This is Us, episode thirteen

There is a montage of the kids’ birthdays growing up. It is the night before tenth birthday. Jack wants to give them a dog. Rebecca is not agreeable. They get interrupted. The kids call a meeting. They want separate birthday parties.

Kate is at the doctor. She is trying to schedule her bypass. She’s hesitant now because she knows how stressful surgery can be after what happened with Toby.

Randall comes into the kitchen and Beth is there. Randall is running late for work. William comes in and he’s in a great mood. He has a lot of energy and wants some help with his iPod. Beth calls it a chemo boost. It’s not zapping his energy now.

Kevin gets to work and tries to chat with Sloane. She’snot having it. They are colleagues now. Nothing more.

Toby drives Kate to camp. She talks along the way about how great he is and tries to psych herself up for camp.

Randall gets to work and finds that he is having a meeting with a new guy. He finds out the new guy is getting an account he wanted to handle. They now will try to outpitch each other for the account.

Rebecca and Jack are getting ready for the birthday parties. He is reminiscing. She tells him it’s sweet but they don’t have time for it. He mentions having another kid.

She is more practical. They can barely handle the ones they have.

Randall is working. William shows up. He wants to enjoy the nice day and get lunch. He doesn’t know how many of those he’ll have left. Randall agrees and heads out.

Kate is getting a tour. They don’t focus on the gym, it’s more internally focuses. Her phone rings. It’s Kevin. He has girl troubles. She tells him she is basically joining a cult and suggests he call Toby. Then she gets hit on.

It’s time for the birthday parties. They are stressing out. Kids are running around inside like crazy but the real problem is outside at Randall’s party. No one is there. He tells them its because he doesn’t have any friends. They are very upset.

Kevin and Toby go to a rooftop bar. Kevin talks about his feelings for Olivia and Sloane.

Rebecca and Jack try to pilfer kids from the other parties but it’s no use. Rebecca talks to Randall. He really is okay with not having a lot of friends.

William is shopping and Randall is stressing because he wants to get back to work to finish his pitch.

Kate calls home. She was in yoga. She wants to quit camp. The horse guy that hit on her earlier tells her that the whole camp is a waste and that they are fat and that’s all they’ll ever be.

Everyone goes from Kate’s party to Kevin’s. She is sitting alone because she thinks all of her friends like Kevin better.

Kevin and Toby are talking about his feelings still. Toby is going to help him woo her with a big romantic gesture. He makes Kevin visual who it will be and they head out to get to work.

Randall and William are driving. He just wants to go back to work. William wants to drive his car. He agrees. William gets behind the wheel but as he explains things it comes out that he doesn’t know how to drive. Randall will have to teach him.

Kate gets invested in camp. She starts working harder in the classes. She visualizes all the times she has felt upset and goes all in. She lets out a scream in the middle of class.

Kevin gets to one of the apartments. It isn’t Sloane or Olivia. It’s Sophie (Alex Breckenridge), his ex-wife. Flashback to the birthday party and we find 10 year old Kevin hanging out with Kate’s best friend, Sophie.

Back at camp, Kate thanks the horse guy for the reverse psychology. He tells her that’s not what he was doing. He’s just a dick. And he figures they’ll get together at some point.

Rebecca and Jack are exhausted. They can’t handle another baby. They miss when their kids were little. They hear a ruckus. It’s the kids having a wrapping paper fight. They join the fray.

William is cruising around a parking lot. He thinks Randall. It’s a dream come true.

Young Kevin is hamming it up at his birthday party to impress Sophie. Adult Kevin is in a taxi. He gets a text. Sophie will meet with him.

I liked this episode. I felt really bad for Kate. I’m glad that kid Randall was so self aware. Adult Randall was annoying me because he was trying to rush back to work. Awfully convenient for Kevin that Sophie lives in the city and he can just pop over to her place.

This is Us is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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