Chicago PD, episode eleven

Jimmy shows up at district to talk to Erin and give her the old photo album he told her about. Jay gives him some coffee and they chat. Hank comes by and tells them they have a case. Jimmy leaves and Jay takes the coffee cup. He is running DNA on it because he doesn’t trust Bunny.

The unit goes to the crime scene. Sanitation called it in. It’s a potential hate crime because the victims penis was severed. They go over the victims background to try and find potential leads. He has a sheet so a lot of possible enemies. Erin also found a lead at a local drug store. Voight sends Burgess out to follow that.

Erin talks to Voight about Jimmy back in the day. He says that its been 30 years and a lot has changed since then. He tells her sees the value of family.

Burgess and Olinsky talk to the clerk at the drug store. He’s got video of the victim covered in blood stealing bandage materials on his phone. Olinsky takes that while Burgess calls to see if there were any 911 calls that could apply.

Atwater and Kenny talk to the 911 folks and track down a call of a sexual assault in the area. Erin and Jay follow up with the caller. They find a knife covered in blood. They also find a suspect. A girl had tossed the knife and run. They get an ID from a local patrolman and Burgess and Olinsky pick her up.

Voight and Burgess question her. She says the victim tried to rape her. She was looking for the $20 she dropped and he jumped out the bushes and grabbed her. She defended herself and ran. She argues with Voight and sticks to her story.

Kenny and Atwater head to the morgue and talk to the ME. He didn’t bleed out. He was choked to death.

Jay has the DNA results on Jimmy. He is not Erin’s father. She’s not happy.

The team talks about leads. Burgess and Erin want the girl out of the suspect pool but Voight says no. He sends Burgess in to talk to her again. She admits she told a friend but won’t say who.

Erin yells at Jay for running the DNA on Jimmy. She wanted to keep her head in the sand. Voight walks in on them arguing. Jay mentions a new lead and Erin asks for a personal day.

Jay and Kenny follow up on his lead. They go to talk to the “special police” which is an independent force trained by the CPD. They need a subpoena for the special police records on the vic, and they are numerous. Kenny also sort of accuses the squad of the murder. Back at the district, they find out they don’t have enough for a subpoena. Voight tells them to get more.

Erin meets with Bunny to tell her that Jimmy isn’t her father. Bunny acts shocked but Erin doesn’t buy it. She wants to know which of them is telling Jimmy the truth and Bunny wants to know why they have to. Erin yells at her.

Voight and Jay talk about Erin and Jimmy and Bunny when Olinsky interrupts. They have a witness that saw the girl with the victim three days earlier. Olinsky goes to talk to her about it and she tells him what happened. She also tells him that she knows they haven’t believed her and that she shouldn’t have said anything. She asks for a lawyer.

Jimmy and Erin meet. He wants to know what the scam was. He says that if her or Bunny come near him again, he will go to the Feds.

Jay has some info on another arrest by the special police. It’s an OD but the death was actual strangulation, just like their victim. Voight heads out to talk to the special police. He tries to talk sense into the sergeant and it gets him nowhere.

The unit is now looking into the special police. They have an open secret bounty system for bonuses and a habit of scaring off problem tenants. Kenny and Atwater head out to talk to the victim’s ex=girlfriend. She still lives in the complex that special police patrols. She tells them that the victim showed up the night before and looked injured and high. She called special police. One officer responded.

Jay has a history of the arresting officer. Voight tells him to go pick the guy up. Platt comes up to get Voight. Bunny is downstairs and she’s not leaving. She accuses Voight of running the DNA test and of trying to steal Erin. He blows her off. She has one last parting shot. That he wishes that one night all those years ago never happened.

Jay and Olinsky pick up the officer in question, James Moony (Jack Schumacher). They bring him in for questioning. He says that he won’t rat on his sergeant. The ACA pulls them out of the interview room to find out what is going on. He wants to charge the girl. When Platt tries to bring Moony the water he asked for the door is locked.

On the other side of the one way window, Jay sees that Moony hanged himself and breaks the glass to get him down. They cut him down and save him. After his psych eval, he’ll be charged with murder and the girl is free to go.

The sergeant is brought in to talk to Voight. They talk about what went down during his time in Milwaukee. He got fired because his superior officer threw him and his partner under the bus.

Burgess frees the girl and offers to help her get into a program to clean herself up. She doesn’t want to hear it.

Erin talks to an old friend about her mom and what she’s done and how hasn’t changed. The friend suggests Erin maybe try for a fresh start outside Chicago. She asks her what’s keeping her in Chicago. Erin replies that she doesn’t know.

So Voight is Erin’s father. That’s what I’m getting from this. Also, are special police a real thing? Like contract police basically? That’s not something I expected to learn. I feel bad for Erin. She knows Bunny is nuts but she still tries to give her the benefit of the doubt. It’s gonna blow up though when she finds out Voight’s her dad.


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