Frequency, episode nine

A young man starts a fire in 1996.

Raimy and Daniel spend the night together. She wakes up alone and texts him.

Frank hears about the fire on the news and gets a call from his girl from when he was undercover. He tells her to stay stuff.

At the office, Raimy finds out about the tip from Megan. She follows up at Bellevue and she was transferred to long term care. She finds Megan claimed to know who the nightingale was and that she thought her father, the deacon, was going to kill her.

In 1996 Frank meets up with his girl and finds out Stan is still after her because she’s dealing again. They make a plan to move forward with and she tells Frank that once this is done they are even.

At the long term facility there is no sign of Megan but Raimy’s phone rings. Dispatch has Megan on the line. She tells Raimy that she ran away and where to meet up before seeing something upsetting. Raimy rushes to where Megan was but its too late. She’s gone and the pay phone isn’t even on the hook.

Raimy and Frank talk via ham about Megan and his Stan problems. She tells him to track down Megan. On her way back inside Gordo intercepts her and asks about Daniel.

Frank is setting up gear to bug a meeting that Stan is holding. Just as his buddy is clearing out, Satch comes in. He fights with Frank about staying safe and ditching the residuals from his time undercover, namely the girl.

Young Megan is found. Frank talks to her about Deacon Joe (Kenneth Mitchell). She tells him that he was physically abusive for years. One time he beat her brother really bad and she went after him. Her mother backed Joe and she was committed. In the years since, she believes Joe murdered both of them. She also let’s slip that her mother was a nurse.

Daniel and Raimy are on date number three and it is going really well. Them the phone rings. It’s Daniel’s girlfriend. She’s coming over and obviously doesn’t know about Raimy.

Time for another ham chat. Raimy is all for killing the deacon but Frank is hesitant and he has the final say. He’s the one doing the killing after all. He tells her to find more evidence, and Megan. He’s got to handle his Stan problem.

Frank goes to meet up with the guy listening in on Stan’s meeting. He reiterates the need to wrap this up.

Deacon Joe turns up at the station and seems aggravated. He answers questions for Raimy and Satch but isn’t very forthcoming with it. He also gets agitated at the mention of his wife. They have to let him go and Raimy tells Satch that Megan thinks Joe killed her mom before leaving to follow a hunch.

Frank is on a stakeout. Satch has checked out a the deacon’s alibi and its legit. A man that used to be in his youth group was worried he would fall off the wagon. Raimy is still heading to his house though.

On the stakeout, Stan knows that Frank is listening and he talks to him. He tells him to rethink this crazy idea he’s got. Turns out Satch gave him a heads up and when Frank goes to see Satch he confirms it. He tells Frank he doesn’t want to get dragged down in this too.

Raimy is at the deacon’s house. She breaks in. There’s a banging noise and she is following it upstairs when her phone rings. She silences it pretty quickly but after the ringing, the banging noise stops. Satch leaves a message. He found a flaw in the alibi and local cops are headed in now. It’s too late though. The deacon sneaks up on Raimy and they fight before he runs away. She gives chase but he makes it to the car and away. She goes back in to sort through the house and finds a crawl space with some bags. One of which has photos of the deacon, Megan and the rest of the family. The other has her mother’s body.

Satch is annoyed with Raimy. All the evidence is inadmissible because she didn’t have a warrant. He’s not upset though because now they know who it is. They can get him.

Frank turns up to talk to Julie. He wants to tell her everything. He needs to because she’s the only one that ever had his back.

Daniel shows up at Raimy’s place. She talks about seeing his fiance. She didn’t realize they were that serious and she isn’t signing up to be a mistress. He tries to explain it. He wants her there with him when he breaks it off with her.

Frank kisses Julie and then apologizes. She kisses him.

Raimy walks away from Daniel and when he starts to leave she pulls him back and kisses him.

Another ham chat. Raimy tells Frank that she confirmed the deacon is the nightingale. She found the body.

Frequency returns in January.


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