Pitch, episode nine

Mike walks into the clubhouse. The news is talking about him waiving his no trade clause. His phone rings. It’s the Cubbies GM. He wants Mike at Wrigley in two days. Ginny walks into where Mike is taking his call. She teases him about the coverage and says that she doesn’t expect him to go anywhere.

Ginny is getting recorded pitching for a video game. The tech Noah (Tyler Hilton) spends some time chatting her up, even asking her out to dinner, but she says no. Turns out he’s not just a tech. He’s the billionaire CEO.

Ginny and Will are having dinner with Blip and Evelyn. They discuss Noah and Will’s restaurant idea. Evelyn wants to invest and pleads with Blip until he agrees. He is still visibly hesitant.

At the stadium, Mike walks in to applause. Amelia is waiting for him. She tells him that if its true and he’s leaving he should tell Ginny. He keeps his mouth shut. She believes it’s true.

Oscar and Charlie are talking about what they can do with the Mike deal. Oscar keeps pointing out that fans will be upset but Oscar doesn’t care. Mike comes in. He’s got a final request. Keep things quiet on the Padres end until it is finalized.

Ginny and Amelia talks as she walks in. Amelia warns her against getting caught up in Will’s schemes. Ginny tells her that she will always have her brother’s back.

Oscar talks to Livan and then Natalie all about the Mike trade. Natalie also tells him about a job opportunity in San Diego. He asks her to stay.

Mike is getting ready for the game when Ginny walks in. She talks to him about staying but he doesn’t want to hear it. He’s running out of time and he wants a ring.

Oscar goes to talk to Al about trading Mike. Al thinks it is a bad idea. He also gives Oscar a chance to admit he’s dating Natalie. Then he gives him the talk.

Amelia confronts Evelyn about Will. She says she has it under control.

Blip and Ginny are chatting while Mike takes BP. Blip tells her that there isn’t an i in team. There are 25 so you can’t blame him. They start razzing Mike and he fixes his swing to his some home runs.

Charlie and Oscar are on the phone with the Cubs GM. They are discussing salary. He also wants Mike out of the lineup so he doesn’t get hurt. The edict comes down and Al scratches Mike. He is very upset.

The game starts and Mike is restless. Amelia tries to mend fences with Will and Evelyn. Livan ignores a sign and brings the Padres within one in the bottom of the ninth. Al isn’t putting him in but Ginny orchestrates it so the fans demand it and Mike gets his way. He pinch hits and strikes out on three pitches. Fans don’t care though. They still cheer for him and demand a curtain call.

After the game Mike is upset. Ginny tries to talk to him but he’s not in the mood and she tries to make plans for later but it’s no use. She leaves. Blip tells Mike to be a better person but he’s wasting his breath. Livan shakes Mikes hand and then they argue about him ignoring the sign.

Al and Natalie are talking in his office when Oscar comes in. He says he will leave
Ginny goes out with Noah. They talk about investments and he tells her to avoid them, especially family and friends.

Evelyn notices some discrepancies in the books and goes to talk to Will about them. He says that it is for promo materials and kitchen equipment. She lets it go.

The date is going really well until Ginny gets a text. Mike wants to meet up in a bar. She ditches Noah to go see Mike. She gets there and finds out that it’s just the two of them, not the team. They talk about missing each other.

Evelyn calls Amelia for advice. Oscar pitches a bad deal to Charlie. He doesn’t want to trade Mike.

Outside the bar, they are waiting for their cars. Ginny’s gets there first. As she goes to get in the car he calls her back. They come very close to kissing but don’t. He has an early flight. Mike’s phone rings. It’s Oscar. The trade fell through. He’s staying with the Padres.

I liked this episode a lot. I felt bad for Mike because that’s gotta be tough. I also felt bad for Ginny because she seems so naive. I don’t like Will at all. I do like Noah though. He has like two lines so he really isn’t an actual character. I get that. But I’ve had a soft spot for Tyler Hilton for years so it’s nice to see him on anything really.


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