Chicago Med, episode ten

Jeff stops Natalie in the parking lot. He wants dinner. She blows him off.

A police officer is brought in. Freak parking break accident. The officer though, is the one that arrested Maggie the year before. Choi works on her but accident was too much. She’s brain dead.

Choi talks to her husband about the fact that she’s a registered organ donor. The point person for that would be Maggie. Platt is there for moral support and asks Choi to have someone else handle it. He tells her that he knows she is looking out for one of her own but that he needs to do the same so he’ll refer the case to Goodwin.

Stohl talks to Manning about the followup on the cancer patient. He wants Halstead there too. Jeff offers to back her up but she says that she has it covered.

Reese is exhausted. She’s been working neurology shifts. Joey gives her coffee beans with a high concentration of caffeine.

April is in for another sonogram. It looks good. Everyone is happy.

Goodwin tells Maggie she’s off the organ donor case. She’s upset but Goodwin tells her its non-negotiable.

Halstead goes to talk to his patient. He was found passed out. He’s a jockey and needs to be at Santa Anita the next day. Halstead is going to run a few more tests.

A new patient is brought in. A girl involved in a car accident. As it turns out they were heading to the hospital for her mother’s heart transplant. It’s Rhodes’ patient from last week. She was injured as well.

April is handling the organ donation and Maggie is trying to help. She’s just being pushy though.

The heart transplant patient has slipped. She was a recovering alcoholic and found out a friend died that morning. She took two shots. Now her transplant is in jeopardy. Rhodes is disappointed.

Platt tells Maggie that wanting a different nurse involved is nothing personal.

Halstead talks to his jockey about bulimia as well as his other dietary habits. They have caused him to have a weak heart that if not treated could be fatal. The patient doesn’t want to hear it.

Rhodes apologizes to Charles about the pressure he put on him to approve the transplant patient. Charles says it isn’t necessary. His decision was his alone.

Manning is being questioned about her treatment of the cancer patient. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20 but Stohl is making her feel like crap.

Choi talks to the transplant patient about her daughter. They found a growth unrelated to the accident on her spine. They are going to look into it.

The jockey weighs himself. He’s two pounds overweight and freaks out. He pulls his IV and tells Halstead he wants to leave.

The transplant patient and her daughter hear from Choi and Reese about the mass on her spine. It was probably from birth and they caught it before it did anything really. The mom still feels guilty.

Rhodes is talking to Stohl about the cancer patient. Jeff jumps up to comment and Stohl gets mad. They get a recess and Manning yells at Jeff. She doesn’t need him to defend her.

Halstead wants to put the jockey in a psych hold but Charles doesn’t have enough to do that. The jockey wants to leave against medical advice and Goodwin says to let him, as long as he signs the paperwork.

April and her fiance talk about the pregnancy and her health.

Goodwin convenes a group to discuss whether or not to go through with the transplant.

There is some compelling evidence but they vote against allowing it. Afterward Latham and Charles talk about the signs of regret Charles saw in the patient.

Stohl says that no one in particular was to blame so everyone should be more vigilant. He also advises against dating medical students.

April is on break when the donor’s husband needs help. Maggie assists him.

Halstead is upset with the jockey but Charles points out that karma works out for the best, and that someone might have tipped off the random drug testers at the track.

Latham wants to talk to Charles more about the signs of regret. Physical indicators elude him. Charles offers him some literature.

Choi and Reese watch the daughter’s spinal surgery.

Rhodes is upset. He’s not going to give his patient the heart she needs but extenuating circumstances arise and Goodwin has to give her the heart.

Maggie wants to help with the donor harvest. Goodwin says that its up to the husband. Maggie asks and gets approval.

The transplant recipient is moved for surgery prep.

Maggie starts the process to begin the organ harvest.

Halstead talks to Manning about the questioning and what Jeff did. He says that he can see that Jeff meant well. Manning asks Jeff to get a drink.

At the bar Manning says that she hasn’t been fair to Jeff. She thinks he’s great but he’s not great for her.

During the organ harvest, dispatch reads out the accomplishments of the officer that was killed. Her heart is wheeled to the transplant OR in a hall lined with officers in full uniform saluting.

I cried. I’m not even going to try and deny it. At the end with the radio call of her accolades and all the officers saluting. I cried. It was sad. Also, Stohl is just salt in the wound for Manning and I felt bad for her.


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