Pitch, episode ten

Ginny is on the mound. She’s pitching a “very nice game.” One of those kinds you can’t comment on but she’s six outs away from finishing it without giving up any hits.

36 hours earlier

Evelyn knocks on Ginny’s door for all the deets on her date with Noah. She tells her that it ended early and then things got weird with Mike. Amelia comes in and the conversation stops.

Oscar and Ross are talking about Ginny’s innings count. Because she pitches so many screwballs, it throws off the count. She’s actually way over the limit.

On the way to the park, Amelia gives Ginny a run down of her schedule and it includes an interview with Mike’s ex-wife. Evelyn also tells Amelia about Will messing with the money. Amelia says she will talk to him.

Mike walks into the clubhouse and chats with Blip, who is under the impression Mike called off the trade. Mike and Ginny have an awkward encounter before Mike ends up in Al’s office. They talk about Ginny’s pitch count. Mike wants her to keep going but Blip interrupts and says they should shut her down. Mike then tells Ginny.

She goes to confront Charlie and Oscar and they argue about inning counts. Compromise is reached. One more start. She complains to Amelia and Will but they both have their own agendas and she ends up storming out. That’s when Amelia tells Will she knows about the restaurant money. He blows her off.

Ginny has her interview with Rachel. It goes well. Afterward when they are walking they bump into Mike. He and Ginny are still being weird but he talks to Rachel fine. Ginny leaves and texts Noah. Rachel tells Mike she broke up with her fiance.

Al and Mike drink in his office and talk about the team coming back to Mike. They will. Even Blip.

Eliot tracks Noah down. He’s singing in a coffee shop. When his set ends he approaches and offers to buy her a drink. She tells him she will buy the drinks. They walk and talk before ending up sitting on a bench talking about doing what scares them. He goes home with her.

Mike makes up his mind and heads to the hotel. He knocks on a door. Whose is it? Rachel. She lets him in and they kiss.

Noah wakes Ginny up. He wants to move to fast. He asks her to go on vacation with him during her break. She tells him she’s never been anywhere but she’ll consider it if he goes to get her coffee. He runs to get it.

Mike is getting ready leave Rachel’s room and head to the park. They chat and he thinks they are getting back together. She doesn’t seem to be on the same page. He leaves and rides the elevator down with Noah.

Blip and Evelyn talk about the missing money. She still wants to do it without Will. He wants to have more kids. She’s done having kids. They argue.

Will tells Ginny that Amelia got in his face about the restaurant. She sees through his lies. They fight because he stole from her and doesn’t seem to see it that way. She tells him to go home and that she’s out. He leaves.

In the clubhouse the next day Ginny is confronted with paparazzi pictures of her with Noah. The guys tease her a bit. Mike sees and she goes to apologize but he pretends there is no need. Mike tries to make plans with Blip. That’s no go. Amelia goes to talk to Ginny and they end up fighting about Will and Ginny and what Amelia’s job is. Ginny basically fires her.

Gametime. Ginny is on a roll. Everyone else is a mess though. Blip and Mike practically come to blows in the dugout. Oscar calls down to tell Al to pull her. Ginny tells him its not happening. She walks a batter and Mike comes out to deliver one of his movie style speeches. She shuts him down. She doesn’t need a man. She’s pitching a no hitter and she’s doing it herself. Things straighten out and she gets a few more outs but when she tries to field a bunt she messes up her arm. She’s done.

Amelia sees it on the tv at the airport. She boards the plan. Blip is sleeping on the couch. Mike is home alone and Ginny is at the hospital undergoing tests.

I really wanted them to let her finish the no hitter. I was rooting for it so hard. I loved the speech she gave Mike on the mound. She doesn’t need anyone. She’s got herself. Boom. Mic drop.


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