Saturday Night Live, episode eight

I’m generally a fan of Emma Stone. I haven’t seen all of her movies but she’s been great the other times she’s hosted and doesn’t hesitate to cite the influence that the show has had on her love of comedy. She’s always fun to watch.

Cold open: This is real life. It was funny in a terrifying way.

Monologue: This was kind of lackluster.

Woodbridge High School: I don’t necessarily believe that any of them look like high school students but I laughed at this, especially Kenan.

Candle song: This was incredible. Everything about it.

Math: Pete Davidson isn’t used nearly enough. He’s great as the straight guy that everyone else plays off of, especially when he comes close to breaking.Kenan was good but I laughed most at McKinnon.

Clinton in the woods: This was pretty funny.

First song: He sounded okay.

Weekend update: This is consistently my favorite part of the show. It’s funny and much more sarcastic with the political commentary so I like that about the beginning. Leslie Jones is great in most of what she does but she thrives when they let her be herself. And Jennifer Aniston turned up! What’s not to love about that?

Santa show: Cecily Strong needs to be used more often. Also, those poor kids.

Paley Center: McKinnon. I mean that’s all I have to say right?

Fisher Price: This was kind of annoying.

Second song: This sounded fine.

Manger: Not exactly how I figured the birth of Christ played out but it made me laugh.

I feel like Emma Stone could have been used more/better. It wasn’t a bad episode. A lot of it was just kind of chuckles though, not like huge laughter.

SNL is new next week with John Cena and Maren Morris.


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