Saturday Night Live, episode nine

I like John Cena. I don’t watch wrestling and I think his movies are crap but he does a lot of charity work and just seems like a personable guy. That being said, I don’t know how well this translates to being host.

Cold open: It was pretty funny. McKinnon has really been owning the Conway role and its great. The Cranston was a fun surprise too.

Monologue: I’m glad he didn’t sing. It was amusing but I didn’t love it.

Hook a Hunk: I laughed a lot at this. Probably a lot more than I should. Cecily Strong needs to be used more.

Karate Teen: Kenan is spectacular.

Final projects: Cena was very believable and yeah it is mocking the double standard at big schools for college athletes which is a terrible thing but he was just so aw shucks that you just had to smile through the whole thing.

Dyke & Fats: This is quickly becoming one of my favorites. They should have this every week.

First song: She sounded good.

Weekend Update: I love everything about Update. I truly do. McKinnon as Merkel is aces every time and Jost and Che will probably end up in Trump’s next Twitter rant.The highlight of the segment was Cecily Strong though. Calling Trump out. Everything about it was spectacular.

Where’d Your Money Go?: The impressions were spot on so I was a fan.

Office party: I’m glad they pointed out that Cena is busting through his shirt like all the time. Poor tree,

Through Donald’s Eyes: This is a documentary right? Like this is actually what he thinks his day is like.

Second song: She sounded good. The set was a little flashier too.

Scorched Corset: Fabio in a bookstore.

United States Talent: What was that?

Overall this was an okay episode. The skits made me chuckle but for the most part weren’t particularly memorable. Update was above and beyond the best part.

Next week features Casey Affleck as host and musical guest Chance the Rapper.



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