Chicago Med, episode nine

April and her fiance are redecorating. She is still out on TB leave.

Manning and Jeff are outside waiting for an ambo chatting about the weather and old times. An emergency comes through and he runs to help. It’s two MMA fighters. Choi takes one of the patients while Jeff takes the other. Jeff’s patient knows that his opponent is ignorant and doesn’t want to fight him. Choi gets him some morphine.

Dr. Charles and Reese are talking when Rhodes and young Charles walk out of the elevator. It leads to an awkward interaction. Halstead and Maggie deal with a doctor that has recently returned from sabbatical.

Reese and Charles talk to a patient. He is evaluating her to maintain her sobriety in order to get her a transplant. They also talk to her daughter.

Choi wants the fighters to be in rooms further apart. He jumps in when his patient’s brother tries to follow the other guy’s brother. The latter ends up disrespecting Choi.

Another patient is brought in. He was found unresponsive with a crazy high glucose level. They area going to run several tests to find out what happened.

Jeff’s fighter crashes. They have to intubate him and rush for more tests. April is in the room with the other fighter. He just stares.

Natalie talks to the patient brought in with high glucose. He is diabetic and as it turns out, has gall stones. He points out that these are fat people problems and she says that he is young and could fight this.

Choi and Jeff watch the fighter’s head get cut open as his surgery begins.

Charles and Reese talk about their patient. He wants to spend some more time talking to the mother and daughter.

Manning consults with Halstead about the diabetic patient. They come with a course of treatment.

The fighter has slipped into a coma and is unlikely to recover. His parents say that the crowd was out for the Muslim boy’s blood.

Manning and Jeff talk in line for coffee about a trip to New Orleans. He tells her that he liked her way back when and had pointed it out to her husband. That’s why they all lost touch. She is mad and storms away.

She talks to her diabetic patient. He is short of breath. Turns out he has a mass in his lung and fluid buildup around his heart. They need Rhodes. He drains the fluid and consults. He recommends more tests. The father shows up and Manning goes to talk to him.

Choi treats his fighter patient who shows no remorse.

Turns out the mass in the diabetic patient’s lung is cancerous. Manning is going to talk to oncology. Rhodes talks to Charles about the transplant patient.

April is getting a sonogram. The baby is on the low end of the size spectrum. It might be because of her TB meds but that’s not for sure.

Manning and Rhodes talk to her patient and his father. All of his options are bad and intimidating. Rhodes thinks surgery is the best bet. Manning suggests emergency radiation to buy more time and they jump at the option. Rhodes is not impressed.

Charles is adamant that the transplant patient will relapse. She doesn’t have enough of a sober support system and can’t in good conscious approve her.

The fighter’s family is praying around him when the other fighter shows up. The brother starts to yell at him but the father jumps in. He tells the fighter to pray with them. He cries and says he is sorry before going into the room to pray.

Halstead and Dr. Stohl (Eddie Jemison) talk about Manning’s patient. They have differing opinions on treatment. Manning takes him in for the radiation and he talks about changing his diet and everything. He says he’s getting a second chance.

Jeff confronts her about their relationship and she is mad. She feels lied to. Someone yells out. The cancer patient is coding. She rushes back to help but its too late. She calls the time of death.

They find out he had a very rare condition. She feels guilty, that she killed him. Halstead tries to comfort her but its not much help.

Choi and Reese talk about his fighter patient and faith. He doesn’t think he could have been as kind as the father was.

Charles is in the cafeteria. He’s still trying to figure out the transplant patient. His daughter walks by and he lets her. She knows something is up. She gives him some help. He recommends her for the transplant.

Manning talks to Goodwin. It was a rough day.

Choi tries to make peace with the disrespectful brother. He takes him to Molly’s.

April and her fiance have a silent dinner.

Where did this Stohl guy come from? And why? I don’t need to keep track of another doctor. I have enough trouble as it is. I felt bad for Manning in this one. She couldn’t win with anything.


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