Chicago PD, episode ten

Erin is waiting in a bar. Jimmy (Tony Crane), her father, shows up. He’s been out of prison for a while and has a whole other family. They talk. He wants to be part of her life. She is not interested.

Voight has a new case. Victim is a girl named Grace Johnson. Body is in a “safe neighborhood” so there will be a lot of attention. Burgess is supposed to handle crowd control so when she starts talking to the people looking on, things get rowdy. A woman, whose niece was murdered recently, is yelling and arguing with Burgess. She isn’t going to be much help.

The next morning at the district Erin tells Jay about meeting Jimmy. She doesn’t know what to do yet. Voight introduces the team to Kenny Rixton (Nick Wechsler), Ruzek’s replacement. Ruzek is on an undercover assignment at his own request.

They talk about Grace’s case and he sends them out to talk to people that knew her. Atwater and Kenny go to talk to her younger sisters. She was raising them. The older of the two sisters tells Atwater about Grace’s night job. She’s a dancer for a guy named Vincent.

The unit tracks Vincent down and brings him in for questioning. He’s got some weapons they could charge him for so Voight reminds him that it would behoove him too cooperate.

He sells out a guy named Ricky Barnes. An ex- of Grace’s that was trouble. Voight sends Jay and Erin to talk to Ricky’s parents. Burgess brings up a few other cases, victims with the same MO. She thinks its a pattern and Voight tells her to track it down.

Erin and Jay talk to Ricky’s folks. They haven’t seen or talked to him but will try and track him down for them. They draw the line at searching their home though. Jay points out that they knew Grace and that what happened to her was horrible. Mrs. Barnes asks if her son is a suspect and Erin basically says not yet.

Burgess and Atwater talk to Deanna Lewis (Jossie Thatcher), the lady from the tape line. She talks about her niece and Burgess asks more about what she knows. She goes and gets file she’s kept. Missing black girls from Englewood. There are quite a few and she knows the killer is “back.” Now the cops are listening.

Voight makes some calls to take on the open cold cases and gets tip about a former Sun-Times reporter turned blogger. Olinsky and Burgess go to talk to him. He was a suspect but was proven innocent. He turns over his files on the older cases.

There is DNA evidence that matches for both the old cases and the new ones but its not someone in the database. Jay wants to do a wider search that includes familial ties but that needs to be petitions for. State’s attorney is not interested in that.

Burgess talks to Platt about Adam. Platt tells her that she needs to stop worrying about him and live her own life. Mrs. Barnes and Ricky turn up and Burgess arrests him. Voight and Olinsky question him. He claims he didn’t see Grace.

They get interrupted. He was a 98 percent match on DNA. He’s being charged with all the murders. It doesn’t sit well with Voight though so he keeps the unit on the case. There was one victim that survived. They track her down.

Atwater and Kenny go to talk to her. She never came forward because she couldn’t face a jury. She had been 15 and too high to even see the gun. She agrees to come in and look at some photos. After looking at a few sheets of lineups she doesn’t see him but when Atwater jostles the papers around she spots him. It’s Ricky’s father.

Erin goes to get Ricky out of lock up. Atwater and Kenny take a warrant to the Barnes house. It seems the father is on the run. They keep theorizing. They retrace what could have been Grace’s last steps and find a hidden room in the basement. There is a photo of one of the victims and some blood. It seems like he’s off destroying the evidence.

Erin and Jay talk to Ricky. They tell him it was his father that killed the woman he loved. He tells them where his dad might be hiding out.

The whole unit moves in and finds him burning photos. They cuff him and lead him away. Olinsky and Voight question him. He keeps saying its all a misunderstanding. He talks about “a guy he met at a bar” that just blended in and ended up killing a hundred girls. “It must’ve been some sort of record,” he says.

Burgess goes to tell her source that she helped and that the Chicago Police Department thanks her.

Jay gives Erin the info he got on her father’s financials. He’s an upstanding individual. They go to have dinner with him and Bunny. He stayed in touch with Bunny over the years and has childhood pictures of Erin in a binder. He’s also investing in a salon Bunny wants to open. It seems like a fantasy, one that Erin is more than happy to live in for a little bit.

Wait so is Ruzek gone for good? I like the new guy well enough but we just lost Antonio. I can’t handle losing Ruzek too. I think something is fishy with Jimmy. He and Bunny seem awfully close. I don’t trust them.


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