Conviction, episode nine

There’s a man at a desk. He’s drinking and working on something. He gets shot in the head. Someone else is posting photos of the man’s desk on a board.

Hayes gets to the office and finds Wallace already there setting up the board for a case. The man from earlier. His killer is on death row and making last minute appeals. Oh and the deceased was a close friend of Wallace’s. His widow comes in and thanks Hayes for taking the case. Once alone she rips into Wallace for setting her up but it’s too late. They are taking the case.

The team shows up and is shocked to find Wallace helping with the case. Sam recognizes the case and the debate turns to the death penalty. Hayes is very opposed. The facts are discussed and the team heads separate directions to follow up.

The prosecutor that locked the killer up is in Wallace’s office. He thinks that they are wasting time but Wallace won’t relent. Hayes’ phone rings. It’s Frankie and Tess. They found an unopened confession letter amongst the documents the widow sent over. Hayes tells them to do a full workup and then tells the prosecutor she is heading to Indiana to stop the execution.

Wallace and Hayes meet with the prison superintendent about Earl (Richard Thomas) before going to see the man himself. They are told that he’s not like other death row inmates. He;s personable. Without the jumpsuit he would be mistaken for “one of us.”

They talk to Earl and he’s thankful that Hayes is trying to help him and he’s used to people treating him like Wallace does. Hayes wants to believe him and tries to delay the execution. Tess and Sam meet with a judge but there isn’t proof of innocence so she won’t delay.

Outside the prison Hayes runs into Bill Newton (Matthew Bennett). He thinks she’s being nuts and that there won’t be any way to save Earl. She meets with superintendent Jack (Kevin Hanchard) again to go over the formalities of the execution. She wants him to make a mistake on purpose to delay the process.

At the hotel Hayes gets a call from the office. They have DNA from the letter of an ex-con. Only problem is he died two years ago from cancer. They look into his history and find that he served alongside Earl for white collar crimes some years earlier. Wallace thinks this makes Earl look all the more guilty.

Hayes barges into Wallace’s room, again, and the conversation turns to Naomi. She’s transferring to New York. Hayes tells him she needs to talk to Earl alone. She heads to the prison. He denies hiring a hitman. He talks about his integrity and then heaven. He tells her to talk to his ex-wife and son.

Maxine and Sam question them and there is no love lost. She mentions an affair that Earl had and Sam decides they should try and pursue that. They are still looking into all the major players’ financials and add the alleged mistress to the list. Sam tracks her down. She thinks he’s innocent of the fraud charges and that the dead guy, who was a prosecutor in that case, withheld evidence.

Hayes confronts Bill about the fraud case and while he stands by the deceased he admits that there was talk about him fixing cases. Hayes says that this opens up a whole new list of suspects and that an innocent man may be on death row as a result.

Sam is on the phone. He’s going back to the judge with the new information. Hayes is talking him through the meeting. He knows what he’s doing and eventually hangs up on her.

Wallace talks to the widow about her husband and their monetary situation. Frankie and Tess are tracking them down the hitman’s money. He received money order payments that are untraceable. It seems suspicious so they are trying to track that. Sam asks Maxine how she is coping with her habits and she says that she is fine.

It’s the middle of the night. Hayes’ phone rings. It’s Sam. The dead man’s accounts were all clear AND they got their stay of execution. She and Wallace decide they are awesome. Long pause. She wants to know why they aren’t really. They have issues though. Naomi comes up again.

Morning comes. Wallace lets himself into Hayes’ room. He has news. Bill filed an appeal and the Supreme Court ruled. The stay was lifted. Earl is being executed that day. They confront Bill but he just tells them that this is how the game is played. Hayes goes back to the superintendent but he’s following the book. He doesn’t agree but he doesn’t get a choice.

The team is trying to figure out some last minute move. Hayes calls her father to see if there is someone he can call. He shoots her down. She and Wallace go to see Earl. He talks about remembering his wife and son. He also tells them not to go to the execution. He wants them to go and live.

Hayes’ mother is winning her election. Earl eats his last meal. Frankie and Tess are still trying to connect the money orders to someone other than Earl. Hayes looks at the map and figures it out. She confirms with the accountant that may have been the mistress. It was Bill.

Earl prays. Hayes calls Wallace to explain it to him but he’s already at the execution. He turned over his phone. He doesn’t get the messages until after its over. He listens to it as Hayes walks in. They both turn to see Bill exit the offical witness room.

Sam catches Maxine popping pills. He stops her. He doesn’t want to clean up her mess.
Wallace and Hayes talk about doing everything they could. She’s crying. They hug. And then they kiss.

I was upset about Earl, like deeply so, but I kept seeing him as Agent Gad from The Americans. He was like a high ranking FBI agent and was being spied on right under his nose so that’s really all I kept picturing. Also, Hayes annoys the crap out of me but I felt bad for her too. Her family, besides her brother, seems to have like no use for her and Wallace only uses her to increase his own political capital. She can’t win.


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