Timeless, episode eight

The control room at NASA is preparing for landing on July 20, 1969. After a few tense moments, the “eagle has landed.”

Present day Flynn is talking to one of the men that was in the control room that day. He’s asking specific questions about security and what it was like on the ground. Flynn and Co. go back in time and kill the younger version of the men. The

They take up residence in his house to prepare for their infiltration.

Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus are talking about what they could do to stop Flynn but they are going in blind so they have no real plan. Lucy complains about being a typist but Rufus one ups her with janitor, his only 1960s career option.

Flynn is in Houston at NASA and he’s making his way to the IT department under the guise of a repairman.

Rufus is cleaning up in mission control and Wyatt, an FBI agent, is lurking there as well. Rufus thinks it is terrible. It would be devasting for Flynn to ruin this.

Anthony is fiddling with the machines and Lucy can’t get her access badge to work.

Rufus is watching the clock wind down and he sees Anthony. He gives chase and confronts Anthony, telling him he is just as bad as Flynn. Anthony says its too late, it’s already done and then the screens in mission control go blank and they lose communications. Rufus is distracted and Anthony runs.

Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy talk about the space race and the predicatment the astronauts now find themselves in. They will die in hours without contact. They also talk about the defense contractor responsible for the lunar module. Wyatt is going to investigate that while Rufus and Lucy try to get the system back on line.

Rufus is trying to fix the computer but Anthony uploaded a modern virus and they don’t have the computing power. He talks about how he thought he knew Anthony but apparently not. Then he remembers someone who can help them. They go to find her.

Wyatt is taking to people at the contractor’s office. He shows a picture of Flynn and the boss identifies him as the repairman chatting up Maria. Wyatt wants to talk to Maria and her boss says she’s probably at the park.

Maria is hanging out with her son at the park, and Flynn is there too. He chats her up about aircrafts and then takes her son for ice cream.

Rufus and Lucy convince a woman to help them and head to the computer room to work on it.

The President comes on to announce that the astronauts might not make it home and Maria is upset. She talks to Flynn about her husband and Flynn talks about his family. Wyatt watches the whole thing.

A cop comes by and tells Wyatt he has to move. He sees Wyatt’s gun and tells him to freeze. Wyatt explains that he’s FBI and pulls out his badge. He’s Agent Mulder.

Rufus convinces the woman to help him. He knows he has given her no reason to trust him but he asks her to anyway.

Lucy is on her way to bring the tape back to Rufus. She is stopped by a man looking for a cup of coffee. She tells him off and continues on her way.

Rufus puts the tape in the machine and initiates the program. Anthony comes in to try and stop Rufus but he means business. He shoots the man with Anthony and when the actual NASA people come into the room, he and Lucy flee.

Back in mission control, there are a few tense moments but the program worked. The astronauts landed.

Wyatt is talking to Maria. He tells her Flynn is a Russian spy and asks what he wanted to know. She tells him he asked about the company but she didn’t tell him specifics. They see the moon landing and she goes to find her son to show him. They find Flynn injecting the boy with something. It’s epinephrine. He got stung by a bee. Then Flynn talks about Maria being sad and how good it was to see her again before he makes a break for it.

Present day Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus get debriefed on Flynn. Maria was Flynn’s mother. He changed his family’s history.

Rufus looks up information on that day in mission control and the woman that helped them. Lucy tries to get him to open up about killing a man but Rufus tells her he feels fine and that might be the real problem.

It was really obvious that Maria was Flynn’s mother right? That wasn’t just me? I’m glad Lucy and Rufus are besties. I hate to admit it but it seemed like this episode flowed better without Wyatt freaking out about their loyalty all the time. Maybe he could go off on his own more often?

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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