Saturday Night Live, episode ten

I’m not a fan of Casey Affleck. If this wasn’t the Christmas episode, I wouldn’t watch it.

Cold open: Loved it. Especially John Goodman.

Monologue: I’m glad he didn’t sing.

Dunkin Donuts: It was okay.

Demo: Fred Armisen was there and McKinnon should be in all the skits always.

Last Christmas: Highlight of the episode. Easily.

Miraculous encounters: McKinnon kills it in this every time but Cecily Strong is just amazing too. She manages not to break. That’s impressive.

First song: Sounded great. Stage wasn’t too flashy.

Update: Trump must have like voodoo dolls of Jost and Che somewhere.

New York Now: This wasn’t funny.

Love, Actually: This was spectacular.

Second song: He’s great.

Mrs. Claus: Awkward.

Bar: What did I just watch?

Yeah. He wasn’t funny. I had no use for this overall.

SNL returns Jan. 14.


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