Chicago Fire, episode ten

Jeff stops by 51 to talk to Severide. Anna took a turn for the best. They want to try the donation again. It’s scheduled for the following morning. The alarm sounds. Truck, ambo and squad head to the scene.

Severide breaks a window and heads into the house to save a girl. He does and while she is being brought out he sees that the vent will take too long. He jumps out the window as the second floor explodes around him.

Dawson and Brett load him up and take him to Med. Jeff is there and tells them he will handle it from there. Truck shows up as Jeff comes out to update. They can rule out paralysis. He’ll let them know more when he knows it.

Boden tells them to head out and Kidd asks to stay. Back at the house, Louie’s father, Andre, shows up. Gabby and Matt are pissed. They tell him to shove off but he says he needs to tell them something. He’s being redeployed. It’s a long tour. He’s signing away his parental rights.

Severide wakes up and talks to Kidd. She heads out to update the house. They are glad to hear about it. Otis wants to help the department by shooting a recruitment video. Boden gives his blessing. Brett is learning chess to chat with Antonio’s son.

Jeff talks to Severide. He’s going to make a full recovery but his pelvis is bruised. He can’t donate marrow.

Gabby is upset about Louie’s father’s deployment. She doesn’t want to be the reason he never meets his father.

Severide talks to Anna. He wants to apologize for not being able to help. She tells him not to worry. It isn’t his fault. She thinks its all part of a higher plan. He heads back to his room and Gabby and Matt are waiting for him. They talk about the donation and he finds out its because of the epidural.

He goes to Goodwin’s office and demands it be done without the anesthesia. She says it isn’t up for discussion.

Matt and Gabby bring Louie to have lunch with his father and grandparents. Gabby is upset but soldiers on.

Goodwin agrees to the surgery after Jeff spends time convincing him. He has to sign all sorts of waivers.

Andre comes to the house to tell Matt and Gabby that he is going to fight for full custody of his son. The alarm goes off and Matt tells him to get out of the house.

They get to the scene. Two kids are sitting on the side of the road. They say their father went for their sister and point into the woods. A car is flipped and has a tree through the windshield. The father has a broken leg, bone visible, and the sister is still trapped in the car.

The car is chopped up and the girl is saved. They have the father on a board and are planning to take him in a separate ambulance to Med but the girl wants to stay with her father. They allow it.

Severide has his surgery and is in quite a bit of pain but he makes it through. He’s in for a rough few days.

A lawyer shows up to talk to Gabby and Matt about the custody battle. They strategize.

Jeff checks on Severide. He’s got some pain meds but that’s it. That’s the best they can do.

At DCFS Gabby and Matt meet with all of Louie’s family. Aunts and uncles and cousins. She can’t go through with it. She can’t deny Louie his family.

Anna is sitting with Severide when Jeff comes to take her to prep. She is choked up and thanks him.

Gabby is packing Louie up to go live with his biological family. She tells him that no matter what she will be there for him for the rest of his life. She cries.

At the house everyone is talking about what is happening to Gabby and Matt. Boden makes a speech about how much of a difference they make for the city. Otis films it and submits it to the recruitment contest.

Matt and Gabby say goodbye to Louie as he leaves with his father.

Poor Louie. I know its for the best but the kid get shuttled around so much. And why was he packing his own bag? Gabby can’t do that for him? I’m glad Severide got to help Anna. I like them together.


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