Designated Survivor, episode ten

Hannah is more than a little banged up and the “help” tries to strangle her so she makes a run for it. He gives chase but she gets away.

Kirkman shows Alex the blueprint video. He wants her to take the kids and run.

Hookstraten can’t delay any longer. The convene the committee. Chuck gets home and finds a barely conscious Hannah in need of medical assistance.

Seth, Aaron and Emily are talking about MacLeish and watching the news coverage. They are all in good spirits. Seth heads out to meet some speech writers and Aaron and Emily have a moment before she kisses him.

Mike brings the man that wrote the blueprints to see Kirkman. He denies involvement and says he was scared for his life so he stayed hidden. Kirkman believes him. They discuss who knows about the file. Pretty much the only person still alive is the general Kirkman fired.

Hannah wakes up all patched up. MacLeish will be sworn in as vice president in less than eight hours. Chuck wants to quit but Hannah says no because then the bad guys win.

Kirkman talks to the general. He says that he didn’t see the file because it was recalled by DOD. The White House didn’t let him. Kirkman has him detained until the situation is sorted.

Emily and Aaron are talking about Cabinet hearings and making plans for after work when she gets summoned by Kirkman. He tells her she can’t tell anyone what he’s about to say and explains the file. He gives her a list of people that are still there from the previous administration. Aaron is on the list. He thinks there is a traitor in the White House and wants to find it.

Seth answers some questions by the press corps. He is confronted by Lisa afterward and she says that he’s been holding a grudge.

Emily is going over the list. She is hung up on Aaron’s name. He comes in to confirm their plans for later but she deflects his questions and takes a raincheck.

Hookstraten meets with Kirkman about delaying the hearing the night before. They talk about Hannah and her investigation. Kirkman tracks down Mike and tells him he needs to talk to Hannah.

Mike goes to the FBI office to find out where Hannah is. Nobody knows but her car accident has been logged.

Hannah goes to track a lead on who has been giving her information. She gets a plate and has Chuck run it.

Emily goes to the switchboard and finds out who from the West Wing reached out to DOD to recall the file. It was the Chief of Staff.

Mike updates Kirkman about Hannah. Kirkman thinks she knows something and tells him to stay on it.

Hannah has gone to the address Chuck gave her. It’s the Chief of Staff. Everyone thinks he’s dead. He tells her that it’s bigger than she thinks and that someone will be out to get them now. Then someone starts shooting at them. She takes him out while the chief makes a run for it. She checks the body for ID and a security card. She calls Chuck and tells him to find it.

Kirkman meets with Aaron and Seth about announcing the findings regarding Atwood. Lisa will get the exclusive. Mike tells him about the latest developments with Hannah. He thinks she’s crazy.

Chuck calls Hannah. Everyone is after her. Oh and he knows what the card is. It’s access to a room in a building with a view of the Capitol steps. They are going to kill Kirkman.

Kirkman is nervous that they are doing the wrong thing. Alex tells him to postpone but he says he can’t.

MacLeish is nervous. His wife tells him that they did the right thing. The situation is by any means necessary and he will help restore the nation.

Seth tells Lisa she gets the exclusive after America celebrates. Security is sweeping the area. A secret service looking guy goes to the room that the card opens. He sets up a long range sniper rifle and points it out the window.

The switchboard operator calls Emily. The Chief of Staff was overseas at the time of the call. It was his deputy that made the call. That deputy was of course Aaron.

Kirkman starts to address the crowd. Hannah gets to the National Mall and tries to get to the front. MacLeish is being sworn in. He finishes and waves to the crowd. Hannah sees the shooter and tries to shoot him. He takes a shot.

Aaron is a bad guy. As we have known all along because he was doing covert shade file dealing way back in the beginning of the season. We shouldn’t be surprised. I feel bad for Emily though. Also, Hannah is a badass.



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