Chicago PD, episode twelve

Atwater is telling jokes. He’s trying to get into comedy. Erin tells him to be himself. Olinsky gives Burgess a talking to for leaving a case file visible in her car. Everything is confidential in Intelligence. Jay gets a call. They’ve got a body in Washington Park.

The unit heads down and questions some witnesses. There are suspects. Two men and sure enough someone spots them running. The unit gives chase and they head into a church.

When Voight tries to follow the priest stops him. The men, boys, sought sanctuary and he granted it. No police in the church and he and his congregation will stand in their way.

Platt is organizing the perimeter at the church. The unit is going over the case. The one with the rap sheet is the priest. Olinsky has a beef with his. Father Soundbite he calls him. The ASA stops by to talk to them. The suspects are protected as long as the priest will have them.

Burgess and Olinsky go to notify the victims family and ask a few questions. They get a lead. She was scared of her boyfriend so Jay and Erin go to follow up there. He’s home. He was asleep when the murder happened. He’s distraught and has nothing left to lose.

They report back but before the conversation gets too far Platt comes to get everyone. The priest is talking about minority injustice and police transparency when the victim’s mother approaches. She yells at him and he is condescending back to her. She spits on him and the crowd gets rowdy.

Voight talks to the priest. He shows him the crime scene photos and the evidence against the boys. Prints match up and he needs to end this before it gets out of hand. Voight goes back to the unit and wants to make sure they have the timeline. He tells them to cover all their bases.

Erin and Jay go to her office and talk to her boss. He and his wife are willing to help in any way they can. Kenny goes to talk to a gang leader to see if there is any connection to the boys. They are clean and Kenny tells the gangster to lay low.

They are looking into the victim’s stepfather violent past when the priest comes in and interrupts. Voight can talk to the boys, in the church with no gun. He agrees. The boys deny involvement. One of them was passed out drunk while the other just wanted to return the keys that the victim dropped. They are sticking to this story when someone throws a molotov cocktail into the church.

The boys are taken to lockup as is the person that threw the cocktail. It’s the boyfriend. He was trying to do what the cops wouldn’t. Get the boys out of the church.

Voight tells the priest he’s willing to let the boys sit in lockup for one night, if it means catching a killer. Besides, he’s still waiting on DNA.

Olinsky and Burgess head to the victim’s apartment. They talk to her landlord. She was fighting with a guy. That guy? Her boss. They bring him to the district to talk. He admits to an affair but is adamant he didn’t kill her. He has an alibi. As does her stepfather.

Jay is going over the tape again. He notices that she is staring at something before she starts her job. After quite a bit of legwork they find out she saw the park worker, Russell Tillman (Dan Donohue). They get a warrant and head to his place. He’s gone but he didn’t clean out the freezer, or the severed head in it.

Voight thinks it might not be a bust though. He might not know they are onto him and might come back. Olinsky and Burgess hang out in the house. He berates her for not following up when she noticed the park guy’s number was out of service.

Jay and Erin find his rap sheet and identify the severed head as the home owner. Tillman has been cashing his disability checks and living in the house all along. They start to look for his car. Sure enough Tillman pulls up in the dead guy’s car but he makes them and they give chase. Atwater crashes during the chase but Olinsky and Burgess follow up and find the truck abandoned. They pursue on foot.

Tillman gets the jump on Olinsky and he’s at gunpoint when Burgess tackles Tillman and takes him into custody. Jay and Voight question him. They ask about the woman in the park but really focus on the roommate. They talk about his “urges” and he admits to doing it, and that he liked it. Voight arrests him and frees the boys.

Kenny denied talking to the gang guys. Voight calls him on it and says that if he withholds information again he will fire him. Olinsky thanks Burgess for having his back. Platt brings in a jar. They are collecting for the church. Voight takes some money out of his safe to put in. Folks from Med, the prosecutor’s office and the cops help with the rebuilding.

Atwater is doing comedy at Molly’s about being black. He gets a lot of laughs.

I loved the comedy at the end. I’m not gonna lie. Atwater cracks me up a lot of the time so him doing comedy is a bonus. I also sort of expected this to be a run of the mill creepy stepfather episode so the severed head and all was a turn I did not expect. It made things interesting though. You had to know the kids would be innocent though. The show never really gets too political.


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