Chicago Fire, episode eleven

Gabby wakes up in bed alone. She goes looking for Matt and finds him packing up Louie’s room. It’s a guest room and it’s going back to being a guest room. He’s not getting rid of the stuff though, just boxing it. She goes back to be.

Severide is back on the job. And there’s a rat in the kitchen. Matt wants the place cleaned top to bottom. He’s not messing around. Herrmann shoots Gabby a look but she just shakes her head.

A call comes in for ambo and they head out. It’s a teenage girl having stomach pains. She collapsed when she got off the bus. Dawson and Brett assess her and clear the area. Dawson tells the girl she is having contractions and the girl is confused. She didn’t know she was pregnant.¬†They deliver the baby in the field and both mom and baby are transported to Med.

Back at 51, Matt is on a tear. Clean it right or do it again. Herrmann asks him if he needs to talk but Matt is not interested.

At Med, the girl gets verbally ripped apart by her father. He tells her she has no business raising a baby and if she wants to try she can go live with her aunt. She has embarrassed him enough. He’s done.

On the way out they run into Severide. Brett tells him what happened but Dawson is still fuming. He goes to find Anna and she is up and moving. She might be out by the end of the week. He sticks around and they chat.

Back at the house, truck is setting up mouse traps when Brett and Gabby walk in. Matt notices that Gabby looks upset and asks about it, then cuts her off to yell at Otis. She isn’t interested in talking to him. She walks away.

Kidd is running drills to avoid cleaning the urinals when squad comes back. Severide stops and talks to her. Anna was asking for her. Wants to thank her for being there for Severide. Kidd says she wasn’t there for her, only for him. The alarm sounds.

There is a fire in an apartment building and everyone responds. It started in the basement and there are victims trapped. Matt can’t get a man that’s trapped and Kidd is having trouble with a woman and child. Matt goes to help Kidd when his victim pulls a gun. Matt hesitates but eventually helps Kidd and then gets Severide and goes back in. Before they make it to the man, the fire gets worse.

They can’t save the man. They put the fire out and have to go back to collect the body. They start clearing the debris but there is no body. Matt starts freaking out looking for it. He yells at Otis. Boden tells him to take 81 back. Severide says squad will keep looking.

Severide updates Matt after. No body. They notified OFI if he is sure there was a body. Matt knows he wasn’t hallucinating so there’s a body somewhere. Herrmann checks in and asks if they can quit the mouse hunt. Matt says yes and then Herrmann suggests breakfast so they can talk but Matt is not interested.

Kidd goes to visit Anna. They talk about Severide and Anna asks if they are together. Kidd says no.

At home Matt explains the story of the missing man to Gabby. She tries to be supportive. He tells her he feels like he’s losing his mind and walks away. Gabby yells to him that she’s going out but he doesn’t answer.

Gabby goes to Med and meets the new mother’s aunt. She doesn’t think too highly of the way Dawson spoke to her family earlier. Dawson apologizes.

Matt gets the report from the chief. OFI found a hatch that opened to the other side of the building. The man could have escaped that way. Matt takes truck for a ride to the landlord’s office. He wants to know who the man was. The landlord doesn’t know anything and doesn’t want to talk to him.

Gabby goes to the father’s house to apologize for the way she talked to him at the hospital. She tells him that she knows that she is the most important person in his daughter’s life and he should be there for his family.

Severide stops by to see Anna. He tells her not to go back home but to stay in town. She’s not sure it’s real though. He only knows her as the sick girl. He tells her that he sees who she really is and wants to know her more. She’s getting discharged the next day. He’s picking her up. He has to head out to a call.

Truck gets to the scene and an ambo is there. A 911 call came through of a man that cut himself with a saw but they can’t get in the building. They look around a Cruz finds a way to break out a window. He sees the victim bleeding. They struggle but break down the door and save the man.

Severide talks to Kidd about timing. Then he thanks her for all she’s done for him. She makes a joke about it.

Matt is still making them clean the house. Herrmann is fed up and confronts Matt.

Dawson approaches and he tells both of them that they should deal with the pain together. They had something terrible happen and now they have to take their time picking up the pieces.

Gabby and Matt take a box of Louie’s old things to the new mom. She named her baby Gabby.

Severide goes to pick up Anna. She’s gone. She left him a note saying “Someday…”

The baby’s name is Gabby. I can’t. I was getting really annoyed with Matt. I know he’s upset about Louie but it bothered me the way he was handling it. I feel bad for Severide and Kidd but I guess with the other two married they are going to will they/won’t they with these two now.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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