Chicago Med, episode eleven

Choi has a patient coding on the table. He’s doing what he can but they call time of death. Drive-by gunshot victim. He gets summoned to Goodwin’s office to go over a request he has for a special patient.

Three ambos come in with young people on PCP. Halstead orders a bunch of tests on all three. Jeff points out that they can’t be sure it’s the same thing. Halstead says he has to check the tox screen.

Charles and Latham are going over body language and start to discuss the fact that he seems to be on the spectrum, possibly with Aspergers. They talk about treatments.

Choi’s patient arrives and Goodwin tells him to bring her in through the service elevator.

Reese and Charles are working on a patient that has pneumonia. Reese tells him she told her mom about her job. Her mom laughed.

Choi’s patient needs surgery. Latham is busy. They page Rhodes even though he isn’t on call.

Halstead and Jeff talk about the PCP patients. He tells them to monitor them and follow the OD protocols.

Rhodes comes in to consult. He reads the scans and then meets the patient. It’s a PANDA BEAR! He has a bit of a meltdown. He’s not a vet. He doesn’t want to waste resources on an animal but Goodwin says that people love pandas and it will get donations to help save humans.

One of the OD patients wakes up and freaks out. Jeff calls it a sign of kidney failure. The patient’s parents are en route.

Reese’s patient is doing well. Charles tells her to go home but she wants to stay and oversee care. He tells her that he advises all of his residents to undergo psychotherapy. She is opposed to the idea.

Rhodes is going to do the surgery. He tells the younger Charles that he’s in for a long night because of panda surgery and she is impressed. After all there are less than 2,000 pandas in the world.

Reese gets paged to declare a patient dead. She’s never done it before. She is upset but does what she has to do.

April gets called back to the hospital. Her fiance is not impressed. They argue about her working too much.

Rhodes is doing the surgery. There are complications and they can’t get the panda to stabilize. They have to paddle her back but surgery proceeds.

Despite Goodwin’s efforts to keep it under wraps, everyone knows about the panda. The younger Charles asks her father to get some coffee while she waits.

April gets back to the hospital and starts helping with the OD patients. The one that has been freaking out needs emergency dialysis.

Charles and his daughter reminisce and he apologizes for being an awful father. She tells him that everything in her life is all about him and he proves the same.

Reese gets summoned to pronounce another death. It’s Latham’s patient. The nurses don’t approve of his bedside manner and when he walks by and asks why Reese is in with his patient they make excuses. Reese tells him the truth. He appreciates her candor.

Halstead gets an update on the OD patients. And the doctor that has been working with him turns out to be drunk.

Choi and Rhodes are out of surgery but still working on the panda.

Latham chases Charles down outside to get a referral for a risky spectrum treatment. He wants to start immediately. He’s desperately.

Rhodes finds Choi on the roof. They talk about his volunteer work at the zoo and how he views it as light in the darkness.

Halstead and the drunk doctor talk about moving forward and getting past this. Halstead talks to Jeff about emergency doctors having the highest rate of alcoholism.

Latham starts the treatment with Charles observing.

Reese is reading something on the computer when she gets a page. Her patient crashes. She has respiratory failure and dies. Reese calls it. And basically blames the nurse.

Charles and Latham are back in Charles’ office. They watch the video from early to test the therapy. It seems to have worked.

The panda wakes up. The surgery was a success. The panda is saved.

Reese comes to Charles. She’s crying. She lost all the patients and she needs therapy. She is upset.

Halstead and Jeff are covering the drunk doctor’s patients. Halstead tells Jeff to consider emergency medicine.

April’s fiance apologizes and gives her flowers. She tells him he needs to understand that this is how she is.

Goodwin and Rhodes have a press conference about the panda.

Latham walks out of the hospital, seeing people interacting along the way.

Choi visits the panda at the zoo.

Goodwin is right. Who doesn’t love a panda? I felt really bad for Reese in this one. She had a rough night. I was happy that she was so frank with Latham though. I really don’t like those nurses.


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