift each other up.

Where was Louie? I get that he isn’t going to be in every episode all the time but he was so important to Gabby last season and she had to change everything to get custody but he spends an awful lot of time with babysitters. The Kidd and Otis back and forth amused me. I’m a bit worried about Molly’s. I feel like they are setting up trouble there.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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