Timeless, episode eleven

Lucy was caught by Flynn and is being held captive. He wants her to find information on Rittenhouse but because he threatened Rittenhouse’s father, its safe to assume he went underground.

Rufus, Wyatt and the team are trying to track Lucy down. They get a hit. Illinois in 1893. The Chicago World’s Fair. So they have a destination but the ship is still charging.

Flynn and Lucy are at the fair. They see the first ferris wheel and then Flynn admits he plans to kill Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan. He expects Lucy to help him. She is not on board, which makes her expendable.

Rufus and Mason are fighting about Rittenhouse and what Flynn did in the past. Mason thinks its time for Rufus to run but he won’t do it until they find Lucy. Wyatt and Rufus try and figure out Flynn’s play. They assume Roosevelt, who will become president in less than a decade.

They get to the fair and are looking for Flynn. They spot on of his guys and follow him back to a hotel. The World’s Fair Hotel (aka the Murder Castle).

Lucy and Flynn are having a drink. Pabst. It just won blue ribbon at the Fair. They are talking about what is going on with Edison and Ford. She tries to appeal to his sense of reason when his guy walks up. Apparently Flynn knows a thing or two about 1893 Chicago because he set them up. He knows the story of the Murder Castle and just sent Rufus and Wyatt into it. Now Lucy must help Flynn to save them.

Wyatt and Rufus are searching for Lucy in the hotel and come across a man with quite the set of keys. It seems to be proprietor (and serial killer) H.H. Holmes. He offers no help and Wyatt suggests splitting up to look for Lucy.

Flynn and Lucy go to take in a magic show by up and comer Harry Houdini (Michael Drayer). He needs an assistant from the audience and Lucy readily volunteers.

Back at the hotel of horrors, Wyatt and Rufus are setting off all sorts of alarm bells for Holmes. He hears Wyatt asking a hotel guest about Lucy and finds Rufus snooping near a furnace. Wyatt and the woman are locked in a room and gassed while Rufus gets some gas in the furnace room.

Lucy helps Houdini with the rest of his act and when the show is over tells him that she has an uncle interested in booking him at a theater he owns in town. When they head backstage, Flynn holds him at gunpoint and tells him to pick a lock for them.

Wyatt wakes up swinging, until he realizes he is in a room with a bunch of other gassing victims, including Rufus. They try and figure out how to get out but it’s no use. The room is airtight and soundproof. The creation of a psychopath. Wyatt realizes that they were set up and now they don’t have a chance of saving Lucy.

Flynn is taking Houdini to pick a lock on a door. Along the way Lucy and Houdini chat about magic tricks. She tries to subtle give him a clue about how to escape. He picks the lock and Flynn takes him inside and makes Lucy wait with his guard.

Houdini is needed to break into Edison’s room to set up a bomb. He gets the door open, and plays Flynn, handcuffing him to a radiator and stealing his gun and the bomb. Houdini goes outside and saves Lucy. He tries to go on his way but she wants him to help her save Wyatt and Rufus.

At the hotel, Rufus is making small talk with the other captives while they wait for their inevitable demise. One of whom is Sophia Hayden (Katherine Cunningham), the architect of the Women’s Pavilion and first female to graduate from MIT with a degree in architecture. She’s upset that her father won’t know what happened to her. Wyatt tells her he will save them but he needs their help.

The police come to take Flynn into custody. He escapes.

Bennett finds a flaw in the room’s design. They might be able to get some attention. Lucy and Houdini show up to begin the search and she calls Holmes nuts. He overhears. They search and eventually hear Wyatt yelling. Houdini knows a thing or two about escapes so he helps them out of the room.

Once free Wyatt confronts Holmes only that’s not Holmes. It’s hotel caretaker Pat Quinlan. Holmes was pretending to be a captive in the soundproof room. He was George and when Quinlan and Wyatt head to the office to confront him, Lucy is left alone with the real Holmes in his office. She screams and Wyatt and Rufus run to find her but she’s gone.

Lucy wakes up in furnace of the torture chamber. She screams but Holmes yells at her. She is trying to figure out a way to escape. She comes up with a plan. She talks to Holmes about his past, things she knows about him such as his real name and where he’s from. His bigamist tendencies and all the women he’s killed. He hesitates long enough for Wyatt and Rufus to swoop in and save the day.

In a plea for his life, Holmes tells them he will confess to everything and give the families of his victims closure. Wyatt asks Lucy if he’s telling the truth. She says no, he lies and sells his story for profit. Wyatt shoots him.

Houdini calls the police and says his goodbyes to the team. They head back to the future. Rufus tells off Rittenhouse. Mason asks if he’s sure and he says that after what he’s seen, he isn’t scared of Rittenhouse.

Wyatt is in the locker room when his phone rings. It’s Flynn holding up his end of the bargain. He gives Wyatt the name of the man that killed his wife. He’s currently serving in San Quentin on two other murders. He can’t go back to a time he exists to prevent the murder so what can he do about it.

I’m a total history nerd so pretty much every episode of this show is fascinating to me in terms of the depth and detail that the writers go to for the narratives in the past. This one was remarkable though. Easily my favorite episode so far. I have spent a lot of time reading about World’s Fairs and this was just spectacular. I’m glad that Lucy is safe and I really liked Houdini.


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