Designated Survivor, episode eight

Kirkman gets an update on search progress for a CDC issue. Mike escorts Leo to school where they are approached by a reporter from the Chronicle. He wants to know what Leo thinks about the rumors that Kirkman isn’t his biological father. Mike gets rid of the reporter and tells Leo not to worry about rumors but Leo heads into school looking dazed.

Atwood gets a call telling him to go to his car. He wants to talk to his son first. They let him and then give him directions to an abandoned building. They give him instructions on something to do with the president. He says no and the lady tells him that he doesn’t have a choice. Hannah watched from a nearby building and photographs the meeting.

Kirkman and Alex are talking about helping people feel safe enough to vote when Leo walks in. He asks if Kirkman is really his father and then tells them about the reporter. They try and explain it but he walks out. The phone rings. It’s a CDC update.

Aaron, Seth and Emily explain to Kirkman that the virus was put on the polling machines in Kansas City to try and sabotage the election. They brainstorm how to handle this and decide to join a task force and to play it off like an inspection. Kirkman holds Seth back to ask him abut the reporter approaching Leo. He promises to look into it.

Chuck calls Hannah while she is still snooping around the building Atwood was in. He talks about an eight year old closed case and she sees the connection to what Atwood is up to. She tells him to track Atwood. He does. The car is headed to the White House.

Seth talks to Lisa about the Leo story. She offers to look into it but he says no.

Atwood gets to the White House and Hannah is right behind him. She tries to talk her way into the security gate but it doesn’t work. She leaves him a voicemail as he heads into the Oval. He talks to Kirkman about Nassar and tells him that he poisoned him. He takes the fall “for his country.” He talks like he is reading from a script. Kirkman hits the button and agents swarm. The hurry him out and take Atwood into custody.

Kirkman calls in Aaron and Emily because the Atwood situation doesn’t add up. He tells them to look into it. They get a call. They have a suspect in custody for the poll ricin case. He is a “liberty defender” though so the threat is not contained. Word comes in. One of the infected volunteers has died.

Seth talks to the reporter that talked to Leo. He tells him to back off the story and the reporter tells him no problem. He also admits Lisa gave him the tip. Seth is surprised by that.

Chuck walks into Hannah’s office to talk to her but her phone rings. It’s Aaron. He wants her to come to the White House to talk about a classified urgent matter.

Kirkman holds another meeting to talk about the election. He sees no choice but to cancel the election. He is going to hold his first press conference. Alex comes in. She has the results to the paternity test. Leo wants to talk to Kirkman alone.

Leo and Kirkman talk about how important Leo is to him and how the results don’t matter. Leo leaves and Kirkman watches the news about the election.

Seth is talking to the press. Kirkman comes in to talk about the election. He talked to the deceased volunteer’s daughter and decided to go forward with the election. “We will not live in fear.”

Kirkman talks to MacLeish and Hookstraten about Atwood. He says he has Aaron conducting an investigation and she says that once there is a congress she will start an independent investigation as well. MacLeish is hesitant but Kirkman agrees with her.

Seth talks to Lisa about the Leo story. She tells him not to make her pick between him and the truth.

Aaron tells Hannah about Atwood. He wants to know if Atwood was acting off at all but Hannah says no before asking to see him. Aaron says no. He’s not allowed any visitors.

Hannah has Chuck trace the texts on Atwood’s phone. He can’t get a location but he gets a phone number.

Mike talks to Leo about his own dad. He taught him all sorts of things but he wasn’t his biological father. Mike leaves and Leo reaches for the results.

It’s morning. Everyone is headed to the polls. They head inside and the place is empty. Back at the residence, Kirkman is upset about the lack of voter turnout but Alex tries to calm him down. Leo comes in. He isn’t going to open the results either. Kirkman is his dad.

Aaron comes in and calls Kirkman away. He asks for a second before heading in and opens the paternity results. Then he heads in to watch election coverage. Kirkman will get his Congress but still has to appoint a cabinet. He asks Seth for a favor.

Seth introduces Kirkman to Lisa and mentions the paternity test. He says that the results show he is Leo’s biological father. He thanks her for her commitment to journalism and leaves. Seth tells her they are strictly professional now.

Hannah calls the number Chuck got for her and demands a meeting. She gets another cryptic clue instead.

MacLeish goes to meet Hookstraten and tells her he won’t support the investigation but she puts the pieces together. He wants Kirkman to fail so he can take over. He tells her she’s nuts and then leaves. He meets with the woman that was manipulating Atwood. She tells him he’s about to be a heartbeat away.

I really wanted Hannah to help Aaron get Atwood out. I guess she still can though. I like Kirkman but I think Hookstraten is my favorite part of this show. She’s politically savvy but doesn’t pull any punches either. Seth is great too.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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