The Real O’Neals, episode six

Pat and the kids are watching DIY in the basement. He is thinking of all the work his new place is going to need. Eileen stops by to talk about how he will need someone with actual skills. She suggests his brother.

Kenny is offended that he wasn’t asked but proves pretty quickly he isn’t in shape to do it. Shannon on the other hand totally is. Kenny signs up for a fitness class and after getting a glimpse of the instructor, Eileen wants in too. Jodi stops by and sees that Dwayne is around. She “uglies” herself up to scare him off.

Dwayne (Todd Stashwick) comes in with Pat on his back and they give a rundown of the family developments since he last stopped by. They head out back and start going over the blueprints. Jimmy comes out and wants to help. He barters for an hour.

Eileen and Kenny get to the gym and sign up for class. They walk in and it is decidedly not what they expected.

Shannon finds Jodi watching Dwayne through the window. She asks why they broke up and they talk about their relationship.

Jimmy is a natural at construction and tries to keep helping but Pat wants him to go back and study for his SATs.

At the gym Kenny and Eileen are struggling. The instructor, Josh, (Eric Nenninger) is intense which scares Kenny off but Eileen is invigorated. She wants to keep going. They go all in. Classes every day. Protein shakes. Kenny is sore but Eileen is raring to go. He asks Shannon for advice and she basically tells him to act gay. They observe Dwayne and Jodi having chemistry.

Out back, Pat is mad. Jimmy hasn’t studied and Dwayne is leaving him out. He tells them off and heads inside. Shannon sets up Dwayne and Jodi in her room.

Kenny tries flirting with Josh. It doesn’t work out well. When Jodi escapes Shannon’s room she confronts her in the kitchen. She tells her that she and Dwayne broke up because he didn’t want to have kids with her. She points out that Shannon is smart but needs life experience to learn some things.

In the garage, Pat shows off his loft and ladder. Dwayne questions its structure and Pat climbs up to prove a point. It breaks.

Sunday means time for mass. Kenny is ecstatic because it means no gym time. But no. Eileen is dedicated to the cross… fit. She’s opting out of church. Kenny calls her on the level of her obsession but she dismisses him and heads to class.

Jimmy is upset with Pat. He likes building things, and is good at it, unlike his SATs. He doesn’t understand why his dad won’t let him do that instead. They both feel like he’s not college material. Dwayne points out that he has always rested on his laurels and avoided things that scared him or he might be bad at. He respects that Pat isn’t like that.

At the gym, Eileen is caught sneaking sacks by Josh and confesses. He gives her penance and she sees that Kenny was right. He turns up to spring her and they head to mass. Pat tells Jimmy he can skip the SATs but Jimmy plans to take them. Shannon tells Jodi that Dwayne wasn’t having kids with her because he was worried he would be a bad dad not because he doubted her. She also tells her that she will be her fake kid at the park.

Pat shows off the work he did in the garage. Complete with a toilet office.

I liked that Shannon was trying to help Jodi and I loved that Pat was trying to be a good dad for Jimmy. Dwayne was pretty funny. I didn’t really care about the gym or the Eileen and Kenny going to the gym storyline at all.

The Real O’Neals is on Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m.


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