The Good Place, episode eleven

Both Eleanors, Chidi and Tahani meet with Michael. Tahani thinks that improving Eleanor’s point total will help her stay in the good place. He made her a Fitbit type device to track points. Now she just needs to go out and earn them, which she discovers is harder than it sounds.

Real Eleanor and Chidi eat breakfast together and talk about their love of routine. She tells him she loves him. He stares.

Jianyu and Janet talk about telling Michael about their relationship. She says they can’t because then everyone would know he’s a fraud and he would be sent to the bad place. He just wants them to have the relationship they deserve.

Tahani holds a focus group to find out why people hate Eleanor. It’s insightful. They have to recreate Tahani’s party to make people like Eleanor.

Michael finds out about Janet and Jianyu. He is not happy about the new developments or about the fact that Jianyu is actually Jason. He wants to get to the bottom of it.

Eleanor and Chidi set up for the party at Tahani. She is studying why everyone in the neighborhood hates her. Chidi asks for advice. He doesn’t know if he can tell Real Eleanor that he loves her. She tells him that it is universe approved so go with it.

There is a real Jianyu. He was a in a deep meditative state at the moment Jason died so the system got messed up. Michael tries to give Jason a simple test to determine where he belongs and it doesn’t go well but when Michael has a panic attack Jason comforts him.

Chidi and Eleanor enjoy the party. Eleanor wants Chidi to tell Real Eleanor he loves her but he keeps getting nervous and putting it off. When Real Eleanor joins them, fake Eleanor excuses herself so they can chat. Chidi still doesn’t say it but she tells him she will wait until the end of time if she has too.

Jason and Michael are still in his office when Janet shows up. The judge will be on hand to party.

He says a few words, as does Eleanor, and the party is fun for everyone but Eleanor doesn’t get any points from it. She realizes that because she was motivated for self-benefit it isn’t going to work. She comes up with a plan. She writes personalized apologies and sends Chidi, Tahani and Real Eleanor out to deliver them.

Michael returns to his office and talks to Jason about his time on earth and how this won’t work. Jason tells Janet that she deserves better than him. Michael decides to reboot Janet but she doesn’t want that. She wants to run away with Jason.

Chidi tells Real Eleanor that he wants to tell her he loves her, he just wants to make sure he’s feeling it and not just responding. Lightbulb moment. He knows how Eleanor will get the points to stay. By deciding to leave.

Eleanor is near the train station. She is about to call Janet for a ride when she and Jason show up. They are headed to Mindy’s house, a medium place. She’s invited to join them and she agrees. A train pulls up. It’s the judge.

He gets off the train and Eleanor, Jason and Janet hop on. They will take that train to the medium place. Michael greets the judge and tells him that he truly believes that Eleanor is a good person. The judge points out that Eleanor is stealing his train.

There is a medium place? Why was this not brought up in like all the other episodes? Why is not an option for most people.


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