Designated Survivor, episode nine

An NSA employee downloads files from a computer at the office and leaves with them.
Hookstraten is making the talk show rounds blasting Kirkman’s lack of credentials. He watches some of them. Aaron and Emily also discuss it, and coffee, before Seth interrupts. Word came out about the NSA.

Hannah and Chuck are watching Internal Affairs dig through Atwood’s office. The director comes over to talk to Hannah.

The team alerts Kirkman about the NSA breach complete with a suspect. He wants to know if it is a foreign government or espionage.

The director basically interrogates Hannah about Atwood and tells her to watch her back. She calls Chuck and tells him to get the MacLeish file and go to her house.

Seth needs answers about Nassar to give the press. Aaron tells him to hold them off a little longer. It turns out the NSA breach is now a leak. Information about the late president’s Cabinet is being posted through Wikileaks. They were all involved in pay-for-play type deals. The only file held? Kirkman’s. Aaron wants to know what he’s hiding so they can come up with a counter strategy.

Kirkman denies any secrets. He doesn’t know why the whistleblower is doing what he’s doing. He just wants to find him.

Hannah tells Chuck about the MacLeish theory. He freaks out but buys it. She gives him an out but he doesn’t take it. He says she’s usually right.

Hookstraten is antagonizing the new Congress members to not knuckle under to Kirkman. She also talks to MacLeish about not trusting people.

Chuck and Hannah are going over the paperwork. They find the lead information in a letter about MacLeish’s time in Iraq.

There’s another dump on Wikileaks. This time its got a demand. Fire the author of a specific document about a Senator. That author is Emily.

Kirkman arranges a meeting between Emily and the Senator. She apologizes but its not enough. He wants her out by end of business or they will be enemies.

Hannah and Chuck watch MacLeish’s Senate hearing. She says that he “is channeling Camelot” and even “looks like a Kennedy.” She wants to check in with the rest of his unit from overseas but its a lot of ground to cover. She tells Chuck to take some of it. He’s hesitant but she talks him into it.

Atwood is being interviewed. He has waived attorney rights. He provides the necessary information to prove he killed Nassar. Kirkman doesn’t believe it though. He’s thinking about it when Aaron comes to get him. They found the whistleblower. He’s on foreign soil though. The Venezuelan embassy, with no extradition.

Kirkman tries to talk to the diplomats at the embassy but they won’t let Kirkman have him back.

MacLeish to Senate and the unit to Hannah explain what happened that won him the Bronze Star. It’s like a script. Exactly the same, word for word.

Emily tries to resign to Aaron but he won’t accept it. He says that Kirkman needs her. Seth interrupts again to talk about other situations but Aaron has a lightbulb moment and runs out.

Hannah is talking to the widow of one of the soldiers from the unit. She has all sorts of mementos from his time in the military. Hannah asks to take a look.

Aaron meets with the whistleblower. He knows what he wants, a chat with Kirkman. Aaron is not amused. He wants to know why he had to throw Emily under the bus. The answer is to get their attention. He says he can save her too.

Hannah is looking at photos of the unit. She finds out that the Internal Affairs guy knew MacLeish. He’s in on it. And now he’s coming to get Chuck, who tells her not to come back but to finish this.

The whistleblower has provided Aaron with a show of good faith. Everything in Emily’s file was true. He’ll hand over all the files for a sit down with the president. Kirkman can’t invite him to the Oval but they’ll figure something out.

Left with no choice, Hannah calls Hookstraten and tells her to delay the MacLeish hearing. She meets with a source and finds out MacLeish isn’t a war hero. He’s a war criminal. The unit pillaged three villages after the Taliban killed their men.

Kirkman confronts the Senator about the file he has. Emily is safe and the Senator will retire.

Alex tells Kirkman to follow his guy with the Atwood case and the whistleblower, who comes to the White House. He talks about the daughter he lost in the bombing and then about the difficult times that lie ahead. He trusts Kirkman, has done his research so he knows he can, and gives him the stolen files to look at. Then he is taken to federal prison.
Mike used to be involved in encryption writing so he is handling the NSA files.

Everyone knows Hookstraten delayed the hearing. Kirkman asks MacLeish if there are any skeletons and he says no. He then mentions that Hannah is “obsessed with” him. Hannah calls Hookstraten to tell her that she is on her way with evidence.

Emily thanks Aaron for saving her job. They talk about being good employees. He asks her to dinner.

Mike finds blueprints for the Capitol bombing. He and Kirkman now know there is a traitor.

Hannah is rushing to give evidence to Hookstraten. She gets in a bad accident.

I’m sure Chuck is a wonderful FBI agent but I keep thinking of Craig on DeGrassi. I don’t trust Aaron. I pretty much only trust Hannah, Craig and Seth.


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