How to Get Away With Murder, episode ten

Wes is playing soccer with Meggy. Annalise watches and has flashbacks to him playing as a kid. He approaches to tell her that he got the internship he wanted. She sees that Meggy wants an introduction but Wes thinks it’s weird.

It’s all a dream. Annalise is still in lockup and Wes is in the morgue. She’s being transferred to county until she can have a hearing. He’s having an autopsy.

Bonnie visits Laurel in the hospital. She had to say she was Laurel’s lawyer just to get in. She wants to know what happened to Wes. Laurel says Frank but Bonnie says he wouldn’t hurt them. Laurel scoffs. Bonnie wants her to think carefully before she talks to police. Laurel threatens to tell everything.

In the waiting room, Oliver, Michaela, Connor and Asher want to know how Laurel is. Bonnie tells them to go home. Connor questions her but its no use. She dismisses them and heads out to see Annalise.

She lied. Bonnie goes to see Franks and tells him what Laurel said. He denies it. He wouldn’t do that to Annalise. Bonnie talks to Annalise. They talk about the case. Annalise wants Bonnie to represent her.

Wes and Laurel are in the bathtub. They are talking about the fact that a condom broke while they were using it recently. She tries to rationalize it. She thinks that it will be fine. She won’t get pregnant.

Laurel is in the hospital. Meggy tells her that there are detectives to see her. She asks about the painkillers, makes sure they are okay for the baby. Then the detectives come in. She tells what she remembers. She was in the kitchen, couldn’t find anyone, saw the basement door was open and then heard a noise upstairs. That’s all she remembers. The detective asks about Annalise. Laurel blows them off.

Michaela, Connor and Asher get back to the apartment. Asher thinks it is Frank’s baby. They go inside and find a note. Michaela’s mom is gone. Connor is a jerk.

Annalise is in a cell. Her cellmate tells her to suck it up and use the toilet if she’s got to.
Nate is getting reprimanded for talking to Annalise. He’s getting demoted so he plays his sleeping with the DA card to avoid it.

Flashback to Asher on campus looking for Michaela. He stops a random black girl that he thinks looks like her. It’s not her. The girl yells at him for being racist. Asher sees Wes and gets him to vouch that he’s not being racist. When the girl walks away Wes tells Asher that he doesn’t think he’s racist, he’s just white.

Asher wakes up. He seems to want to talk. He tries to wake Michaela but she just rolls over. Connor goes to see Oliver, who admits to wiping Annalise’s phone clean. The night of the bonfire is mentioned but Oliver doesn’t really want to know. Connor tells him to go to the police now if he wants.

Bonnie and Nate meet. He offers her immunity to talk. He thinks Annalise did it. Bonnie won’t roll.

Annalise is depressed in jail. Laurel is still in the hospital. Michaela, Asher and Connor visit. She cries. Bonnie goes to see Annalise. She pushed the bail hearing a day. They need sources and the autopsy report. While they talk, Frank is out getting the call log from the station. He gives Bonnie a pep talk.

Michaela talks to Laurel about calling her parents. They talk about the Annalise being guilty and Oliver wiping her phone. They all start pointing fingers and Laurel admits that the baby is Wes’. Connor tells her to get an abortion. Asher punches him, repeatedly.

Connor runs into Wes on campus. He just left therapy. He hasn’t been there since he was working through his gay stuff when he was 17. They talk about being good people and setting Meggy and Oliver free.

Meggy is stitching Connor up after his fight with Asher. He asks her how she’s doing. She doesn’t know. Michaela yells at Asher for his behavior. He implies that she is unfeeling. She sends him home.

Bonnie and Frank are going through the call logs. They have a lead that might lead to the Mahoneys. She asks Annalise about it but it’s no good.

There is an event on campus. Michaela is there. So is Wes. They talk about his budding relationship with Laurel.

At the hospital, Michaela gets water for Laurel. She tells her that she kicked her mom out and that she’s a horrible person. She also tells Laurel that she’s for her no matter what she decides.

Annalise is having flashbacks. Her cellmate remembers her from a court appearance. Bonnie has a strategy. The state is looking to deny bail but Bonnie fights them.

Connor is at home when Oliver shows up. He wants Oliver to go to the police but Oliver won’t do it. He wants to protect Connor. He always will. Connor is adamant that he is a bad person and he wants Oliver to be a good person.

The state was putting together a case against Annalise for all sorts of things. Wes knew. He was signing an immunity deal but go cold feet and told her. She killed him. At least that’s what the prosecutor says. The judge thinks it is legit. Annalise is denied bail.

Annalise says that she’s done. At least Bonnie tried. Asher goes to apologize to Michaela. She wants him to make sure that it never happens again. She also wants him to apologize to someone else. Connor. He does.

Oliver is copying things on a laptop. The DA’s office holds a press conference. Wes died of smoke inhalation. Frank visits Laurel. She asks if he did it. He says no. She tells him it should’ve been him and this wouldn’t have happened if he stayed away. She blames him.

Back in her cell, Annalise cries. Bonnie calls Frank. She needs him. Frank is at the police station. He confesses to murdering Wes.

Wes leaves the police station. Frank stops him, tells him to get in the car. It’s time they talk.

I like that Wes is still really relevant. I think that maybe Bonnie did it. I think Laurel is too obvious and Frank is expected.

How to Get Away With Murder is new Thursdays at 10 p.m.


Chicago Fire, episode eleven

Gabby wakes up in bed alone. She goes looking for Matt and finds him packing up Louie’s room. It’s a guest room and it’s going back to being a guest room. He’s not getting rid of the stuff though, just boxing it. She goes back to be.

Severide is back on the job. And there’s a rat in the kitchen. Matt wants the place cleaned top to bottom. He’s not messing around. Herrmann shoots Gabby a look but she just shakes her head.

A call comes in for ambo and they head out. It’s a teenage girl having stomach pains. She collapsed when she got off the bus. Dawson and Brett assess her and clear the area. Dawson tells the girl she is having contractions and the girl is confused. She didn’t know she was pregnant. They deliver the baby in the field and both mom and baby are transported to Med.

Back at 51, Matt is on a tear. Clean it right or do it again. Herrmann asks him if he needs to talk but Matt is not interested.

At Med, the girl gets verbally ripped apart by her father. He tells her she has no business raising a baby and if she wants to try she can go live with her aunt. She has embarrassed him enough. He’s done.

On the way out they run into Severide. Brett tells him what happened but Dawson is still fuming. He goes to find Anna and she is up and moving. She might be out by the end of the week. He sticks around and they chat.

Back at the house, truck is setting up mouse traps when Brett and Gabby walk in. Matt notices that Gabby looks upset and asks about it, then cuts her off to yell at Otis. She isn’t interested in talking to him. She walks away.

Kidd is running drills to avoid cleaning the urinals when squad comes back. Severide stops and talks to her. Anna was asking for her. Wants to thank her for being there for Severide. Kidd says she wasn’t there for her, only for him. The alarm sounds.

There is a fire in an apartment building and everyone responds. It started in the basement and there are victims trapped. Matt can’t get a man that’s trapped and Kidd is having trouble with a woman and child. Matt goes to help Kidd when his victim pulls a gun. Matt hesitates but eventually helps Kidd and then gets Severide and goes back in. Before they make it to the man, the fire gets worse.

They can’t save the man. They put the fire out and have to go back to collect the body. They start clearing the debris but there is no body. Matt starts freaking out looking for it. He yells at Otis. Boden tells him to take 81 back. Severide says squad will keep looking.

Severide updates Matt after. No body. They notified OFI if he is sure there was a body. Matt knows he wasn’t hallucinating so there’s a body somewhere. Herrmann checks in and asks if they can quit the mouse hunt. Matt says yes and then Herrmann suggests breakfast so they can talk but Matt is not interested.

Kidd goes to visit Anna. They talk about Severide and Anna asks if they are together. Kidd says no.

At home Matt explains the story of the missing man to Gabby. She tries to be supportive. He tells her he feels like he’s losing his mind and walks away. Gabby yells to him that she’s going out but he doesn’t answer.

Gabby goes to Med and meets the new mother’s aunt. She doesn’t think too highly of the way Dawson spoke to her family earlier. Dawson apologizes.

Matt gets the report from the chief. OFI found a hatch that opened to the other side of the building. The man could have escaped that way. Matt takes truck for a ride to the landlord’s office. He wants to know who the man was. The landlord doesn’t know anything and doesn’t want to talk to him.

Gabby goes to the father’s house to apologize for the way she talked to him at the hospital. She tells him that she knows that she is the most important person in his daughter’s life and he should be there for his family.

Severide stops by to see Anna. He tells her not to go back home but to stay in town. She’s not sure it’s real though. He only knows her as the sick girl. He tells her that he sees who she really is and wants to know her more. She’s getting discharged the next day. He’s picking her up. He has to head out to a call.

Truck gets to the scene and an ambo is there. A 911 call came through of a man that cut himself with a saw but they can’t get in the building. They look around a Cruz finds a way to break out a window. He sees the victim bleeding. They struggle but break down the door and save the man.

Severide talks to Kidd about timing. Then he thanks her for all she’s done for him. She makes a joke about it.

Matt is still making them clean the house. Herrmann is fed up and confronts Matt.

Dawson approaches and he tells both of them that they should deal with the pain together. They had something terrible happen and now they have to take their time picking up the pieces.

Gabby and Matt take a box of Louie’s old things to the new mom. She named her baby Gabby.

Severide goes to pick up Anna. She’s gone. She left him a note saying “Someday…”

The baby’s name is Gabby. I can’t. I was getting really annoyed with Matt. I know he’s upset about Louie but it bothered me the way he was handling it. I feel bad for Severide and Kidd but I guess with the other two married they are going to will they/won’t they with these two now.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

This is Us, episode thirteen

There is a montage of the kids’ birthdays growing up. It is the night before tenth birthday. Jack wants to give them a dog. Rebecca is not agreeable. They get interrupted. The kids call a meeting. They want separate birthday parties.

Kate is at the doctor. She is trying to schedule her bypass. She’s hesitant now because she knows how stressful surgery can be after what happened with Toby.

Randall comes into the kitchen and Beth is there. Randall is running late for work. William comes in and he’s in a great mood. He has a lot of energy and wants some help with his iPod. Beth calls it a chemo boost. It’s not zapping his energy now.

Kevin gets to work and tries to chat with Sloane. She’snot having it. They are colleagues now. Nothing more.

Toby drives Kate to camp. She talks along the way about how great he is and tries to psych herself up for camp.

Randall gets to work and finds that he is having a meeting with a new guy. He finds out the new guy is getting an account he wanted to handle. They now will try to outpitch each other for the account.

Rebecca and Jack are getting ready for the birthday parties. He is reminiscing. She tells him it’s sweet but they don’t have time for it. He mentions having another kid.

She is more practical. They can barely handle the ones they have.

Randall is working. William shows up. He wants to enjoy the nice day and get lunch. He doesn’t know how many of those he’ll have left. Randall agrees and heads out.

Kate is getting a tour. They don’t focus on the gym, it’s more internally focuses. Her phone rings. It’s Kevin. He has girl troubles. She tells him she is basically joining a cult and suggests he call Toby. Then she gets hit on.

It’s time for the birthday parties. They are stressing out. Kids are running around inside like crazy but the real problem is outside at Randall’s party. No one is there. He tells them its because he doesn’t have any friends. They are very upset.

Kevin and Toby go to a rooftop bar. Kevin talks about his feelings for Olivia and Sloane.

Rebecca and Jack try to pilfer kids from the other parties but it’s no use. Rebecca talks to Randall. He really is okay with not having a lot of friends.

William is shopping and Randall is stressing because he wants to get back to work to finish his pitch.

Kate calls home. She was in yoga. She wants to quit camp. The horse guy that hit on her earlier tells her that the whole camp is a waste and that they are fat and that’s all they’ll ever be.

Everyone goes from Kate’s party to Kevin’s. She is sitting alone because she thinks all of her friends like Kevin better.

Kevin and Toby are talking about his feelings still. Toby is going to help him woo her with a big romantic gesture. He makes Kevin visual who it will be and they head out to get to work.

Randall and William are driving. He just wants to go back to work. William wants to drive his car. He agrees. William gets behind the wheel but as he explains things it comes out that he doesn’t know how to drive. Randall will have to teach him.

Kate gets invested in camp. She starts working harder in the classes. She visualizes all the times she has felt upset and goes all in. She lets out a scream in the middle of class.

Kevin gets to one of the apartments. It isn’t Sloane or Olivia. It’s Sophie (Alex Breckenridge), his ex-wife. Flashback to the birthday party and we find 10 year old Kevin hanging out with Kate’s best friend, Sophie.

Back at camp, Kate thanks the horse guy for the reverse psychology. He tells her that’s not what he was doing. He’s just a dick. And he figures they’ll get together at some point.

Rebecca and Jack are exhausted. They can’t handle another baby. They miss when their kids were little. They hear a ruckus. It’s the kids having a wrapping paper fight. They join the fray.

William is cruising around a parking lot. He thinks Randall. It’s a dream come true.

Young Kevin is hamming it up at his birthday party to impress Sophie. Adult Kevin is in a taxi. He gets a text. Sophie will meet with him.

I liked this episode. I felt really bad for Kate. I’m glad that kid Randall was so self aware. Adult Randall was annoying me because he was trying to rush back to work. Awfully convenient for Kevin that Sophie lives in the city and he can just pop over to her place.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

The Good Place, episode eleven

Both Eleanors, Chidi and Tahani meet with Michael. Tahani thinks that improving Eleanor’s point total will help her stay in the good place. He made her a Fitbit type device to track points. Now she just needs to go out and earn them, which she discovers is harder than it sounds.

Real Eleanor and Chidi eat breakfast together and talk about their love of routine. She tells him she loves him. He stares.

Jianyu and Janet talk about telling Michael about their relationship. She says they can’t because then everyone would know he’s a fraud and he would be sent to the bad place. He just wants them to have the relationship they deserve.

Tahani holds a focus group to find out why people hate Eleanor. It’s insightful. They have to recreate Tahani’s party to make people like Eleanor.

Michael finds out about Janet and Jianyu. He is not happy about the new developments or about the fact that Jianyu is actually Jason. He wants to get to the bottom of it.

Eleanor and Chidi set up for the party at Tahani. She is studying why everyone in the neighborhood hates her. Chidi asks for advice. He doesn’t know if he can tell Real Eleanor that he loves her. She tells him that it is universe approved so go with it.

There is a real Jianyu. He was a in a deep meditative state at the moment Jason died so the system got messed up. Michael tries to give Jason a simple test to determine where he belongs and it doesn’t go well but when Michael has a panic attack Jason comforts him.

Chidi and Eleanor enjoy the party. Eleanor wants Chidi to tell Real Eleanor he loves her but he keeps getting nervous and putting it off. When Real Eleanor joins them, fake Eleanor excuses herself so they can chat. Chidi still doesn’t say it but she tells him she will wait until the end of time if she has too.

Jason and Michael are still in his office when Janet shows up. The judge will be on hand to party.

He says a few words, as does Eleanor, and the party is fun for everyone but Eleanor doesn’t get any points from it. She realizes that because she was motivated for self-benefit it isn’t going to work. She comes up with a plan. She writes personalized apologies and sends Chidi, Tahani and Real Eleanor out to deliver them.

Michael returns to his office and talks to Jason about his time on earth and how this won’t work. Jason tells Janet that she deserves better than him. Michael decides to reboot Janet but she doesn’t want that. She wants to run away with Jason.

Chidi tells Real Eleanor that he wants to tell her he loves her, he just wants to make sure he’s feeling it and not just responding. Lightbulb moment. He knows how Eleanor will get the points to stay. By deciding to leave.

Eleanor is near the train station. She is about to call Janet for a ride when she and Jason show up. They are headed to Mindy’s house, a medium place. She’s invited to join them and she agrees. A train pulls up. It’s the judge.

He gets off the train and Eleanor, Jason and Janet hop on. They will take that train to the medium place. Michael greets the judge and tells him that he truly believes that Eleanor is a good person. The judge points out that Eleanor is stealing his train.

There is a medium place? Why was this not brought up in like all the other episodes? Why is not an option for most people.

The Good Place, episode ten

Jianyu aka Jason Mendoza is telling Tahani about himself. Which naturally means his ranking of the Fast and Furious franchise (5,6,4,7,1,2,3 is the best order, obviously) but she wants to know more about him as a person. She is disappointed.

Chidi, Eleanor, Real Eleanor and Bambadjan are discussing how to make a case for Eleanor to stay in the good place with Michael. He thinks that a legal defense is the best option.

Eleanor starts talking about her time in the good place. Real Eleanor and Bambadjan tell her she is in love with Chidi.

Michael and Chidi are chatting about Chidi’s indecision. He’s been like that for all his life.

Tahani has Jianyu going over what he has been up to during his time in the good place. She realizes that he could have never painted the gift he gave her and he tries to throw Chidi under the bus but she sees it as a sweet gesture.

Chidi is debating the pros and cons of paper vs whiteboards when Eleanor interrupts. She has realized that she is in fact in love with Chidi and wants to talk to him. She tells him she loves him and tries to make a quick escape but Tahani comes in. She thinks Chidi loves her. She thinks that they are soulmates. He freaks out and runs away.

Jianyu is feeling down. He wants Janet to cheer him up. She brings him a snack. He asks why she’s so nice to him. Then tells her he loves her.

Tahani and Eleanor talk about confessing to Chidi and knowing the truth about Jianyu. Eleanor doesn’t want them to fight over a guy. They start to bond by watching tv.

Chidi’s indecision is contagious. He talks to Michael about his soulmates and suddenly Michael doesn’t know what to say.

Eleanor braids extensions into Tahani’s hair and apologizes for not telling her about Jianyu. Tahani jokes that maybe he is Eleanor’s soulmate but she runs with it. Maybe he is. And then Janet interrupts to tell them that she and Jianyu/Jason are getting married in ten minutes.

Michael is trying to solve Chidi’s soulmate problem. The indecision is causing him misery. He wasn’t sure about something all the way until the moment he died. He has to just look the women in the eye and decide.

Jianyu and Janet are getting married. Eleanor and Tahani attend and laugh as they exchange vows and are officially married. They can’t believe they both thought they belonged with Jianyu at some point. Tahani also decides she will keep Jianyu’s secret.

Chidi turns up to make a decision but suddenly Eleanor and Tahani have realized that they aren’t in love with him. Tahani also has an idea to help save Eleanor.

They head off to find Michael.

I liked this episode. I feel really bad for Jianyu. He is kind of terrible but still endearing. I hope they can save Eleanor.

Designated Survivor, episode ten

Hannah is more than a little banged up and the “help” tries to strangle her so she makes a run for it. He gives chase but she gets away.

Kirkman shows Alex the blueprint video. He wants her to take the kids and run.

Hookstraten can’t delay any longer. The convene the committee. Chuck gets home and finds a barely conscious Hannah in need of medical assistance.

Seth, Aaron and Emily are talking about MacLeish and watching the news coverage. They are all in good spirits. Seth heads out to meet some speech writers and Aaron and Emily have a moment before she kisses him.

Mike brings the man that wrote the blueprints to see Kirkman. He denies involvement and says he was scared for his life so he stayed hidden. Kirkman believes him. They discuss who knows about the file. Pretty much the only person still alive is the general Kirkman fired.

Hannah wakes up all patched up. MacLeish will be sworn in as vice president in less than eight hours. Chuck wants to quit but Hannah says no because then the bad guys win.

Kirkman talks to the general. He says that he didn’t see the file because it was recalled by DOD. The White House didn’t let him. Kirkman has him detained until the situation is sorted.

Emily and Aaron are talking about Cabinet hearings and making plans for after work when she gets summoned by Kirkman. He tells her she can’t tell anyone what he’s about to say and explains the file. He gives her a list of people that are still there from the previous administration. Aaron is on the list. He thinks there is a traitor in the White House and wants to find it.

Seth answers some questions by the press corps. He is confronted by Lisa afterward and she says that he’s been holding a grudge.

Emily is going over the list. She is hung up on Aaron’s name. He comes in to confirm their plans for later but she deflects his questions and takes a raincheck.

Hookstraten meets with Kirkman about delaying the hearing the night before. They talk about Hannah and her investigation. Kirkman tracks down Mike and tells him he needs to talk to Hannah.

Mike goes to the FBI office to find out where Hannah is. Nobody knows but her car accident has been logged.

Hannah goes to track a lead on who has been giving her information. She gets a plate and has Chuck run it.

Emily goes to the switchboard and finds out who from the West Wing reached out to DOD to recall the file. It was the Chief of Staff.

Mike updates Kirkman about Hannah. Kirkman thinks she knows something and tells him to stay on it.

Hannah has gone to the address Chuck gave her. It’s the Chief of Staff. Everyone thinks he’s dead. He tells her that it’s bigger than she thinks and that someone will be out to get them now. Then someone starts shooting at them. She takes him out while the chief makes a run for it. She checks the body for ID and a security card. She calls Chuck and tells him to find it.

Kirkman meets with Aaron and Seth about announcing the findings regarding Atwood. Lisa will get the exclusive. Mike tells him about the latest developments with Hannah. He thinks she’s crazy.

Chuck calls Hannah. Everyone is after her. Oh and he knows what the card is. It’s access to a room in a building with a view of the Capitol steps. They are going to kill Kirkman.

Kirkman is nervous that they are doing the wrong thing. Alex tells him to postpone but he says he can’t.

MacLeish is nervous. His wife tells him that they did the right thing. The situation is by any means necessary and he will help restore the nation.

Seth tells Lisa she gets the exclusive after America celebrates. Security is sweeping the area. A secret service looking guy goes to the room that the card opens. He sets up a long range sniper rifle and points it out the window.

The switchboard operator calls Emily. The Chief of Staff was overseas at the time of the call. It was his deputy that made the call. That deputy was of course Aaron.

Kirkman starts to address the crowd. Hannah gets to the National Mall and tries to get to the front. MacLeish is being sworn in. He finishes and waves to the crowd. Hannah sees the shooter and tries to shoot him. He takes a shot.

Aaron is a bad guy. As we have known all along because he was doing covert shade file dealing way back in the beginning of the season. We shouldn’t be surprised. I feel bad for Emily though. Also, Hannah is a badass.


Timeless, episode twelve

Wyatt is at a prison. He is visiting the man that killed his wife. The man says that if he could do it all again he wouldn’t change a thing.

Lucy comes home and finds her sister in the kitchen. Amy says that she is still lost and that Lucy doesn’t care. Lucy wakes up.

Jiya is the next time machine pilot. Mason has picked a side. It’s with Rittenhouse. Jiya is in danger now.

Flynn pops up on the map. He’s back in 1882. When Jesse James died.

Jesse (Daniel Lissing) is figuring out his next bank heist. He turns his back and his friends move to shoot him, as the record shows, but Flynn intervenes. Jesse lives past his expiration date already.

Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt turn up but they are long gone. Lucy suggests they are out someplace trying to rob someone.

In a bar, Jesse and Flynn are discussing just that. Flynn is going to pay him to look for someone, not something. Jesse agrees. He also kills to marshals.

When the traveling trio turns up, they are long gone. Lucy is distracted and Rufus is scared to give chase but Wyatt is on a mission. He yells at them and Lucy comes up with someone that would be able to act as a guide for them. A local named Bass Reeves (Colman Domingo). He’s the man the Lone Ranger was based off of. The old show got one thing wrong though. Bass is actually back.

They plead their case but Bass tells them to find another Marshall. Lucy appeals to his sensibilities. He relents but he wants to take them into custody, not kill them. It’s not the 1820s after all.

Jiya is training to be a pilot. She asks for old flight logs but Mason gets cagey and tells her to get some rest.

Rufus and Wyatt are on the porch when a man (Zahn McClarnon) approaches. He’s a friend of Bass’ aka Tonto. They all suit up and head out.

Jiya sends another tech out of the main office and starts to steal files off the computer onto a flash drive. Mason finds her but she covers. He sends her home.

Bass finds out that they are a ways behind their targets but they hit the road.

Jesse and Flynn shoot guns in the woods and talk about the importance of “the cause.” They are about to keep moving when they realize they are surrounded by Native Americans.

Wyatt, Bass and the rest roll into the area and find the bodies that Jesse left behind. They set up camp. Wyatt talks about visiting his wife’s killer and then casually becoming a murderer. Rufus fights him and Wyatt looks to Lucy for backup but she’s not interested. She just wants to go home, back to when she had a sister.

Flynn and Jesse reach their destination. They are promptly shot at but Flynn reasons with the shooter. Turns out its a woman and he wants to talk to her alone. She allows him into her house. She has all sorts of modern day technology.

Her name is Emma (Annie Wersching). She worked for Mason and she was the first time traveler. As Flynn explains what he knows of her story to her, Jiya watches it from the files she stole.

She was a pioneer but then Rittenhouse got involved and she faked her own death and stayed in the past to get away He wants to know what she knows. She agrees. It;s time to part ways with Jesse, who quickly barters for the modern day rifle

The team moves into the house where Emma was. Jesse is lurking outside and shoots at them. He hits Bass’ friend. Wyatt goes outside and shoots, but doesn’t kill Jesse. Then Bass turns up with a gun on each of them. Wyatt won’t holster his weapon. Lucy comes out and shoots Jesse.

They get back to town and Bass gives Lucy the reward money. She tries to give it back but he wants nothing to do with them. Rufus wants him to tell his story so people know who he is. He tells Rufus he isn’t doing it for them.

Back in the future, Rufus tells Mason and Agent Christopher about Emma being alive. They don’t know why Flynn would want her. Mason also calls Jiya on swiping the old logs. They argue and Rufus watches.

Lucy goes home and looks up Bass.

In a bar, Rufus meets Wyatt like he asked. Wyatt talks about the line between good and bad. He wants to steal the time machine and save his wife. He wants Rufus to help.

Rufus is the best part of this show. I feel bad for Jiya. I also feel like this wasn’t a very good episode for Wyatt and Lucy. They were too distracted. And now suddenly there is some other pilot lady hiding in the past? Why hadn’t they gone looking for her earlier.

Timeless is new Mondays at 8 p.m.