Timeless, episode ten

A wounded Revolutionary tells his wife to stay home and lie while he makes a run for it. George Washington shows up looking for him. She invites Washington in to wait for her husband’s return and gives him food. A note is discovered. Washington asks her if she knew, he’s upset. The man approaches a line of redcoats. He introduces himself and tells them he will help them win the war. He is Benedict Arnold.

Lucy is having dinner at Agent Christopher’s house. She meets her family, including wife Michelle who points out that Lucy is the only colleague she’s ever met. After dinner they talk about how sad it is that Lucy’s mother doesn’t know she had another daughter. Christopher wants Lucy to bring proof of her family on the lifeboat, in case they are gone when she returns.

Rufus and Jiya are playing video games when there is a knock on the door. They assume it is the pizza they ordered but it is in fact Mason. He wants to tell Rufus why he is the way he is. He feels bad he got Rufus roped into all the Rittenhouse stuff.

Mason leaves and they get a call. Flynn has turned up at West Point during the Revolution. Lucy knows it is Benedict Arnold. They go back in time and land at the Arnold residence. They are immediately surrounded by soldiers. Washington comes out and takes them inside.

While they are waiting, Flynn turns up. He’s come up with a cover story. They are spies and Washington believes it. He sends them on a mission to find Arnold. Flynn wants to find Arnold and interrogate him about the key Bonnie and Clyde had.

Turns out Benedict Arnold was a founding member of Rittenhouse. Flynn wants to kill him and end this nonsense now. Lucy and Wyatt are hesitant but Flynn pushes. He gives Lucy part of her journal and dangles the prospect of information about his wife’s killer in front of Wyatt. They go with it.

They go undercover as loyalists to bring information to Arnold. Flynn goes nuts and kills some important people before tying up Arnold and asking about Rittenhouse. He denies it so Lucy makes an appeal. Arnold reveals that Rittenhouse is actually one person, a guy named David. Flynn wants to meet him but Arnold isn’t going to make introductions. Flynn keeps pleading and Arnold relents.

Rufus and Wyatt vote to kill Rittenhouse in cold blood but Lucy won’t. She doesn’t want to change the course of human events so drastically. Wyatt tells her that it’s happening either way and she gets on board. They hit the road with Arnold. Lucy and Flynn have a heart to heart along the way about how these trips have changed him.

They get to Rittenhouse’s place. Rufus has to stay behind. Inside, they meet son John and talk about the merits of clocks and different types of government. Tyranny disguised as democracy seems to be the Rittenhouse way.

David comes in and knows something is up. He goes through the motions of “examining” Lucy before his men pull weapons on everyone. He knows they mean him harm but he’s not letting happen.

Outside Rufus is making his way through the woods. He finds a man with a gun and takes him down to get the gun.

Rittenhouse uses a modern day gun to take out Arnold. He’s also going to shoot Wyatt and Flynn and he wants his son to watch. Lucy will be taken to bedchamber. Before he can shoot anyone though, Rufus comes in and saves the day. Flynn takes out David and then goes looking for John to kill him too.

The team wants to save him. They look for him too and Lucy gets between him and Flynn’s gun. She pleads the kid’s case and eventually he gets away. Flynn is pissed. He takes Lucy in his time machine. Wyatt and Rufus can only watch as he gets away.

As soon as they said the kid was in the room, I knew Flynn would want to kill him. He’d have to clean up all the loose ends and that is what that kid would be right? I’m glad that Agent Christopher is doing what she can to remember her family in case they ever vanish.


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