Chicago PD, episode nine

Erin and Voight question Severide. He tells them that he was drinking and that he gave blood so he doesn’t remember some things, like how he got home or how he cut his head. He’s adamant he didn’t hit the mother and daughter though.

Olinsky interrupts. The little girl died. It’s not a hit and run anymore. It’s vehicular homicide. The unit talks about trying to piece together where Severide was. Voight wants to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Burgess gets there and Voight tells her she’s going to be doing grunt work till she proves herself. She gets partnered with Olinsky.

Ruzek and Atwater head to Med to talk to the mother. She explains where she was before the accident. She is shown a photo lineup. She can’t pick out anyone.

Erin questions the bartender and Halstead talks to the valet. They both confirm he was drunk and left alone. Olinsky and Burgess go to get some security footage. He is not pleased to be working with her.

Severide’s tox screen comes back. More than twice the legal limit. The prosecutor gives Voight 24 hours before he has to charge Severide. Mouch turns up. He threatens to leave Platt if she doesn’t let him see Severide. She allows it and Mouch tells him to stop talking and that its time to lawyer up.

Burgess and Atwater go to look at Severide’s car. They talk about Ruzek but more importantly, find a GPS tracker. Erin and Voight talk to Severide about the tracker. They keep on him though and he wants to lawyer up.

Burgess interrupts. She’s got the GPS info. Coordinates on where the car was. It’s a car thief ring. The unit splits up to investigate it. It’s the valet planting the trackers for “a guy named Mike.” Voight decides to use him as bait.

Halstead and Erin talk about her father getting out of prison. He wants to meet up. She doesn’t know what to do. The unit finds the ring leader and sets a trap but he makes a run for it. They give chase but he eventually gets away.

Casey shows up to argue Severide’s case with Voight. It’s no use though. The team is doing the best they can. Burgess goes to Platt for help with forms and paperwork. Platt mentions Olinsky possibly being sexist.

Atwater and Burgess have a lead on the guy making keys for the stolen cars. It works. They move in on “Mike.” Severide is getting moved while they bring him in for questioning. Severide tells Erin that if it turns out he was behind the wheel, he doesn’t want a deal. He wants them to let him rot.

Voight finds out they are looking for another guy and sends Halstead, Atwater and Ruzek to his last known address. They don’t find him but do find his mother, with all sorts of incriminating materials. She doesn’t think her son would give himself up to save her.

Erin and Voight talk about her father. Voight knew who he was years ago. He also admits that he knew her mom well before she was born. They set a trap for the son and end up arresting him.

Mike admits that the son, Ryan, went with him to carjack Severide. He admits to pistol whipping Severide and says that Ryan was driving when the van hit him. Mike and Ryan will both be charged and Severide will be released.

Burgess is settling into her desk and talks to Olinsky. It’s a tense conversation. Erin goes to pick up Severide. He thanks her for believing in him.

I love when they cross over and it was interesting that they actually used a character from one of the other shows as the suspect. I’m glad that they kept up and that it wasn’t actually Severide.


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