Lucifer, episode eleven

Lucifer and Chloe are having a moment on the balcony when they get interrupted by one of Lucifer’s many women. Chloe leaves, glad she didn’t do anything she regrets. Lucifer sends the girl home.

The next morning, Chloe and Trixie are chatting over breakfast about her not date with Lucifer when Maze comes in. She is flashing around the newspaper, an article about the death of the man that killed Chloe’s father. Chloe is not impressed. She wanted him to rot in jail. Maze thinks this is good though because it probably hurt.

Lucifer is home alone when Charlotte stops by to talk to him about Chloe but he doesn’t want to hear it. She basically tells Lucifer it’s time to prove himself to Chloe.

At a crime scene, Lucifer is trying to plead his case to Chloe but she isn’t having it. He says that he will lay eyes on the flight attendant again. Turns out that’s a lie because she is their victim.

Chloe asks Lucifer about the victim but he doesn’t know much. They find her phone. There are some threatening texts on it. Seems like as good a lead as any.

Maze shows up at the police station to talk to Dan about their “righteous kill” but he wants her gone. He doesn’t want to be seen with her until the whole thing blows over. She is not happy.

Lucifer and Chloe head to a party at a beach house to find the person that texted the victim. Andy Kleinburg (Jamie Kennedy) is no help and has an alibi but before they can follow up on that, there is another murder with a ballistics match.

This victim is another one of Lucifer’s lady friends. Chloe is trying to find another connection but things keep coming up Lucifer. She wants a list of all the women he’s slept with for the past eight weeks. They are suspects. She talks to them and they have nothing bad to say about his prowess but it was just meaningless fun.

He’s upset by this. The last person to stop by is Charlotte. She gets under Chloe’s skin.
Maze visits Dr. Martin to talk a bit. She needs some external validation and the good doc provides it.

The exes all remember one creepy woman watching them though. Chloe tracks down a name and she takes Lucifer to go follow-up. The woman’s apartment is empty but she has quite a bit of Lucifer research on display on the wall.

Turns out she’s not an ex but just a creepy stalker type. She provides some information about the victims and gives Chloe another lead.

Charlotte talks to Amenadiel about manipulating Lucifer and Chloe for their own personal gain.

Dan follows up on Chloe’s lead. He’s a pilot and he’s about to take off. They rush off to stop him and intercept him on the runway. He’s happy to see them. He thought someone was trying to kill him. It all comes down to drug running so they set up a sting, with Maze playing a part in the operation.

Amenadiel stops by to have a chat with Lucifer about being a worthy romantic partner for Chloe.

While waiting for the mark, Maze talks to Dan. She tells him to own up to what he’s done. He wants her to stop talking but she won’t. She says that he slept with Charlotte and Chloe doesn’t take this information well. She and Lucifer argue again and she kicks him out of the van.

Maze meets the mark but its a set up. The real bad guy is going after Lucifer. They talk and Lucifer… persuades him to be remorseful. The package isn’t drugs though. It’s a biological weapon and its still missing.

Chloe tracks Lucifer on the beach and they talk about work and it evolves into another moment because he talks to her about how unworthy he is of her. She is moved by what he has to say and kisses him.

So they finally kissed! I didn’t really think it would happen. I’m happy it did but now that means their lives will probably get worse. I like the scenes between Dr. Linda and Maze a lot. They should be best friends.


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