This is Us, episode twelve

Rebecca is very pregnant. She is irritable and her shoes don’t fit. She’s “gone to the dark side” as Jack puts it. The house isn’t ready either.

The doc is going about his morning routine at home alone.

A firefighter goes to confession. He’s been having a rough time with his wife and needs a miracle.

Rebecca and Jack are arguing because Jack can’t do anything right and she needss him to get out of the house until he has a “major attitude change.” He leaves and she realizes its his birthday.

The doc does a bit of grocery shopping and talks to an old friend about how he’s getting on.

The firefighter talks to his wife about saving his marriage.

Jack and Miguel go golfing. Miguel talks about the fact that Jack needs to take the time to do things for himself, especially once the babies come.

Rebecca has a meltdown because she doesn’t have cake ingredients. She ends up having to walk to the grocery store in search of all she needs for a fancy chocolate almond cake.

The doc talks to his son about life and seeing movies and getting out of the house.

Miguel pushes golf but Jack is just not interested. He wants to be with his family, not escape them.

Rebecca walks to a liquor store. They don’t have cake ingredients. She makes due.

The firefighter is at the station when the doorbell chimes. He goes to see what’s up. Someone left a baby on the doorstep. He brings it in and shows it off.

Rebecca uses twinkie filling to ice a banana muffin from a liquor store for Jack’s birthday. Then she sits in the rocker in the nursery and talks to the babies about being overwhelmed and how excited she is to meet them and do things for them. Jack walks in. He bought a video camera. She wants to make up for being horrible.

The doc fights with his son about moving on. He says he never will and he wants his son to stop asking him to.

The firefighter wants to keep the baby. His wife is not interested. A baby is not going to fix things. She tells him to take it to a hospital before he gets arrested.

Jack is getting ready for his traditional birthday dance while Rebecca stresses. She starts her dance.

The doc visits his wife’s gravesite and talks about his son thinking he knows so much. He doesn’t know if he wants to “keep doing this” without her anymore. He misses her. Then his pager goes off. He says goodbye and heads to the hospital.

He gets there and gets the rundown before heading in to meet Rebecca and Jack for the first time. The firefighter heads to the hospital with the baby as well.

The labor goes as we already knew it would only now Jack chats with the firefighter at the nursery window. Jack and Rebecca talk when she wakes up.

The firefighter goes home and talks to his wife about starting over. She introduces herself to him all over again and they hug it out.

The doctor hears that Jack and Rebecca might adopt the fire station baby. He heads home and starts cleaning up a little bit of the stuff his wife left behind. He still talks to her though.

It’s years later on Jack’s birthday. They watch home movies of the day the kids were born.

The firefighter goes out to eat with his wife and the doc eats with his friend from the grocery store.

My favorite character on this show is adult Randall so it was a bit of a shame to not see him. My second favorite though, is the doctor and he was all over the place which pleased me. Rebecca was so mean and I get it. She’s pregnant but she was kind of a jerk before she was pregnant too. I don’t like her.



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