Timeless, episode twelve

Wyatt is at a prison. He is visiting the man that killed his wife. The man says that if he could do it all again he wouldn’t change a thing.

Lucy comes home and finds her sister in the kitchen. Amy says that she is still lost and that Lucy doesn’t care. Lucy wakes up.

Jiya is the next time machine pilot. Mason has picked a side. It’s with Rittenhouse. Jiya is in danger now.

Flynn pops up on the map. He’s back in 1882. When Jesse James died.

Jesse (Daniel Lissing) is figuring out his next bank heist. He turns his back and his friends move to shoot him, as the record shows, but Flynn intervenes. Jesse lives past his expiration date already.

Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt turn up but they are long gone. Lucy suggests they are out someplace trying to rob someone.

In a bar, Jesse and Flynn are discussing just that. Flynn is going to pay him to look for someone, not something. Jesse agrees. He also kills to marshals.

When the traveling trio turns up, they are long gone. Lucy is distracted and Rufus is scared to give chase but Wyatt is on a mission. He yells at them and Lucy comes up with someone that would be able to act as a guide for them. A local named Bass Reeves (Colman Domingo). He’s the man the Lone Ranger was based off of. The old show got one thing wrong though. Bass is actually back.

They plead their case but Bass tells them to find another Marshall. Lucy appeals to his sensibilities. He relents but he wants to take them into custody, not kill them. It’s not the 1820s after all.

Jiya is training to be a pilot. She asks for old flight logs but Mason gets cagey and tells her to get some rest.

Rufus and Wyatt are on the porch when a man (Zahn McClarnon) approaches. He’s a friend of Bass’ aka Tonto. They all suit up and head out.

Jiya sends another tech out of the main office and starts to steal files off the computer onto a flash drive. Mason finds her but she covers. He sends her home.

Bass finds out that they are a ways behind their targets but they hit the road.

Jesse and Flynn shoot guns in the woods and talk about the importance of “the cause.” They are about to keep moving when they realize they are surrounded by Native Americans.

Wyatt, Bass and the rest roll into the area and find the bodies that Jesse left behind. They set up camp. Wyatt talks about visiting his wife’s killer and then casually becoming a murderer. Rufus fights him and Wyatt looks to Lucy for backup but she’s not interested. She just wants to go home, back to when she had a sister.

Flynn and Jesse reach their destination. They are promptly shot at but Flynn reasons with the shooter. Turns out its a woman and he wants to talk to her alone. She allows him into her house. She has all sorts of modern day technology.

Her name is Emma (Annie Wersching). She worked for Mason and she was the first time traveler. As Flynn explains what he knows of her story to her, Jiya watches it from the files she stole.

She was a pioneer but then Rittenhouse got involved and she faked her own death and stayed in the past to get away He wants to know what she knows. She agrees. It;s time to part ways with Jesse, who quickly barters for the modern day rifle

The team moves into the house where Emma was. Jesse is lurking outside and shoots at them. He hits Bass’ friend. Wyatt goes outside and shoots, but doesn’t kill Jesse. Then Bass turns up with a gun on each of them. Wyatt won’t holster his weapon. Lucy comes out and shoots Jesse.

They get back to town and Bass gives Lucy the reward money. She tries to give it back but he wants nothing to do with them. Rufus wants him to tell his story so people know who he is. He tells Rufus he isn’t doing it for them.

Back in the future, Rufus tells Mason and Agent Christopher about Emma being alive. They don’t know why Flynn would want her. Mason also calls Jiya on swiping the old logs. They argue and Rufus watches.

Lucy goes home and looks up Bass.

In a bar, Rufus meets Wyatt like he asked. Wyatt talks about the line between good and bad. He wants to steal the time machine and save his wife. He wants Rufus to help.

Rufus is the best part of this show. I feel bad for Jiya. I also feel like this wasn’t a very good episode for Wyatt and Lucy. They were too distracted. And now suddenly there is some other pilot lady hiding in the past? Why hadn’t they gone looking for her earlier.

Timeless is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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