Chicago Fire, episode eight

Severide and a woman argue. Gabby is still complaining about her parents while Matt listens intently. He interrupts her when Louie comes in looking for breakfast. Matt wraps up by telling Gabby that her parent’s relationship doesn’t affect them. He goes to help Louie with his cereal and notices someone outside watching them.

Herrmann is going over the books for Molly’s and things aren’t looking pretty. Squad and ambo get called out. A young man is cooking hash and it ends up exploding. He has to go to Med and Severide is injured a bit in the process. Gabby bonds with the victim’s father on the way to Med.

Otis comes up with a great idea. A centennial celebration for Molly’s. They agree its worth it. Severide talks to Matt about where his life is. He doesn’t know what he’s doing with himself anymore. Matt suggests a trip out of the city to recharge his batteries. Gabby interrupts because Tina from DCFS is there. She presents them with paperwork to fast track Louie’s adoption. It would have Gabby listed as a single parent though.

A call for ambo comes in and they respond. There is a man down in a park. It’s not just a man down though. He’s got clown face paint on. Brett is not a fan. They treat him and head back where everyone jumps on the mock Brett bandwagon. Boden tells Severide to get to Med and get his neck checked out.

Otis gets press for the party at Molly’s. Gabby and Matt discuss doing this parenting thing together and Matt notices someone watching the firehouse. He goes outside but the man speeds away.

Severide gets checked out by Clarke. He tells him that its all clear but asks if he is on the bone marrow registry. Severide is not and when Clarke tries to sign him up he says that he’s about to go on furlough and wants to wait until after.

Matt is talking to a judge about the possibility of a joint adoption. Two single parents that just started living under the same roof. It doesn’t seem likely.

At Molly’s two young women approach Severide. They want him to leave with them, to go have fun but he turns them down. A reporter from the Sun-Times comes in to ask Otis a few questions for her story about their centennial. It takes a quick turn when she mentions gun violence and the bloody history of the bar. Looks like the story won’t be so favorable after all.

Gabby and Sylvie are at the house when Matt gets home. He tells them that co-adoption isn’t going to happen but that Gabby should go ahead with it because getting Louie secured is what matters. He stops in to check on Louie and tells him that he loves him and that no matter what he’ll always be his dad.

Matt and Gabby are at the DCFS office with the forms. They hand them over and Tina seems a bit unsettled by the single parent listing. Herrmann reads the paper. The review for the party is not good. Clarke stops by to mention the donor list. There is someone at Med that needs a transplant quick. He tells Severide to make of that what he will.

Herrmann has come up with some plans to cancel the party. He’s very worried. Kidd and Otis are not. The alarm goes off. It’s all systems go and the scene is a mess. There are victims everywhere. Everyone makes quick work of helping the victims and as they break down to head back to 51, Herrmann’s wife calls. They are needed at Molly’s right away.

They head over and find a huge crown. Molly’s has been added to the crime tour. People are there having a good time. Louie finally calls Matt Daddy and Herrmann gives a heartfelt speech about Molly’s being a place for family. Gabby and Matt eye each other and smile. They head to the courthouse.

The judge talks to them about being sure and making it official. When he asks for witnesses Gabby hesitates but that’s when Sylvie interrupts. She and Antonio and the rest of 51 come in to celebrate and observe the wedding of Matt and Gabby. Everyone is all smiles as they head back to Molly’s but Severide lingers. He seems distressed.

Severide turns up at Med and talks to Clarke about the bone marrow transplant. Clarke points out that it is painful. He responds “good.”

Matt and Gabby get home with Louie and are all smiles as Matt gets ready to open the door. Before he does, something catches his eye. There’s a man watching them. The same one from earlier. Matt yells at him and he steps forward, telling them he is Louie’s father and he wants him back.

Finally. They are married. I thought that was great. It wasn’t a big flashy event, just the firehouse family celebrating. I also liked the Molly’s story line and Herrmann’s speech. I feel bad for Severide and if the preview is any indication, he’s in for a lot of trouble.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m. in January.


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