The Crown, episode nine

A woman gets out a car and heads into a fancy restaurant. She meets with Porchey (Joseph Kloska) and he proposes. She agrees on one condition. She wants to be sure he’s over “her.” Her being Elizabeth. He tells her that he may have carried a torch but for her it was always Philip. Elizabeth pretends to be asleep when Philip stumbles in drunk.

Clementine and Winston Churchill are in the countryside. She tells him that there will be a celebration in his honor because his birthday and the opening of Parliment fall on the same day.

Anthony returns to England after his emergency surgery in the states.

Elizabeth calls Porchey in the middle of the night to talk about horse racing. When she tries to turn the topic more personal he hangs up on her. She looks and sees that Philip is still out gallivanting.

Churchill meets with Graham Sutherland (Stephen Dillane) to pose for the sketches for his portrait. Churchill doesn’t seem to like Sutherland but his wife does.

Elizabeth, Porchey and Margaret are at the horse races. Her horse wins and they all cheer. They talk about her horse’s future prospects and she brings up his girlfriend. He corrects her. It’s fiance now. Elizabeth wants to meet her. Porchey says we’ll see. He leaves and Margaret calls him the one that got away, pointing out his torch for Elizabeth. She doesn’t believe it but Margaret says that he admitted it himself while drinking. Elizabeth says that that’s proof he’s not serious and she says its proof that it is.

Anthony visits Churchill to ask him to stand down. He’s not longer serving for the good of the country. They argue about their health and the good of the party before Churchill sends him out.

Sutherland is sketching Churchill, who keeps talking but Sutherland is all business. Churchill wants to see the sketch but Sutherland says no. He says that subjects don’t always want to see the good and the bad. Churchill tells him that this is more than just a portrait of him. It is the prime minstership itself.

Porchey calls Elizabeth to talk about the horse’s potential. She then explains it to Philip and he makes a joke of it. She is getting ready for bed whereas he is on his way out for a night of cavorting.

Churchill is in the countryside again to sit for another sketch with Sutherland. They talk about paintings and inspiration and then their children. They’ve both lost children very young.

Elizabeth is at the stables looking at horses with Porchey. Clementine wakes Churchill up on his birthday. There is a cake with 80 candles for him. He is later honored and gives a speech before presenting his portrait to Parliament. He is not pleased with it.

The portrait is rejected by Churchill. He tells Sutherland as such before yelling at him because it is not accurate but Sutherland argues that it is and he just can’t see it. Churchill kicks it out before sitting quietly. He later tells his wife that he has had enough. He means it this time. He goes to talk to Elizabeth and tells her it is time. She thanks him for his service. He tells her he has nothing more to teach her.

She wants to do something to honor Churchill. Her mother suggests dinner at Downing Street. She tells Philip as they watch the horse mate with another one at the stable. She and Philip have a tense discussion about Porchey and Philip’s friends. As they get ready for dinner with Churchill she tells Philip that it would have been easier to marry Porchey but that she has only ever loved Philip and then asks if he can say they same.

At dinner she gives a speech about how great Churchill has been for the country and how much she has relied on him and will continue to do so. She toasts to him and everyone claps.

Churchill torches a painting while Clementine looks on.

Can we punch Philip? He’s a terrible husband and not a good person. I feel bad for Porchey and as usual for Elizabeth as well. She seems so lonely all the time.


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