Lucifer, episode twelve

Chloe and Lucifer are getting hot and heavy. She’s got a grip on his devil horns and then… wakes up. Maze is in her room, watching her sex dream. Maze tells her to loosen up.
Lucifer and Linda talk. Lucifer is obviously nervous about feelings.

They have a new case. Before they go in, they talk about their relationship. It’s very awkward. It’s a college student. He died of a poison. It burned him from the inside out. They are talking to the victim’s roommate when the actor Johnny Kane (Mike Doyle) gets mentioned. He walks in with a knife and wants to know about the victim.

Turns out he got a video from some masked man telling him to cut up his face or the kid would die. He didn’t think it would really happen. He shows it to Chloe and Lucifer.

Lucifer leaves the room and finds Charlotte. He thinks she did something to Chloe but she says no she wasn’t involved.

They have a lead on the email that sent the video. They follow up and find the guy whose e-mail was used. He didn’t sent it though. He also denies sending a more recent one. It’s another ultimatum video. Chloe says they have to find the potential victim now.

Chloe and Lucifer go to a college party in order to find the girl while Dan talks to the woman that received the e-mail. She’s a doctor. Chloe sees Lucifer with a bunch of young women and gets jealous but he talks to them about Chloe. She’s flattered. They find the girl.

Charlotte goes to see Dr. Linda. She wants Linda to give bad news to Lucifer but she won’t do it.

The poison is different. The antidote they made won’t help and the author hears Dan say it. She goes and shoves her hand in the garbage disposal. They email the photo back to the sender and he’s a “man of his word” so they get the antidote.

Ella has a lead. The first victim. It’s Andy from last week. The package that was stolen must have been the poisons.

Chloe and Lucifer talk to the second victim. She mentions that she got a flu shot. They look into the mobile health service at the college. The doctor running the service was in a car accident. He saved his dissertation instead of the student driving his uber.

They decide to poke the bear. They email the doctor/professor and he explains the test he’s running. The morals of others compared to the choice he had to make. He mixes it up. The next test is only an hour long.

After checking the campus and not finding where his experiments are being held they figure it out. He’s at a rival school. Chloe and Lucifer go to catch him and he gets them involved in his game. They can give the kid an antidote, but will get poisoned themselves in the process. What will they do?

The split up. Chloe goes after the doctor and Lucifer (since he is immortal when he isn’t near Chloe) saves the college students. The doctor does that thing that bad guys do where they explain all sort of things. Then he slits his throat. Chloe goes back and hugs Lucifer. After a whole episode of doubt, he finally believes that it’s real.

Lucifer goes to meet Maze and Charlotte. He tells them how happy he is and Maze tries to protect him but Charlotte tells him that Amenadiel helped Chloe’s parents conceive her. He freaks out and rushes to Chloe’s house. He yells at her, asking if she knew but she ignores him. Her nose is bleeding and it won’t stop. Something is wrong.

I feel bad for Lucifer because just when things are looking up it doesn’t work out for him. I also feel bad for Chloe because she is totally a pawn in all of this and had legitimately no idea.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.


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