Quantico, episode nine

Alex is in FBI custody and Hannah is the one doing the questioning. She tells Alex to tell her a story and make it good or she’s going down for the whole thing. Alex starts talking about her FBI assignment at the farm.

Flashback to Alex and Ryan in bed together, celebrating their engagement. She tells him that she is okay with being a CIA trainee and not an undercover FBI agent.

Present day Hannah is trying to understand what the mission was and why Alex failed.
Doyle and Alex talk about why she is sticking around. She still wants to solve the puzzle. Doyle thinks that its a lost cause.

Hannah asks what Ryan was up to. He was still working for Miranda. They were being inducted into the AIC. He tortured a man. Shelby was trying to get information out of Leon and Nimah was working with Ryan.

At the farm it is business as usual. Sebastian is back. Ryan has the Alex situation under control.

Hannah wants to know names. Alex says that everyone they talked about is inside but Hannah wants to know the terrorist’s name. Alex says Ryan. Hannah hands off the information to Shelby. Leon comes up.

Shelby and Nimah talk about her work with Leon. Nimah is concerned that she is compromised.

At the farm, the recruits are on assignment. They have to get as many phone numbers as they can. Dayana and Leon are talking about the AIC. He’s suspicious.

Ryan and Alex talk. He wants her to stop looking for the AIC. He says he will give her all the info he gets to keep her safe. She agrees to his terms.

Hannah thinks the story fits together a little too well.

They get another assignment. They will each be given a target to seduce at a rehearsal dinner the following night. As they all head inside, Doyle asks Alex if she is going to make a move on Owen and then gives her something to slip into his drink.

Shelby interrupts the interrogation. Doyle isn’t the terrorist. Neither is Ryan. The AIC isn’t responsible. It’s the target. Hannah doesn’t know what to believe. She and Shelby decide to check with Miranda, who is in the building. Alex tells them that’s odd cause she didn’t answer Alex’s last call.

At the party, Alex and Ryan look for their assignments. They have the happy couple. Everyone starts to make introductions with their marks, but there is more brewing than just the assignment. Leon is onto Shelby and Alex is making moves on Owen.

She uses the stuff Doyle gave her and she helps him to his room. He thinks she is trying to seduce him. He’s going to let her but she’s offended by that. She knows its really all about him and that he is trying to get permission.

Ryan is about to get his mark but steps away to snoop on Alex. While he’s watching, she is in the hall and makes some sort of decision and starts to walk away. Ryan turns and bumps into Doyle. He drops his AIC phone.

Dayana needs Leon to help her clean up her mark. She had flashbacks to when she was being tortured and ended up knocking him out.

Alex is alone in the interrogation room. Miranda watches and then comes in. She has a gun with a silencer and tells Alex that they need to talk.

Not everyone has succeeded in the mission. Owen gives a pep talk. Sebastian is at the top of the murder board. Head of the class.

Doyle tells Alex that he found one of the burner phones and that Ryan has it. She follows. Shelby talks to Leon. He calls her on things not adding up. She covers well and he believes her.

Sebastian has a meltdown to Doyle about not being a good person. He wanted to prove to himself, and to Doyle, that he could do it. He cries. Doyle apologies and walks out.

Hannah and Shelby come back to find Alex gone. Hannah says to let it happen.

Ryan and Alex are at the safe house. She is talking to him. She wants him to admit that he was picked. He finally snaps and tells her that he was picked and she wasn’t. He pulls out his phone but she has a phone too. She tricked him.

Sebastian is going to meet up with his mark again.

Dayana played Leon. She thinks he is weak and doesn’t belong in the AIC. Leon meanwhile is following Nimah away from Shelby’s house.

The drugs Doyle gave Alex to slip to Owen were radiation. They can track his movements now.

Shelby puts out a BOLO on Alex and Miranda. They are in a car together. Alex asks Miranda why she should trust her. Miranda tells her because she will admit that she’s a terrorist and after this conversation, Alex will be too.

I liked the way this episode was more Alex’s story than just the flashes back and forth. I also really liked that Alex stood up to Owen and was all like “You’re saying no to a question I’m not asking.” I want Alex and Doyle to work together always. They are my favorites.

Quantico is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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