Frequency, episode eight

Satch and Raimy hold a press conference about the nightingale developments. Raimy pleads to the victim’s families as one of them. A lady in a facility watch it in a precinct. They find out who the first victim was.

Raimy and Frank talk via the ham about following leads so that he can bust people in ’96 without anyone knowing he’s coming. She asks about him and her mom and he tells her to mind her own business. Satch visits Frank and they talk about Moreno. Satch says he’s protecting Frank.

Julie is waiting on the porch when Raimy comes home from practice. Her coach drops her off and chats with Julie, asking her on another date. She agrees.

Raimy and Satch talk about her parent’s marriage. Satch says if there was one couple he would have bet on, it would’ve been them.

Frank visits the house of the first victim, at the time she was still just missing. He assures her mother that they are doing everything they can to track her down. He snoops in her room and finds some journals.

Frank wants to go back to the missing girls house to ask about her allegedly violent boyfriend. Raimy tells him to keep digging.

Raimy is working at home while Gordo hangs out on her couch. Kyle turns up with pizza and beer and becomes fast friends with Gordo. They play video games and then the doorbell rings. It’s Daniel. He’s not sober. He wanted to see Raimy.

Daniel needs a ride home so Raimy takes him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing with himself he has a…. long awkward pause.

Young Raimy is ignoring her mother. She cut up her glove and wants to quit softball.
Raimy walks Daniel to his door. He kisses her. He also comes very close to throwing up.

Frank rolls up to check how things are going with the protective detail. They tell him that she’s been seeing the coach. He goes in and confronts her because of Raimy’s welfare. They argue and she kicks him out.

Daniel throws up. Raimy sits with him. They chat about being pretentious and then she goes to get him aspirin. In the medicine kit she finds an engagement ring.

Satch and Raimy follow up on a lead. They ask about the nurse and the mystery friend Megan.

Frank goes to talk to the boyfriend. He is serious that he didn’t do it but Megan gets brought up.

She walked through camp naked with her arms all cut up. She did it to herself. She wanted to escape because she was scared of “him.” The missing girl took care of her but she still disappeared. Raimy went through the registry though. There was no Megan enrolled in the camp.

The woman from earlier in the institution breaks out of her room to call the tipline. Her name is Megan.

Julie calls Frank in from his shift on watch to tell him that she is a damn good mother. He admits to being jealous and before the conversation can get any further, Raimy interrupts. Frank says he’s there to tuck her in and brings her upstairs.

Raimy is still at work when Kyle stops by. She apologizes for the last time she saw him and offers to buy him dinner, takeout because they are still working, and then gives him files to comb through for Megan.

Frank snoops in Raimy’s room and then goes to talk to Julie. He admits she is a good mother. She asks if he would have married her if it weren’t for Raimy. He says eys and she says she would have too. He tells her that he thought that going undercover would be best for the family. He didn’t want to admit he changed. They agree to keep Raimy out of their drama.

Raimy and Frank talk about who could’ve taken bedroom pictures of the missing girl. They also talk about his marriage to Julie. He’s going to win her back.

Megan is talking to her doctor. Someone comes in to tell her that she needs long term care but she freaks out. He’s a bad man that is going to kill her.

Julie and young Raimy watch tv together. Frank leaves her a baseball glove with a note. Adult Raimy gets home to find Daniel waiting on her porch. She kisses him. At the tipline, they are closing up shop and there is a sheet logging Megan’s call.

I really like this show. I don’t love it but I really like it. I think it works best when it is a family drama, that also has procedural and time travel elements to it. I don’t care about Moreno being dirty or what Frank’s crew from when he was undercover is up to now. I like the strange buddy cop through the ham radio situation between Frank and Raimy and I’m invested in the Frank and Julie drama. I’m also interested in Raimy’s personal life. The goings on at the station don’t hold my attention nearly as much.

Frequency is new Wednesdays at 9 p.m.


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