Chicago Fire, episode nine

Gabby and Matt meet with Louie’s DCFS worker about how his father tracked them down. She says that she’ll look into it.

Severide is a bone marrow match with a patient at Med. Clarke cautions him about the process but he’s ready to sign up.

Dawson tells Kidd about Louie’s father. Hermann and Otis complain about the state of the board games at the house. A call comes in.

Some guys were trying to steal kegs and one of them got his arm stuck. The bone is outside the skin. As they try to get him out, one of his friends steps in to cheer him on. Severide tackles him out of the way and hurts his shoulder in the process.

They get the kid out and head back. Maggie shows up to start the process with Severide. Hermann and Otis bring in their dumpster pilfered ping pong table.

Matt and Gabby chat about how happy they are to be married and how they can get through anything. Kidd tells Severide how great she thinks what he’s doing is. Tina shows up. DCFS did a paternity test. It really is Louie’s father.

A lawyer meets with them to talk about what they can expect in the custody battle. Kidd finds out that Herrmann is a ringer at table tennis. Severide meets with the patient that will receive his bone marrow. They discover that they have a lot in common. Clarke tells him that he needs an emergency contact. Severide doesn’t know who to put.

Dawson is cleaning up the rig when Louie’s father (Charles Brice) turns up. He wants to know why she got lawyer’s involved. He took the test and he wants his boy back. They argue and a call comes in so the ambo has to leave.

On the call Gabby gets whacked in the face. They help the patient and then Brett tells Gabby to take a break.

At the house, Severide tells Kidd that he listed her as his emergency contact. Brett and Dawson talk about the possibility of adopting Louie. Brett admits that she is adopted and suggests taking the time to talk to Louie’s father.

Severide runs into Erin at Molly’s and she tells him that she thinks the bone marrow thing is great. She suggests that she and Jay and he and Stella meet up for a beer sometime. He takes his spot at the bar and talks to Stella a bit. She is “taking her duties as an emergency contact seriously.”

Gabby sets up a meeting with Louie’s father. While she and Matt talk about it Louie wakes up. She goes to comfort him and put him back to bed.

Herrmann and Otis interrupt third watch for a ping pong rematch. Severide goes to see the marrow recipient, Anna (Charlotte Sullivan) again. He meets her father, who thanks him and gives him a big hug.

Louie’s father talks to Gabby and Matt about how he didn’t know that Louie existed. He was deployed in the Middle East and when he found out, he tracked Louie down right away. He wants to meet his son and Dawson agrees to it.

Severide gets home to find Clare waiting for him. Anne took a turn for the worse. The procedure is off. Severide is distraught.

Shift starts. Severide is not there. He’s at a bar. Casey’s head is not all there either. Gabby is taking Louie to meet his father. DCFS thought it would be a good idea to make it be a small group so Matt didn’t go. Herrmann gives him a pep talk. Matt heads over to the meeting.

The ping pong table gets trashed and 81 gets called to a car accident. Matt and Gabby talk to Tina. Louie’s father never showed. They head home.

The accident is pretty bad. There is a young girl in the backseat of one car. She’s unresponsive. The driver of the other car is nowhere to be found. Oh, and it’s Severide’s car. Herrmann asks the cops on scene to call Intelligence.

Severide is asleep on his couch when someone knocks on his door. Erin and Voight. They want to take him to the District. He has no idea what’s going on.

I felt bad for Severide in this one, especially at the end. I was rooting for him to help Anna and then when he couldn’t and furthermore was drunk after I got concerned that there might be trouble. Every time he’s near alcohol or pills I flash back to season one where he got into all that trouble. I also felt bad for Matt and Gabby but with the father not showing up, it must help their case.


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