Supergirl, episode nine

A van of standard criminals are trying to outrun Supergirl. She gives chase and they try to wrangle her. It doesn’t quite work out and the van crashes but a couple of guys escape on foot.

Supergirl gets back to the DEO and complains to Alex about Guardian. Alex isn’t buying it. Something is bugging Kara. She admits that it hasn’t been about helping people lately and she’s a bit restless. She wants to make plans but Alex is busy, with her girlfriend.

Maggie is wearing Alex’s shirt. The two of them have an adorable domestic moment about Maggie staying the night. Alex can’t believe she’s so happy and never wants to leave the apartment. They decide to call in sick.

Kara pitches to Snapper about Supergirl stopping the jewel heist. James pitches the Guardian side of the same story and they bicker. Snapper isn’t interested. A lady shows up and needs help. Her daughter is missing and the police say she’s a runaway so there is nothing they can do. It was the lady’s birthday though and her daughter would have called. Kara says they are going to find her daughter and Snapper gets mad at her for making unrealistic promises.

She goes to the alien bar and finds that Mon-El is bartender now. They chat about fitting in before she heads over to meets Maggie and talk about the missing girl. Maggie mentions that there is a spike in missing person cases last few weeks. It isn’t a serial killer because they have patterns or a kidnapper because they have motive. There are lots of people missing with no connection.

There is a doctor and a guy in a warehouse. They just finished some bloodwork and the guy stands in front of a machine and gets zapped. Roulette steps out. She’s running the show.
Kara enlists Winn for help looking up the missing people. He’s wearing sunglasses. Kara calls him on it. He says he was mugged. Alex walks in and she “is glowing.” Her and Kara giggle before Winn tells them about the bloodwork warehouse.

On her way out of the office, Kara runs into Mon-El. They go to the lab that did the blood tests and ask some questions. The doctor gets them to stand in front of testing machine which opens a portal. She runs through and tells him to go to DEO.

She goes through and it’s a red sun so she has no powers. He follows her through and the portal closes.

Winn is upset. James wants to go out in the field as Guardian but Winn isn’t interested.

They fight about Winn wanting to stay at his desk. Alex interrupts. Kara is missing.

Kara and Mon-El wander toward the evil castle and chat. He gets his foot stuck in a trip.

Alex and the DEO move through the lab. They find the portal and realize Kara isn’t on earth.

The alien that set the trap talks to Kara and Mon-El about the fortress. It’s slave trade. Mon-El is familiar with it from his time on Daxam. They surrender at the fortress to help save the humans. They get put in the cage with the humans.

J’onn explains the planet is known to be dangerous but he can’t go there because it is toxic to martians. Maggie shows up because Alex wasn’t answering her calls or texts. Alex isn’t into it because it puts Kara in jeopardy. Maggie is not amused.

They are going and since J’onn can’t Alex tells Winn he has to. “No one gets better by running away,” she says.

Supergirl is giving a pep talk. Mon-El thinks that it is a lost cause and doesn’t see why she is so set on being a hero. They come in to move them and she gets alien tazed.

She and Mon-El win the fight and lock Roulette and the doctor in a cell. They fight their way out and run into Alex and Co. running in from the other side. Who have made it through the portal. Winn stayed at the portal to figure out how to open it.

During the escape, the aliens bow to Mon-El and Winn has to fight to protect himself. They are able to make it back and save all the humans at the same time.

Kara brings the missing girl back to her mom and turns in a story to Snapper. She’d rather follow her heart than her head.

Winn tells James he’ll keep helping cause he went to space and now he knows he can do things. Go team.

Alex invites Maggie over to talk about what happened and apologize for how she acted. Maggie needs more than that and Alex explains that she has felt this weight of the world responsibility all her life and Maggie says because her sister is Supergirl. Alex tries to play dumb but its no use. Maggie gives her one more chance.

Kara has a late night visitor of her own. Mon-El shows up and talks to her about being inspired by her. He wants to become a superhero.

I am going to ship this Sanvers thing until the day I die but this episode was just so cliche as far as their story line went. I’m glad that they didn’t do a huge reveal for Maggie to find out Kara is Supergirl. I also loved Winn in this episode, especially when Alex was giving him the pep talk. Overall it was a good, though predictable episode.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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