Westworld, episode ten

Dolores is talking to Arnold as we see Lowe (or Arnold?) building her. She wakes for the first time. He welcomes her to the world.

She is shaving the man in black with a knife in the abandoned town. The talk about the maze and playing games. She says that her path leads her back. She drops the knife and walks off. He follows.

William is riding a horse looking for Dolores. He has Logan tied up trailing behind him who says he’ll need an army to find Dolores. William agrees. He’s turning Logan over to Lawrence.

Teddy rolls into town on the train and at first everything seems normal but as he walks he remembers destroying everything, seeing the town littered with bodies and Dolores. He snaps out of it when someone bumps into him. He shoots the guy and then hops back on the departing train.

Dolores walks back into the church and sees Arnold sitting there. Outside, wearing different clothes, she walks the graveyard with the man in black. She remembers her own grave marker and in its place finds a map of the maze. Arnold explains that consciousness is a journey inward, not upward. She still doesn’t understand. The man in black snags the map from her hand. She tells him that she knew the answer once and that she was told she would be set free.

Arnold tells her that Ford wants to keep her in the park. He has to roll her back. He knows she will solve the maze again but she has to keep the park from opening, by killing all the other hosts. She can recruit Teddy if she wants. She argues that she can’t do that but Arnold tells her she has to.

The man in black thinks she’s a waste. He wants her to introduce him to Wyatt.

Logan is a jerk, mocking Lawrence and William while they look for Dolores.

Sizemore wants control of the park. Charlotte is not all that interested in what he wants and tells him to back off.

Sylvester is making a new host. He seems jumpy. Felix is working on Maeve, while she “makes adjustments to her friends.”

Charlotte goes to visit Ford. The board has decided it’s time for Ford to retire. He will announce it after introducing his new narrative. He asks if she’s worried he’ll break all the hosts but she says no.

Hector and the tattooed woman are being fixed up. a creepy tech wheels Hector away and puts some headphones on. The tattooed woman wakes up and beats the tech up. She startles the creepy tech and Hector kills him. Maeve and Felix enter as does Sylvester. The tattooed woman threatens Sylvester into explaining what was done to her profile.

Teddy gets off the train and shoots a man before taking his horse and riding off. Dolores is trying to escape the man in black but he’s just toying with her. He tells her the story of a young man that would do what he could for his woman. As he narrates we see William find out that a group of soldiers found Dolores and had their way with her. He kills the man and they continue their search for Dolores. He keeps telling the story of how a younger him left Logan out to dry, and put on a black hat.

The man says that Logan was wrong. William was convinced Dolores was out there, alone and afraid, until he found her right back where they started. William was nothing to her now so he changed. She’s always been trapped in her memories. He owns the world now. He just wants to know the last secret. She is sad for him because the world doesn’t belong to him, or those who came before but one who has yet to come.

He guesses Wyatt and then tells her to unlock the maze. She tells him it wasn’t meant for him and then starts beating him up. She has him pinned with a gun to his. He stabs her in the gut. She’s dying but in comes Teddy. He shoots old man William and wants to take her to the doctor. She tells him no to take her to the place he promised. He scoops her up and they ride off.

At the lab, Maeve, Hector, tattooed woman and Felix are in the lab with the decommissioned hosts. They find Lowe. Maeve tells Felix to fix him but Felix is shocked to find out Lowe is a host. He starts having an identity crisis but Maeve tells him he’s not a host. They get Lowe back online. She wants him to wipe her memory and he says no. That’s the first step toward consciousness.

Old man William is still in the abandoned town. He comes across Ford and they talk about how boring it is when they opposition can’t fight back. Ford tells him to enjoy the new narrative.

Maeve and Lowe talks to about why she wants to leave. He looks at her profile and tells her that someone changed her story. Her objective is now to escape. She tells him that’s not the case, that she is deciding this herself. Then they head out.

Security notices a temperature discrepancy but can’t trace it. Meanwhile, out near the water Teddy and Dolores talk about how they should’ve run away together when they had the chance. She tells him that it’s inside of him to figure this out. She dies and he cries. Then he talks about it being the beginning of a brand new chapter and we see Ford and the benefactors are there watching the whole thing firsthand.

Ford explains his new narrative. Sizemore complains to Charlotte about the narrative being boring. She shoos him away. Security finally gets footage of Maeve’s posse waking up and start to dispatch help but they lose power and go into lockdown mode before anything can happen. Operatives move through the labs and Hector and the tattooed lady take them out.

People seem to be enjoying the gala, including Lowe who is slowly walking through. Maeve and Co. are making their way through the upper levels of the lab. They are taking out the people searching for them until the tattooed woman gets stuck. She tells them to move on without her. They make it to the elevator and Felix and Maeve get in. Hector can’t. She hasn’t authorized it.

Dolores wakes with Ford. He talks to her about painting. They talk about Arnold and then Lowe turns up. She thinks it is Arnold but then Ford tells her that he’s not. Ford explains that Arnold is dead not by his hand but someone else’s. Hers. Arnold had argued to not open the park but they were going through with it so he merged her with another character that was in development, Wyatt, and instructed her to kill him. She does before shooting Teddy and herself as well.

Ford explains that he went through with it anyway and that none of the hosts ever gained consciousness because it was decided by Arnold to make them that way. It wasn’t free will. She says that they are all trapped and Ford asks if she sees what she will need to become if she ever expects to leave.

Maeve is getting dressed and ready to go into the real world. Feliz talks to her about her daughter but she says that that wasn’t real. He seems worried about her heading into the real world but doesn’t try to stop her. She heads out and gets on the train out.

Ford and Lowe are in the church. Lowe says that Arnold is still fighting Ford and will prevail. He can’t hold down the hosts. Ford says that he long ago realized he was wrong. He knows how to save them. He tells Lowe they needed time and that unfortunately he’ll have to suffer more. Then he gives Lowe the map of the maze and leaves.

Dolores is alone in the lab. She gets up and goes into the debriefing room and talks to Lowe. He asks her where she is and she tells him that she is in a dream. She slept for a long time and his voice is the first thing she remembers. He asks who she’s been hearing and it’s her. She’s been guiding herself and that she has to confront herself.

It’s time for a speech so Ford takes the mic at the gala. He talks about people deciding who they should become. Maeve gets off the train before it can leave. Sizemore heads to storage and finds all the hosts gone. Ford talks about the new narrative and the villain named Wyatt. Dolores tells Teddy she understands that the world belongs to the hosts before making her way toward the stage. She shoots Dolores from behind and then fires on the assembled crowd. The decommissioned hosts move into the area and start firing as well. William smiles.

So did the hosts just kill everyone then? Probably, right? Where was Stubbs? I’m still convinced he’s a host. Overall, I liked this episode and this season a lot. I feel bad for Maeve, second guessing and heading back into the park and I’m bummed for Hector. There’s gotta be another season of this right? I haven’t heard anything official yet though. It’ll be good to see what happens next.


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