This is Us, episode ten

Jack and Rebecca are setting up the gifts under the tree. Kate feels sick and Kevin is fighting with Randall. They talk about going caroling, after church but Kate is burning up. They take her to the hospital and promise Christmas magic will keep her safe.

While waiting Rebecca hears a familiar voice. It’s Dr. K, the man who delivered Kate and Kevin and found Randall. He was in a car accident and has a slow bleed internally. He suspects its the end and his family is all in Montana. Rebecca and Jack decide to be his family.

The good doctor talks to them about the great beyond and tells stories of his former patients. Randall stops by. He bought the doc a snow globe and shows it to him. They talk about how Randall came to be part of the family.

Kevin’s play is cancelled, on Christmas Eve, because Olivia went missing. He and the playwright fight and she points out he owes her for sleeping with her at Thanksgiving so he pretends to be her boyfriend at her family’s Hanukkah dinner. At the table she tells the story of the oil and the candles and he gets an idea. She could play the lead. He pushes and she finally agrees. He’ll put up the money and she will act.

Kate goes for a consultation about bypass surgery. She brings Rebecca with her. Rebecca is a little shocked by what she learns and on the ride home takes the blame for Kate’s weight issues.

William goes to a support group to talk about what his life was like wen he was using drugs. He mentions how happy he is to be able to spend this Christmas with his family. Another man speaks next. It turns out they know each other, more than that they were very close until William just up and left after Randall found him. He tells William they loved each other and he wants to spend as much time with him as he can before he’s gone.

Randall is at his company’s holiday party with Beth. They are talking about him being depressed. He bought a boat. She tells him to return it and when he goes to find Andy (aka William aka the man in black from Westworld) he’s out on the balcony. Andy had an affair and made some crap trades and now he wants to jump. Randall talks him down.

Beth and Randall get home and everyone slowly turns up too, including Toby! Cause he can’t live without Kate! Kevin tries to explain a manager to the playwright Sloan and William turns up with his old friend. Randall tries to understand their friendship until his daughter points out that William is “gay or at least bi.”

Everyone is enjoying the holiday and having fun together. Flashback to the family waiting for the doctor, and Kate to wake up. Present day finds Toby passing out and falling over the table in the living room. The episode ends with doc waking up and Toby flatlining.

I love Randall so much. He talked the man in black down. And I like the adult Kevin a lot more now than I did earlier this season. I’m rooting for him and Sloan though it seems inevitable that Olivia is going to come back and mess that all up. I’m concerned about Toby because I figure if they are going to kill someone off, he’s not a Pearson so it makes more sense. It’ll be something weight related and that will motivate Kate.

This is Us returns in January.


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