This is Us, episode eleven

Young Jack jumps in when his father gets aggressive with his mother. It seems like it is something that has happened before. When his father walks away, his mother makes him promise he will never be like his father.

Rebecca is pregnant and she and Jack are looking for a house to buy. They go to the doctor to find out the gender and get more than they bargained for. They find out its triplets.

Kate is at the hospital to visit Toby. He’s in good spirits. It was an arrhythmia. He makes jokes and then his food is delivered and she feeds him.

Kevin tries to sneak Sloane out of the basement but Beth and William are in the kitchen. He knows that its not a flop house and that sleeping with the playwright will blow up in his face but he is going to do it anyway. He then makes a joke about William’s sexuality and William tells him he’s bi.

Rebecca and Jack have a two bedroom sixth floor walkup. This isn’t feasible with triplets. They both are freaking out but Jack knows they will figure something out.

Beth and Randall talk about his father coming out. It’s a “big gay curveball” and the fact that he is freaking out doesn’t make him homophobic.

Toby talks to his doctor. He makes some jokes about getting out but the doctor recommends surgery. Toby doesn’t seem interested.

Jack goes to work and chats with his boss. He asks for a raise that doesn’t seem likely.
Kevin and Sloane are rehearsing. The director admits that he is pleasantly surprised.

Sloane asks Kevin what they are doing. He doesn’t know what they are doing but likes that they are a we. Just then Olivia shows up. She wants back in the play and wants to be with Kevin. He doesn’t say anything but Sloane tells her to back off. The director on the other hand is very happy to see him.

Toby and Kate fight about his potential surgery. He wants to opt for the medication. She thinks he’s being childish.

Rebecca has lunch with her mother who rips on Jack. Rebecca tries to defend him but it gets her nowhere. She asks Rebecca what her plan is and then says that she has one.

Jesse shows up to pick up William. Randall lets him in and proceeds to have a few minutes of very awkward converstaion before William is ready to go. William is spending the night at Jesse’s.

Toby texts Kate telling her to come back. He’s having the surgery. And he professes his love for her. He is taken away and she waits with Randall and Kevin. She wants them to distract her. Kevin talks about his women problems and Randall talks about William.

Rebecca goes home to Jack. He asks about her lunch. She tells him that her mother suggested they move in with them. Rebecca is considering it. Jack is not. To avoid an argument, she sends him to the store for ice cream. Once he leaves, she cries but he forgot his wallet and when he comes back for it, he hears her. He leaves and goes to his father’s house. He asks to borrow money.

Kevin turns down Olivia to stay with Sloane because “its the right thing to do” but Sloane overhears and is rightfully offended. She ditches Kevin.

Kate tells Toby she loves him too and wants to spend the rest of her life with him while she thinks he’s asleep. He’s faking and responds, basically proposing.

Randall is home when William gets back. He asks why they are getting pushed aside.

William says that he knows the end is soon and that Jesse has been helping him make arrangements. Randall says that he can take it and he wants them to spend time together as a family.

Jack talks to his father. He ends up selling his fancy car and scrapping together pennies but he buys the money pit that he had been working on. He shows Rebecca and she is happy.

I feel bad for Sloane. Kevin is kind of a horrible person. I also feel bad for Randall and William because he is sick and dying even though they just met. I wish they had more time together. I’m glad Toby had the surgery.


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