The Crown, episode ten

David calls George in to tell him that he is abdicating the throne. George tells him that if he does that he “and that woman” have to leave. David agrees so long as George pays him. George then calls in a young Elizabeth and Margaret and tells them that nothing should ever come between them because they are sisters and that is important.

It’s Margaret’s 25th birthday. She announces that she is still intent on Peter so Elizabeth starts to move forward with recalling him to London. Michael points out that Margaret can only state her intentions now though. It still has to go to Parliament and then sit 12 months. Elizabeth is upset by this.

Philip takes Charles fishing while Margaret and Elizabeth talk about the engagement announcement. Their mother comments on the fact that Philip never settled down and is perhaps a bit too hard on Charles.

Elizabeth mentions the idea of Philip going to Australia in her name to open the Olympics. He says no. She acknowledges that some people might want him to go and come back “changed.” He’s pissed.

Anthony, now prime minister, visits Elizabeth to talk. While they wait for his arrival, Margaret retreats to her bed and Philip talks to her. He sympathizes with her anger with his wife. Elizabeth and Anthony go on a drive and talk about his time in Cairo. Then the conversation turns to Margaret and her engagement but Anthony is no help.

Later that night at a dinner, Philip calls the queen mother on shipping him off. She says that it wasn’t her idea but that she completely supports it. She tells him to go enjoy being the center of attention.

Peter is back in London. His car is hounded by photographers from the airport to Margaret’s house.

Anthony brings back information from top government officials. They are not in support of this. The couple will have to marry and live abroad and she will have to give up her title. Elizabeth presents this option to Margaret but she is not listening. She is willing to give it all up but Elizabeth implores her to really think about it.

Margaret and Peter go to a dinner party and draw quite a bit of attention. Though many want to hear it, no announcement is made. Elizabeth talks to Anthony about the promise she made to her sister and her father. She points out that he himself is divorced and tells him to go talk to cabinet again. She will handle the church.

Elizabeth meets with the archbishop and he tells her that under no circumstances will a divorcee be married again in the church. She’s distraught. Philip tells her to give the people what they want. She tells him she doesn’t know. He tells her to stop being a head of state and start being a sister.

She talks to David about Margaret. He tells her that he has no sympathy but that the guilt will never leave her either way. She summons Margaret to tell her that she wanted to help her as a sister since she gave her word but she realized that as queen she has no choice. She cannot stay in the family if she wants to marry Peter.

Margaret brings up the pledge she gave to her father and to her before comparing it to Philip. Elizabeth says that she wasn’t going against scripture or offending the church. She basically says that there are other fish in the sea but Margaret maintains that Peter is the only one for her.

Peter goes to see Margaret. She tells him she will never forgive her sister and that he is the only one for her. The next day he announces to the press that they decided not to marry. He then heads back to Brussels. The country sees it as duty prevailing over love.

Elizabeth is preparing for a photo shoot when Philip stops by to tell her that a royal tour is being combined with his trip to the Olympics. He will be gone five months. The hope is that he will come back with his head on straight. He departs without a goodbye.

Margaret and Peter are having a hard time adjusting. Anthony is shooting up with drugs. Philip rides off alone. Elizabeth is in full regalia, alone.

So that was rather depressing. I feel like Elizabeth should’ve let Margaret marry Peter but I get why she didn’t. Margaret and Philip are such brats sometimes. I don’t like either one of them all that much. I just feel bad for Elizabeth and the kids.


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