Timeless, episode nine

May 1934. Bonnie (Jacqueline Byers) and Clyde (Sam Strike) are cruiding down the road. They see a car that seems to be having trouble and pull over. It’s an ambush. They are killed.

Lucy is having dinner with her new future fiance, Noah. He’s trying but he doesn’t understand why she’s being distant and uncomfortable with him.

The team is getting debriefed on something that happened in 1934 which is where Flynn headed. There is a key that Rittenhouse is after. They are headed to get it.

Wyatt talks to Lucy about Noah. He tells her to cut him loose but she is hesitant. Jiya tells Rufus to be safe and kisses him.

Back in the thirties they talk about stealing cars and then cut the recorder that Rufus is carrying for Mason. Wyatt and Lucy want to tell Agent Christopher about Rittenhouse. Rufus is hesitant.

Wyatt and Lucy head into a bank to scope out the area and look for the key. The bank gets held up…. by Bonnie and Clyde. Out on the street, Rufus sees Flynn and waits to see what happens.

Bonnie and Clyde leave the bank and Wyatt gives chase with Lucy too. Flynn has the police on his side and a shootout ensues. Lucy tells them the cops are after them too. They make a break for it together, leaving Rufus behind.

Once they are in the clear, the fugitives swap stories. Wyatt wants to steal the key from around Bonnie’s neck and make a run for it but Lucy thinks they should chat some more.

Rufus is being questioned by police. They think he’s involved. He doesn’t know how his day could get any worse, until Flynn walks in.

Mason wants to help analyze new data. He talks to Christopher about it. She deflects.
A cop talks to Rufus on the advice of Flynn the bounty hunter. He tells Rufus that he knows his name but Rufus produces a driver’s license with the name Wesley Snipes. Cop decides to let him go.

Wyatt and Lucy are sharing engagement stories with Bonnie and Clyde before conversation turns back to the key. It’s stolen from Henry Ford himself and its got a Latin inscription on it. Lucy figures the bandits have about 11 hours before the ambush. They want to grab the key and take off when Bonnie and Clyde pass out.

A man from the Barrow gang snitches on the bosses to the cops. Rufus is set free and a plan is put in motion to take them out.

Mason meets with the Rittenhouse agent to talk about Christopher. Rittenhouse will take her out if she becomes difficult. As they go their separate ways, a car down the street takes photos. Christopher has been staking them out.

Flynn finds out Rufus got away and that the cops are moving in on the others.

Lucy and Wyatt are sharing a bed waiting for Bonnie and Clyde to go to sleep so they can grab the key. In the meantime they talk about fate and love. The others fall asleep and they make a move for the key but its too late. The snitch turns up and talks to his bosses in private.

Rufus has also made it to the cabin and warns Lucy and Wyatt about Flynn and the cops. Clyde catches them and thinks they are conspiring against him. He brings the three of them inside at gunpoint. Rufus calls the snitch out and plays a recording of him at the police station.

The cops are moving in when a Clyde shoots the snitch. Wyatt tries to reason with them to get the key but its no use. The cops arrive and Bonnie and Clyde try to make a break for it. He gets killed and Flynn nabs her, snagging the key and then taking off. She goes back to his body and ends up dead as well. Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt flee through the back door.

In the present they explain to Christopher that they were just outgunned and that Flynn has the key now. Lucy and Wyatt have an awkward talk about the kiss they shared at the cabin. They were just playing the roles. Rufus is eating when Christopher crashes his dinner. She asks him about Mason and the mystery man. He tells her that he will tell her everything about Rittenhouse.

Flynn is on the move again. He knows that the key is for and goes to open the chest it looks. Inside is a sealed parchment. He reads it.

I thought this was a good episode. I know they were bad guys but I was kind of pulling for Bonnie and Clyde. The actors in those roles were very convincing and I felt bad that they got sold out by a friend. There wasn’t enough Rufus in this one but he’s my favorite so that might be a bit biased. I’m glad that someone is looking into Mason. He’s so sketch.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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